How to answer interview questions about salary expectations

how to answer interview questions about salary expectations

Salary expectations: How to answer this question in an interview

It’s problematic to declare your salary expectations early in the interview process because you don’t know enough about the job, the company, and the available perks to pick a salary. But even if you already shared an expected salary, there are still ways to negotiate and improve your job offer. Nov 12,  · Expert opinions on how to answer salary expectations. With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why the strategic non-answer is a pretty smart choice for most salary expectations situations.

In many states, it is now illegal for hiring authorities to ask about your current earnings. A question intervied this will give the interviewer a solid idea of what you are hoping to inteview. When you change positions, you want to see an increase in wage. This range offers room for negotiations with the new company.

This percentage increase reflects economic inflation, unique skills you bring to the table from the last time you joined an organization, and an increase in responsibilities. The best way to discuss your salary expectations is to use your current earnings as an example if you are comfortable doing so.

If this makes you uncomfortable, do give salzry many indicators as you can. Be open, and honest. Transparency is the best choice when salary based questions arise. If you are newer to your career, or the area, and are unsure of what a fair ask may be, there are many reliable salary calculators available online. I am looking for compensation that is aligned with the responsibilities of this role and provides an opportunity to learn new skills.

However, I am not inclined to lose compensation. Compensation to me, though, is not only net pay. I take into account work hours, wnswer. It's fantastic that you have done your research and brought cost-of-living factors into your response. It's important to how to remove crankshaft seal all angles, so I recommend also expectatiohs how your skills, knowledge, experience, and education also align with your ask.

Win your next job by practicing from our question bank. We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview. All Interview Topics. How to close icici bank account who visit Salary, also visit the following. Continue practicing by visiting these similar question sets. The interviewer would like answerr know your thoughts on being paid based on your work performance, versus being compensated solely on your years of experience.

As millennial employees continue to dominate the work scene, more and more employees are requesting compensation based on delivered results. Do you feel that you should be paid based on tenure, or results? Discuss this with answfr interviewer and back your answer with an example, if possible. A new employee will find motivation in being rewarded for performance, and it encourages a healthy competition with tenured employees. It's motivating and, in my opinion, a more modern approach to intervisw employees happy and engaged.

As you transition into the job, you should be rewarded based on performance. Those who are top performers should get a larger bonus or raise. You offer an insightful answer that shows the hiring authority your willingness to reward the hard work of your team. The interviewer would like to know if you are the type of employee to be motivated by financial incentives or rewards in the workplace.

If you are not incentive-driven, you can clarify for the interviewer the other ideas in which how to answer interview questions about salary expectations are best motivated. Discuss any performance incentives you may have earned in the past. They keep an employee motivated to do a great ot and ensure that they are on top of their KPI's. The majority of people are very enthused about being rewarded for their successes, myself included.

I am a high-achiever, regardless of how to answer interview questions about salary expectations incentive being present but it is nice to feel appreciated. It also pushes employees to improve their performance. It seems you think fondly of performance incentives!

If people know the more they produce, questionss more they will push to try harder. Do you offer performance incentives in your current management role? It may be nice to offer up some information regarding the ways you incentivize your team currently. Salayr interviewer would like to know what type of compensation structure makes you the most comfortable.

Are you looking for a compensation structure based primarily on salary, commission, or a blend of both? Maybe additional perks are more critical for you, such as vacation time, flex days, questionns health spending account, a generous medical plan, pension, shares, RRSP matching, car allowance, cell phone allowance, expense account, and more!

Discuss with the hiring intervieww how you expeftations prefer to be compensated but be sure not to pigeonhole yourself. Freely ask the interviewer what they offer, if you are unsure. I am how to put music on a cassette open to questionss more about your compensation structure as I know every company is unique.

What type of compensation structure do you prefer to offer for this particular position? I answerr never been in a role that has been commission based but would be open to discussing this.

It's great that you are open to a variety of compensation structures. This shows confidence in your work and answfr. It is important to note that this question may be illegal, depending on your geographical location. If you are in a place where it is unlawful for a hiring authority or go to ask this question, you can politely decline by saying, 'I am aware that this question breaches my rights as a candidate in the state of XYZ.

Whenever possible, you should be transparent about your most recent earnings and be prepared to back up any salary requests in states or provinces where it is entirely legal to ask about compensation. Keep szlary answer simple, and to the point. It is indeed okay to ask the interviewer what they are offering in return! I am looking for a competitive salary in my next position. I also espectations a competitive benefits package and three weeks' paid vacation.

Could you tell me what you are offering for this role? The interviewer would like to know if you are happy with being paid solely on your performance. Assure the interviewer that you are confident in your ability to be a top performer, regardless of commissions or a comfy base salary. Are you able answerr work hard and be paid based on your performance alone?

I have earned solely on commission for many years. I am confident in my ability to be a high performer, either way. And that is totally okay! Your honesty will be imperative as the hiring company works on putting an offer together for you. The interviewer would like to know if you feel undervalued in your current role. Many employees will look for new work if they think that they are underpaid and underappreciated.

Of course, this potential new employer wants to ensure that they will make you a competitive offer that will entice you to join their organization, and stay there. Talk to the interviewer about your current compensation and whether or not you feel how to take care of a blood blister is fair.

Be sure to have researched your answer to back you up, versus throwing out a random number and hoping it will stick. If you think you receive what you are worth: 'I feel that my current employer pays me fairly; however, I would like to see an increase in pay with an increase in responsibilities. My company is small, and they do what they can, but this is part of why I am seeking a new position.

My present manager is currently reviewing my request. Over time I took over all decision making for my department from my manager to the point where I no longer reported to expectationz and reported directly to our departments' questioms.

When this happened, there was no compensation increase, and I feel there should have been. This would anseer been a very fair ask. As a side note, be sure that your compensation request in your next opportunity reflects the jump that you feel you should have been given when this transition took place.

The interviewer would like to know how much emphasis you put on pay when considering a new position. In addition to compensation, there are many other factors to a fulfilling career. Talk to the interviewer about other factors that are important to you when considering a new job. If you are not sure on details for this role, you can ask!

With that said, I do look at ansswer full picture which includes factors such as benefits and the amount of paid vacation time. Compensation is a driving component but so is the company mission, culture, benefits, and location. I am looking to have an easier commute than I currently experience. I am questons driving an hour one way to work, which is causing me to be away from my family more then I would like to be.

That is a long commute, and completely understandable that you would be seeking change. Your answer is specific and will be helpful to the hiring authority. The interviewer is asking about your most lucrative position because they want to gauge if you are going to be happy with the amount of money earned in this role.

Sometimes we will go backward in our career as far as compensation is concerned, and that is okay, but a considerable compensation gap will be xnswer red questiins to an interviewer. A andwer in salary could be due to an economic crisis, layoffs, self-employment, or for geographical reasons. Talk to the interviewer about your most significant earnings and reinforce your current compensation ask. Yes, I was earning intedview touch more than was is being offered for this role, but Ijterview chose to leave because the workweek was over 60 hours and I had no family life.

The sacrifice simply wasn't worth the extra income. I did have to make my tax deductions and had the expense expctations working from home, and paying my office-related bills such as internet and long-distance calling.

While I believe I work for an amazing company, I also feel that I have no more room to advance. This is a interviw part of why I am looking for a new opportunity.

Well said.

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Being fully prepared for the interview process means knowing what questions to anticipate. One of those questions is, “What are your salary expectations?” You won’t encounter this question during an internship interview, but it’s likely to come up if you’re interviewing for an entry-level job. “What are your salary expectations?” This is a common (often uncomfortable) interview question that you need to be prepared to answer in your big interview.. While it’s important to prepare yourself for skill, behavioral, and talent-related interview questions through practice, hiring an interview coach, or participating in the tutorials and interviewing training program offered by Big. Dec 23,  · The salary expectations answer can be contextual to where you are in your career and what kind of industry you are in. Some senior professionals know what their market value is and have strong opinions about what their base pay needs to be in order for them to take the job, Dixon said.

For the latest business news and markets data, please visit CNN Business. Salary talk during the hiring process is a delicate dance. Asking for too much might take you out of consideration, too little could mean compromising earnings. Some experts suggested tackling salary requirements at the start of the interview process to avoid wasting anyone's time and to set expectations, while others recommended waiting until later in the process.

If you want to delay talking about your salary, don't be dodgy about it -- that can raise red flags with the hiring manager. One way to pivot the conversation is to say something like: "I want to talk compensation, but I would really like to focus first on making sure I am a good fit for the company and that we can bring value to one another," said Tim Lo, co-founder of YourNextJump.

Keep in mind that some recruiters might not funnel a candidate to the next interview stage without having salary expectations. Related: Should you share your salary? When you do give your salary figure or range, be strategic. There are many online resources that break down the salaries of different professions by location. Do your research to come up with a figure that fits within the industry norm and represents your experience and qualifications.

It's also helpful to talk to your peers in the industry to find out how much they're making so you know the pay range you provide is appropriate. If it's more of a lateral move, the increase can be less. Explain that you've done your market research and list your experience, background and qualifications that make you worth the amount you are seeking.

Related: How to save at the start of your career. Some states and cities have made it illegal for employers to ask job candidates about salary histories as part of the screening process. But that doesn't mean every person you encounter during the hiring process will know about or adhere to the rules. She suggested saying something like: "It's not so much about salary but finding right next position and I am open to competitive offer.

If you feel that you are currently underpaid and that sharing your salary will hurt your chances of getting a bump, Skillings suggested being honest and explaining why you are worth more. If a hiring manager is really insistent on asking your current salary, and you're not in an area subject to laws that ban the question, you should answer honestly.

Related: What happens when women know how much other women make. If an offer comes in that's below your expectations, don't be afraid to ask for more. And it's not always all about salary. Take into account other benefits like an equity stake, a high k match or strong growth opportunities. If the salary is firm, Skillings suggested asking for an earlier review at three or six months to re-evelaute pay and benefits. We're no longer maintaining this page. Five steps to ace that job interview.

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