How to create a recovery partition for windows 8.1

how to create a recovery partition for windows 8.1

How to Create a Recovery Partition in Windows 10 (Custom Factory Reset)

May 02, When creating a Recovery Drive, only OEM Factory images are designed to be used and copied to the Flash drive. In most cases, these will be Window 8 if your system was originally Windows 8. This image can be used to revert to Windows 8, but cannot be used to reset a Windows system back to Jul 20, run EaseUS Free Partition Manager After hiding the partition, run and reassign letters to your drives that we removed their letter previously. now when you start-up your machine it will display this screen for 3 seconds When you choose recover windows - 64 bit it will boot to your hidden partition. Enjoy!!! Image:

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Confused about Windows 8. Thread starter frozenreads2 Start date Feb 26, Hi, Just switched out from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

So upon a clean install, three visible partitions are created, Recovery mbEFI mband the regular Windows partition. I understand there is a 4th only visible with Diskpart and that is fine OK so far The Recovery Partition is showing Needs Optimization, but when I click on it to be optimized, it runs quickly if at all and tells me it still needs optimizing.

I also notice that when I create a recovery disk, I am unable to click on "Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive". I assumed it would recognize the mb Windows created Recovery Partition and copy this over????

If not, then what is it there for? Now I tried to how to start a government contracting company these various issues and information is sparse, other than people with the same, similar issue, although mostly its people upgrading from 8.

From what I can tell, from the little info I can pull from the web, people have a similar Recovery partition created when upgrading from 8. Am I right in assuming that the "copy recovery partition What is going on, Im confused! I have reinstalled Windows 8. Can anyone shed any light? The Recovery partition you are looking at contains the Windows Recovery Tools image, which is what you boot to when you enter the Recovery Environment. The partition contains about MB of files and is not used except to recovery operations.

There is no need to optimize it. Therefore the checkbox is not active. Since you have the Windows 8. Because Microsoft made 8. I do like to make a System Image of my installs after I get everything set up and activated. I then put that image some place safe and make regular image backups just in case of need to completely reload the install. If you are using SSD, you don't really have to worry to much about optimization.

It does very little effect as compared to optimizing HDD. I never worried about it a lot but it's good to do it once in a while.

But not everyday or not even every week. Only when there how to create a recovery partition for windows 8.1 noticeable system slow down. And never play around with partitions which are automatically created upon install.

They are there for technical reasons especially when problems arise. Im unable to optimize the recovery partition on my Surface rt either, but as Saltgrass mentioned, it's only accessed during recovery operations and SSD'S are fast faster than HDD'S so you should rarely, if ever actually need to optimize.

Sent from my iPad using WindowsForum. Click to expand View attachment View attachment View attachment But it is more convenient and easy for people, especially for common user to operate. Last edited: May 18, Post reply. Insert quotes. Similar threads R. Windows 10 Windows 10 recovery drive on usb is only MB. Replies 0 Views Jan 25, rob Create Partition Image.

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To create a USB recovery drive

Feb 03, All brand name computers comes with a recovery partition. Witch is great if you want to restore your computer to factory settings, but a lot of us built our. Jan 04, You still need to create a bootable media to boot your computer. Speaking of bootable recovery partition, you can take advantage of Recovery Drive in Windows 8// You just need to connect the recovery drive and set boot priority for it in the . Feb 25, Video Script: Recovery Drive allows users to recover a failing operati.

But do you actually know how to make it? When your computer breaks down, you may be suggested to reinstall the Windows. This operation only gives you a brand new computer with preinstalled programs. You still need to spend time in reinstalling programs and settings you need. In fact, you can choose to make a factory recovery partition in advance, which will contain a copy of your operating system and boot related files.

However, this image is not bootable. You still need to create a bootable media to boot your computer. You just need to connect the recovery drive and set boot priority for it in the BIOS, then you can go to main page to restore your computer.

In addition, many computer manufacturers offer you a OneKey recovery software. However, it can only be used to the specified computer. Sometimes, you will encounter the Lenovo F11 not working and other trouble. For a beginner, these operations are still too complicated. When you encounter problems in this process, you will be at a loss. If you want to create a factory recovery partition, you need to backup the system at the first time you get the computer.

Also, you can create a system backup later and it will restore to the state you backup. Download its demo program to have a try. Step 1. And then choose " OneKey System Backup ". It requires that system disk has enough free disk space to store it.

Way B: Backup system to other location - system backup image file can be saved to any other location, such as an internal secondary disk, an external hard drive, or a removable USB flash drive, etc.

You need to select one of your existing partitions here is D: drive on system disk to divide some space the size depends on how big your system partition is for creating a factory recovery partition, which includes system backup image file and AOMEI OneKey Recovery bootable environment.

The partitions in grey e. F: partition cannot be selectable, since their unused space is not enough to make a recovery partition. The selected partition D: partition will be highlighted. If there is already enough unallocated space on the system disk, the program will automatically select it to make a factory recovery partition.

In other words, this step will be skipped, and the program will directly enter to the next step. It's made as a hidden partition by default. To apply these changes, please click " Start Backup " to continue. Here is D drive and a removable USB drive separately. Then, click Start Backup. Step 3. Wait patiently until the process is over. The process will take some minutes depending how much data on your system. As the pop-up window mentioned, you can click the setting icon on the toolbar to configure boot menu.

It allows you to enable or disable the boot menu and hide or display the message by tick or un-tick the checkbox, and change the residence time on the boot menu. If you not only want to backup your system but your entire hard disk, specified partition, or individual files and folders, you can use the complete backup software - AOMEI Backupper. When your computer fails to boot because of system crash or operating system not found error, you can use the factory image you created to return things to normal.

But the way of system recovery may vary considerably according to the disk partition styles of your system. For most of computers whose system disk style is MBR , please press "F11" default or " A " on keyboard during the process of system startup.

After that your computer will be booted into Windows PE recovery environment. After a reboot, your computer will be booted into Windows PE recovery environment.

Click " Yes " to confirm that you need to restore the system. And then select " OneKey System Recovery " to restore your system. Step 2. There are two ways available for you to restore system. The way to restore depends on how you backed up the system. If you selected Way A to backup system, please follow the instruction below to restore system:. Here are two choices for you to restore your system, please choose the one according to your situation. One choice: There is no other disk in your computer.

In such case, you can only restore to the original location. Please click " Start Restore " if you confirm the changes. And then click " Next " to continue. You need to select a location, which can be an unallocated space or a partition Note: If you select a partiton, the data on it will be overwritten.

And then click "Start Restore". If you selected Way B to backup system, please follow the instruction below to restore system:. Click " Browse " to find the system backup image file.

Click " Next " to continue. Here are two choices for you to restore your system. You can follow the steps of restoring system by using the image files in AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition, because both ways of restoration are basically the same, except thatthe location of the image file is different.

Now, you just need to wait patiently until the process is over. After all operations are completed, click "Finish". Why need to make a recovery partition? What kind of backup software should you use? Free Backup Software. Still Need Help? Have your problem been solved? If not, please input query in the search box below.

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