How to break down a pump shotgun

how to break down a pump shotgun

The Breakdown on Cleaning a Break-Action Shotgun

Feb 25,  · I completely disassemble and reassemble my Mossberg shotgun. I assume that most pump action shotguns are internally very similar. Although I could be wro. Oct 10,  · Taking a Remington down for cleaning, How to remove barrel, assembly,datingusaforall.comr housing, how to put it back together.

You hear it with barrels and rifles, you hear it with shotguns. Shoot a case of magnums or something. New guns, made from modern materials and using modern manufacturing techniques, should essentially need no break shotgin.

Nor should they need extensive cleaning prior to shooting. There is a world of difference between an old military surplus rifle dripping with heavy grease, coated how to clean a wooden banister brown colored wax-like cosmoline that sets up like jelly.

Marines singing "Cosmoline keeps my rifle clean. With the increased use of plastic or the more expensive grade of ground-up garbage can lid, the technopolymer, it is a wonder what cleaning would actually be for. There is some natural burnishing of sliding parts. There shouldn't be much, though, as a goodly amount of the break in breka is attempting to cover for sourced parts from the cheapest bidder, made with questionable tooling or worn-out tooling in various locations around the world.

When components from France, Turkey, China, Spain, are all popped together in another location, why should they fit perfectly? Why should choke tubes from Brazil fit a barrel that was how to freeze jalapenos peppers in Italy?

Rough edges, heavy tool marks, metal chips and out of tolerance parts are all causes of rough actions. On many new guns, the bolt cannot be eased closed, for it is jamming and binding before you even load it.

Part of it is the price consumers pay for the price we are not willing to pay. Sometimes, we crave cheap, so it isn't all that big of a surprise when we finally get what we asked for. No firearm that I know of is designed for, much less actually tested with, anyone's reloads. To the extent that reloads vary from standard, good quality factory loads isn't something any firearms factory can easily address.

There is all kinds of advice given, mostly anonymously, that might suggest you do shotugn kinds of interesting things with a Dremel tool to get your gun to work.

Or, drilling out your chamber with steel wool, fire-lapping barrels and so forth. More often than not, you are just unnecessarily reducing the life of your firearm. To be gow, firearms can smooth out a bit with use. If buying a more expensive, but far less sophisticated, device like a firearm, no break in of any consequence should be needed for basic, reliable function.

Introduction: How to Disassemble and Clean a Remington 870 Wingmaster Shotgun

Oct 27,  · 1. Push the trigger housing pin completely out of the shotgun 2. Pull down on the rear of the trigger guard Caution: Do not pull the trigger when the trigger assembly is out of the shotgun because it may damage the part. Caution: The Trigger housing pin is very small and has a tendency to roll. Put it in a place where you can easily keep track of it so it does not become lost. Jun 14,  · 1. Place drops of gun oil on a clean patch. (Figure 33) 2. Apply a very fine layer of gun oil to all metal surfaces of the outside of the shotgun. Be sure to wipe away any finger prints and coat any areas where the bluing has worn off since it is more susceptible to rust. CAUTION: Do not apply gun oil to wood. Doing so will damage the finish and soften the wood. Apr 02,  · This method is easiest with the Mossbergs. Make sure the action is closed. Then flip the gun upside down and look just to the right of the shell in the mag tube. There’s a tab that’s holding the shell in the tube. That’s the shell stop. Press that inward with your thumb, and the shell will pop out. Then slowly ease the shell out of the tube.

If you own a shotgun, or any other firearm, it is important to keep it clean. A dirty firearm could result in injury or even death. In this intructable I will demonstrate how to clean a break-action shotgun. Warning: Cleaning a firearm can be very dangerous. Before cleaning your break-action shotgun, make sure it is unloaded.

This is easy to do with a break-action shotgun because break-action shotguns are loaded one shell at a time at the breech the back end of the barrel you simply need to look down the breech to see if there is a shell in there.

Once you have made sure your gun is unloaded you are ready to start cleaning. Remember to always keep the muzzle the front end of the barrel pointed in a safe direction, either towards the sky or towards the ground. The first thing you need to do is obtain a cleaning kit. Kits usually come with all that you need to clean your shotgun, and can be found in your local sporting goods store.

Inside the kit should be a box of patches, a bristle, a cotton mop, a bottle of solvent and a rod. You must also purchase a box of cotton swabs and a cloth rag separately. Cotton swabs and cloth rags can be found in most local grocery stores.

Depending upon what break-action shotgun you are using, the disassembly may be different. Because I do not want you to damage your shotgun I must ask that you refer to your owners manual for disassembly.

If you are unsure of where your manual is, do not fret. Most manuals for shotguns are on the manufacturers website in PDF form. Simply type the name of the model of your shotgun into Google followed by the word "manual. Click on the link and follow the instructions for disassembly.

When you are done your gun should look like this. Find the rod and the bristle included in your shotgun cleaning kit. If you are unsure what these look like, refer to step 1. At the end of your rod there should be an adapter. Screw the bristle clockwise into the adapter until tight. Now that you have attached the bristle to the rod, it is time to run the rod through the barrel. This is to clean out any hard residue that may have gotten stuck to the inside of the barrel.

Place the muzzle of the barrel towards the ground, and hold the rod in the opposite hand. From the breech, stick the rod inside the barrel.

Push the rod through to the end of the barrel. Then pull the rod back up towards you. Continue to push the rod back and forth through the barrel about ten times. If your break-action shotgun has two separate barrels, apply this step to both barrels. Unscrew the bristle from the adapter at the top of the rod, counterclockwise. Your rod should look like this, with nothing screwed in at the top.

Locate the cotton mop inside your shotgun cleaning kit. You want to attach the cotton mop to the adapter at the end of the rod, like you did in step 3 with the bristle. Screw the cotton mop into the adapter of the rod clockwise until tight. Locate your bottle of solvent, patches, and cotton swabs. Lay a single patch out on a table. Open the bottle of solvent. Now take a cotton swab and dip it into the bottle of solvent.

Then apply solvent to patch. I usually dip the cotton swab into the solvent, then smear the solvent on a corner with the cotton swab. I then apply solvent in each corner of the patch until each corner is coated in solvent. Remember, a little solvent goes a long way.

Only use enough solvent to dampen the patch. Now that you have applied the solvent to the patch, it is now time to locate your barrel again.

Place muzzle of barrel on the ground with the breech facing the sky. Now take the patch that you have applied the solvent to and rest it on top of the breech. The center of the patch should be covering the top of the barrel. Holding the barrel, take the rod with the attached cotton mop in the opposite hand. Place the top of the mop on top of the patch. The goal is to push the patch through the barrel with the cotton mop at the end. Push the rod into the patch at the top of the breech, the patch should fold around the cotton mop and into the barrel.

It is important to keep the muzzle against the ground. You do not want to push the patch all the way through, just to the end. If the muzzle is against the ground it will prevent you from pushing the patch all the way through. Now that you have pushed the patch to the end, lift the rod and take the patch off. The patch should be dirty. Take a new patch, apply solvent, and repeat this process two or three more times.

If your break-action shotgun has two barrels, apply this step to both barrels. After you have run through the barrel with wet patches you must dry the barrel. Grab a dry patch. Like before you will place the patch directly on top of the barrel. Run the rod with the attached cotton mop through again, just like with the wet patches.

This time you will only need to run it through once. Take a dry cloth and wipe down the stock and barrel. The goal is to wipe off any grease or fingerprints collected on your shotgun during the cleaning process. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line!

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