How to check zong weekly internet package

how to check zong weekly internet package

Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly

Zong Super Weekly Max offer includes 15 GB of super fast internet, against only Rs. with validity upto 7 days. Dial *# from your Zong 4G SIM and stay connected. Zong Internet Super Weekly Plus offer includes 5 GB of super fast internet, against only rupees with validity upto 7 days. Dial *20# from your Zong 4G SIM.

Apply Filter. Google Duo bundle, in collaboration with Google! Zong in partnership with Facebook brings another exciting offer. Make a new account on Facebook using your Zong number and use Facebook for free for 14 days. Zong now introduces an amazing way to share mobile internet with your friends and family members wherever they are! Get the freedom to make unlimited calls to all Zong numbers and enjoy the fastest data network for any 2 hours of your choice in just Rs.

Connect across the border for Rs. Get the best of entertainment and much more with our superb internet packages at the best rates ever. Valid only for devices inactive for the last 60 days. No problem. Put it back, activate and enjoy what we have in store for you for the next two months. Get the best out of your internet SIM. You can configure iinternet handset for Mobile Internet settings in one of the three ways described below:.

Please do not share this PIN with any one in any case. ZONG will not be responsible of any loss in interet case. Off-net Minutes SMS Sort Price low to high Price high to low. Monthly Monthly Super Offer. Weekly Super Weekly Max. Get 30GB just Rs. Weekly Super Weekly Premium. Enjoy the most remarkable internet plans on Pakistan's no. Monthly WhatsApp Offer. Weekly Mega Data Offer. Yow Combo Pack, meet both your data and voice calling needs how to prepare fresh turnips convenience of 15 days.

Monthly Zong Super Card. Zong Super Card for all your monthly needs in Rs. Weekly Uow Load Offer. Weekly All-in-1 Weekly. Get your hands on 2. Monthly Supreme Offer. Aik code. Maheenay bhar ke liye fully load. Read More. Monthly Monthly Social Bundle. Weekly Super What is the purpose of the rules of evidence Offer.

Get 5 GB Data just Rs. Weekly Weekly TikTok Offer. Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer. Daily Daily Basic. Daily Daily Data Max. Daily Daytime Offer. Get MB just Rs. Daily Youth Offer. Make the most of 2. Weekly Super Weekly Offer. Make the most of MB for 7 days Rs. Weekly Super Weekly Plus. Get 7 GB just Rs. Monthly Monthly Mini Monthly Monthly Basic Enjoy MB for entire month in just Rs.

Monthly Super Monthly Plus. Monthly Super Monthly Max. Daily Social Pack. Daily Classified Pack. Daily Daily Facebook Offer. Monthly Monthly Facebook Offer. Get 6GB data for all features of facebook Rs. Weekly Weekly Youtube Offer. Instagram Offer. Zong subscribers signing-up on Instagram for the first time will enjoy 3 days of free trial.

Monthly Google Duo Offer. Enjoy GB data with our exclusive offer Rs. Free Facebook Messenger. Free Facebook. Monthly IMO Offer. Monthly Data Share Bundle. Daily Shandaar Daily Offer. Weekly Shandaar Haftawaar Offer. Monthly Shandaar Mahana Offer. Hourly Super Student Bundle. Daily Hello 1 Din.

Daily Flutter. Daily Full Gup. Daily Sixer Plus. Daily Non Stop Offer. Choose the bundle you like with multiple possibilities. Daily Daily Voice Offer. Stay connected with daily Zong calls. Weekly Baqi Paisa Service. Inquire about 1-day prior balance consumption and services Rs.

Monthly Incoming Call Screening Service. Monthly Voice min Bundle. Say it all with free minutes all pzckage and free SMS for 30 days Rs. Say it all with 80 free minutes all networks and free SMS for 15 days Rs. Weekly Hello tto Day Bundle. Monthly Hello Monthly Bundle. Weekly Apna Shehr Layyah. Weekly Apna Shehr Kot Addu. Weekly Apna Shehr Pattoki. Daily Daily Punjab Offer. Weekly Apna Shehr Bhai Pheru. Daily Bol Lahore Offer.

Weekly Apna Shehr Ghotki Offer. Weekly Apna Shehr Daharki Offer. Weekly Apna Shehr Kasur Offer. Weekly Weekly Bachat Offer.

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Q. How can I check usage details of Super Weekly Premium? A. By dialing *#(Charges 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry) Q. Will the Super Weekly Premium be automatically renewed? A. No Q. What type of customer can subscribe to Super Weekly Premium? A. All Zong 2G, 3G and 4G prepaid subscribers Q. Is there any download limit on Super Weekly Premium? Subscribe to Zong prepaid packages and enjoy the most exhilarating mobile internet packages, SMS, Voice, & hybrid bundles. Activate your favorite prepaid package now. May 18,  · How to Activate Zong Internet Packages? To activate any of the daily, weekly, and monthly internet package of Zong, you need to dial *# and select your desired bundle. How to check Zong Internet Usage? Dial *# to check the remaining internet MBs of Zong. Add-Ons of Zong Internet:Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Zong was launched in and was considered the smallest telecom operator in Pakistan. In 9 years, it became the fastest-growing, reliable, and widely known telecom company across the land. Zong brings a variety of 2G, 3G, and 4G internet services for its postpaid and prepaid users across the nation. Zong always tried to offer incredibly affordable call and SMS packages to its subscribers.

The company also offers unmatched social, 2G, 3G, and 4G internet bundles for its users. Here, I am going to compile a complete list of Zong internet packages. You can check the list and pick out the most affordable internet package for you.

The Super Student Bundle is particularly designed for the students. The package comes with data and a call facility for the minimum charges. Sometimes, the students need some MBs to browse anything related to their assignment or they need to download something immediately. So, this package fulfills the emergency needs of the data package.

In daily internet packages, Zong offers three types of buckets and other packages. These packages vary in the data limit and the duration hours. These are for the users who are not frequent users of the internet and want to download something immediately. Check the bundles and enjoy hassle-free internet surfing without being worried about low balance. Here are the bundles. Zong brings quite nominal social packages for users who are fond of remaining active on social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

If you do not browse more often and want to use data for social media only, these social packages are especially for you. The price is incredibly lower. These social packages are daily and monthly. The monthly social package is only for WhatsApp due to the increasing demand of WhatsApp users.

Zong cares about your budget and wants you to stay connected with your friends on social platforms. Find the details below.

Zong is always a step ahead to bring incredibly affordable internet packages for its valued customers.

Like the daily internet packages, Zong offers different weekly internet packages for its subscribers. These internet bundles come with enough MBs to cover the heavy downloading and uploading for the whole week. However, there are no freebies included in them. But, at such an affordable price, these internet buckets are very attractive for users. Check them below. It is not only specific to check the remaining data volume of weekly internet packages, but for all internet packages.

Zong brings numerous monthly internet volume buckets for users who upload and download frequently. So, the monthly data package makes them tension-free for the whole month. They do not require subscribing to the internet offer again and again. Just subscribe for once and have a chill for the entire month. These internet bundles vary in price and time duration so that, you could avail your desired package in your convenient hours.

Check the monthly internet offers by Zong. What you will do? Zong offers two add-ons along with the above-given data bundles. Here is how to subscribe to Add-ons. If you are a postpaid customer of Zong, how can Zong ignore your internet needs? The company also offers various data packages for its postpaid customers. Since the postpaid customers have to follow a billing cycle every month, the internet packages for them are based on 30 days.

The amount is included in their next bill every month. However, they are not offered any daily or weekly internet bucket. They are offered all of the monthly internet buckets. Here they are. Zong has updated the haftawaar offer seems good its minutes on net 70 minutes offnet mbs internet sms. Add-On Price Volume Ad. All of the above-discussed data packages are only for the prepaid users of Zong.

You are not authorized to subscribe to two data packages at the same time. To subscribe to another data package, you need to unsubscribe from the first one. The data buckets given above do not include tax. Thanks sir! Zong is expensive than other networks.

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