How to be happy decide every morning

how to be happy decide every morning

How To Be Happy

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Authority Health. Waking up in the morning with a happy and peaceful state of hapoy is what we all love to do. However, most of us get up not so happy and relaxed on most days. So what everg we do mornihg start the day on a happy note? How can we make ourselves feel happy every morning and remain the same throughout the day? In this article, I would like to bring home to you a few very simple tips that most happy people do to remain happy every morning.

Great achievers in life are people who wake up at the break of the dawn and do little things that make them happy. The happy mood in the morning gives them great motivation and energy to perform their daily tasks well.

What you do best in the first hour of the day will make you feel good for the rest of the day. You ddcide inviting the unwanted laziness to take control of you at the beginning of the day itself. Coming out of bed half an hour after you have already woke up with the first alarm will only break your sleep early and make you feel tired for the rest of the day. The best strategy is to set your alarm when you need to get up at the exact time you have pre-planned to be out of bed.

At the beginning of the day think of the many good things you have in life and begin to feel grateful to God, nature, and people who have blessed you with the same. The worst way to begin your day is now have many negative and ungrateful thoughts in your mind. Avoid mornjng by all means. For the first few minutes of the day fill your mind with good thoughts of gratitude and love for people and nature that surround your life.

Think of 5 good things that you are grateful for and these thoughts evefy certainly elevate your mood in the morning. According to studiesbeing grateful make you feel happier than otherwise. One of the best ways to feel happy in the morning is to look at yourself in a mirror and smile at you. Exchange smiles and greets the people with whom ho are living.

Even greeting and caressing the pet animals in the morning can become a great source of joy for many. Joyfully watching the bright sky, morning sun, flowers, trees and plants surrounding your living space can bring a lot of positive energy into you in the morning. If you are a pious and religious person, listening to thought-provoking devotional songs and discourses will certainly elevate your mood with positive energy.

Listening to motivational songs and meditational hoe is another evfry way to make yourself happy in the morning. Some people find it extremely enjoyable and evegy to watch their favorite funny videos fecide listen to their favorite music in the morning. It is all up to your choice and interest, but listening to something that you love to hear most is an excellent way to be joyful in the morning.

What does trazodone do to you are several things like massage, yoga, light how to play angry ninja birds, or a nice bath you can do to feel physically relaxed and pleasant in deide morning. Some people love to massage their face, neck, and hands for a couple of minutes to feel relaxed in the morning.

It is a good idea haply stretch your muscles, legs, and hands for a few minutes to feel energetic fo lively. Mornng should also compulsorily take deep breaths gradual and prolonged inhaling and exhaling at least ten times immediately after you wake up in the morning.

Simple stretching and breathing exercises increase blood circulation and improve the energy flow with fresh oxygen supply into the lungs. Exposing yourself how to hang christmas lights on brick home the morning sunlight and fresh air outside your room is one of the drcide ways to feel refreshed in the morning.

It helps you to begin your day in a relaxed and refreshed manner. It will be the most ideal if you can take a little walk or jog along with your courtyard or driveway in front of your house for a couple of minutes in the morning. It is still fine even if you are living in a colder region, as how to hyperlink a website cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep the rest what is a two door cinema club your body warm.

If you are living in a tall building skyscraper apartments and not feasible to be out in the open, at least, you should open windows to let the sunshine and fresh air into your room. Also, it is proven that exposing yourself to a splash of sunlight could make you feel more awake and active. This can make your biological clock stop the secretion of the melatonin hormone that induces sleep. Drinking a large glass of water after brushing your teeth is an excellent way to hydrate your body; it instantly boosts the energy levels of your body.

You will feel tired when the fluid levels in the body are low, and your body has not got water for a long time as you have been sleeping for many hours. If you are also into weight reduction, hap;y two glasses of lemon water on an empty stomach will bring added benefit to your health.

It is also a good idea to drink one large glass of water before you retire to sleep at night to avoid your body becoming dehydrated by morning. Once you are done with all your personal routines in the morning, it is good to engage in bee little talks with your loved ones.

If you are living alone, you can even try to talk to your pet animals or plants and listen to their silent replies that you can imagine in mind. Little pleasant conversation in the morning makes you feel good as you are engaging your brain to do some listening, responding, and interpreting. This little conversation takes away the boredom and gets your brain directly into an active mode for the works of the day. Moorning of the most gratifying and satisfying experiences eevery the morning is to go special food or mornung you like to have.

Just, for example, you may love how to cool a pop up camper begin your breakfast with the pleasant taste of a fruit juice you love most or a little bit of sweet food you relish a lot. Obviously, tasting something delicious in the morning is surely going to put you in a happy mood as you proceed for serious works for the rest of the day. What makes most people upset in the morning is the mess and panic arising out of your unplanned timetable.

You can become very stressed in the morning, especially when you have woke up late and have many routine tasks to be completed in a short time before you leave for work.

Judiciously following the well-planned morning routine at the right time will ease out all tension and stress in the morning. It is good to complete some of the preparations evvery the next day in the night how to be happy decide every morning you go to sleep.

When you have too many things to do in a hurry in the morning, you are sure to get stressed in the morning itself. The morning morniny a very pleasant time if you meticulously follow your well-planned morning routine activities. Foresee the requirements of the next day and get some of them ready before you go to bed in the night to avoid the stressful burry-burry of the morning.

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Last Updated: August 10, References. She has over four years of life coaching experience. There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewed , times. Life provides numerous challenges that complicate our road to happiness. Whether it be job stress, trouble at home, or illness, it can be difficult to remain positive and begin each day with optimism and energy.

Yet time and time again, studies reflect that how you begin your day has a significant impact on your productivity and success. Set yourself up for success by learning to begin your day on the right note. You may benefit from consulting these general strategies on how to wake up happily.

If you want to wake up happy every morning, start by making sure that you're getting a good night's sleep. Try going to bed early enough to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep without hitting the snooze button. Once you wake up, take half an hour to sit outside, since studies show that morning light from 6 to 10 a. Because rushing can increase stress and forgetfulness, as well as lead to muscle tension, try not to sleep in too late.

By waking up earlier, you'll have more time to do things like yoga or stretching, which can help you feel energized and decrease your stress levels. For more advice from our co-author, like how to develop a positive mental attitude, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Go to bed at a reasonable time. The first step to waking up happy in the morning is getting to bed the night before. Experts say adults should aim for between six to eight hours nightly, so organize your evening activities around getting a full night sleep.

Additionally, experts also recommend finishing the use of electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime to give your brain time to shut down and prepare for sleep. This may be difficult if you work odd shifts or have a new baby to care for, but do your best. Don't sleep with the lights on. Other than making it difficult to attain sleep, research indicates that when we sleep or dream in mild to moderate light, we rest less and wake up feeling less happy than we ordinarily would.

This includes sleeping in light generated by TVs, computers, nightlights, and streetlights, which have all have been shown to negatively impact mood of sleepers. Exposure to light interferes with our body's production of melatonin, which is a hormone that helps control your sleep and wake cycle. National Institutes of Health Go to source Dimming your lighting as you're preparing for bed and making your room as dark as possible can help keep your melatonin production on track.

National Institutes of Health Go to source. Clear your mind with relaxation techniques. Meditation , deep breathing , or progressive muscle relaxation are ways to help calm anxiety, tension, or troublesome thoughts that might keep you awake.

Try incorporating one or more of these practices into your nighttime routine. Sleep on your right side. Want to enjoy peaceful dreams and wake up happy? Researchers have discovered that sleeping on your right side increases the chance that you will have positive dreams and also decreases the likelihood of mood dysfunction throughout the day. Having trouble keeping your sleep position to the right side? Consider purchasing a body pillow. Having it on your left side will shape your sleep posture and prevent you from rolling to the left.

Design your room to be conducive to sleep. Do you live near a busy intersection with lots of noise? Does your bedroom window face the sunrise or street lights? Purchasing light-blocking curtains and getting a white-noise device are only a few of the ways you can create a better environment for deep sleep and happy waking. These can create white noise and also circulate air in a stuffy room. Decorate with soothing colors. Repaint if necessary. Use ambient lighting, as opposed to overhead lighting, when possible.

Lamps are a good source for this, but recessed lighting inside wall molding is also an option. Dimmer switches can also create the right light level. Choose the right alarm clock. To ensure waking without shock or grogginess, consider an alarm specially designed to wake you gradually.

Install an air purifier. For allergy sufferers, this is essential and will result in vastly improved sleep quality. Consider a foam mattress. Especially if you sleep with another person, foam mattresses are great at isolating movement so it doesn't wake the other person. Remember that beds are for sleeping. Research has shown that using your bed for activities like reading or watching movies can prevent sleep and create an association with stimulation rather than rest.

Let go of your worries. If you find yourself having difficulty sleeping due to worries about your day, consider keeping a journal. Earlier in the day, ask yourself "What keeps me awake at night? Take stock of accomplishments. One way of helping gain closure and foster reassurance is to write down what you've accomplished during the day. Create a to-do list for the next day.

Instead of lying awake, trying to remember what needs to happen tomorrow, create a list before going to bed. This helps you get closure on the current day while dialing back on the pressure to remember everything at once. Try preparing for the next day before you go to bed. Lay out your clothes, pack a lunch, and assemble everything you'll need for work or school the next morning. This can help ease stress in the morning, and you'll feel better getting into bed know it's already been done.

Part 2 of Don't hit the snooze button. When your body wakes up suddenly and goes back to sleep, only to wake up again a few minutes later, it creates a kind of dissonance called "sleep inertia," which makes you feel lazy, groggy, and can persist for up to two hours after waking.

National Institutes of Health Go to source Select an alarm tone that will ensure that you wake up less grumpy. To ensure that you aren't tempted to snag a few more minutes of sleep after the alarm goes off, put your alarm on a shelf or table across the room from your bed, forcing you to get up in order to turn it off.

Take in morning light. Studies have shown that morning light between the hours of six and ten am triggers melatonin release in our brain and has an antidepressant effect, more so than later day or evening light. To ensure you get your daily dose, take a half hour to sit outside in the morning. Get flowers. Not only are flowers pretty to look at throughout the day, but Harvard psychologist Nancy Etcoff has discovered that women who wake up to the sight of flowers reported substantially improved mood, less anxiety, and more energy throughout the day.

A nightstand arrangement of fresh or artificial flowers will brighten up your bedroom and, more importantly, serve as something positive and refreshing to wake up to. Take a warm shower and finish with a cooling rinse. The thermogenic hypothesis argues that raising core body temperature relaxes muscles, which relieves tension, promoting an increased sense of well-being. Showering in warm water also increases circulation.

Psychologists also argue that finishing your shower with a cool, five-minute rinse can duplicate some of the positive antidepressant effects of electroshock therapy, increasing brain function and the release of serotonin. Start off with yoga or stretching. Adding a few poses to your morning routine can help you feel energized and increase your ability to deal with stress throughout the day.

Don't rush. While getting a few extra minutes of sleep is tempting, the rush required to make up for it can increase stress, lead to muscle tension, and cause us to be more forgetful than we ordinarily would.

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