How to design a calendar in photoshop

how to design a calendar in photoshop

How to Make a Calendar in Photoshop

Jan 14,  · In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to Design a beautiful calendar design for this New Year. Please feel free to drop a comment on how this video he. Dec 30,  · 1. Create a new Project. Make it x Inches @ PPI. Name it what you want to. 2. You will need to make a few guides to make things easy: 0% - Horizontal & Vertical 25% - Horizontal 50% - Horizontal 3. You will need another project for the calendar. Make it Px x Px @ PPI.

Calendar is an important part of our day to day life. Calendar keeps us informed about the date and future event s.

Fill the canvas with 0a7db7, name this as bg1. After that create a new layer name bg2, use Elliptical Marquee Tool M and draw a circle inside the canvas. Fill it with 2db2f4. Blend Mode to Normal. Now create a new layer, name it header.

Select Marquee Tool M and select the top part of the body layer. Fill it with 0a7db7. Create a new layer and select Single What is wrong with islam religion Marquee Tool Mset the line just 1px above from the bottom of the header.

Write the December text on the header, follow the settings above for text Drop Shadow. About the margin lines, I am not sure how to do this automatically if you know how, please share with us I did all of this manually, it may take some time of getting the right size for each. I fill those spaces with numbers following the December Calendar Days. I use Arial Bold 16pt 3a3a3a. What I did with the dates is created the first set in group, and then duplicate them and arranged until I have the complete dates.

Create a new layer and select the 25 date, we will highlight this as a sign of special event on our calendar. Here is the end result! Clean and minimalist calendar, you can use this on one of your projects or if you created a different version that would be so cool! If you have other suggestions to make it easier or faster for creating such design, please share with us on the comments below. Download Now! Click here to cancel reply. Clean, Modern, Professional Website Ready to update your brand?

Open your canvas and set the width px and height to px. Select Rounded Rectangle Tool U and set radius to 5px, name this as body.

Inner Glow, set the size to 1px and choke to 0. In Stroke, set the size to 1px and change the color to On Gradient Overlay follow the colors above, and set the angle to Here is the final look of the header with text, you should have the same result.

Add those days text above, font is Arial Bold 10pt In 25 text drop shadow, set the size and distance to 1px. Follow the color above. December 18, at pm. Sanjay says:. December 19, at am. December 25, at am. September 21, at am. Let us how to diagnose automotive electrical problems your ideas into a business!

Contact me know and let's start it! Pin It on Pinterest.

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Dec 17,  · Let’s Start! Open your canvas and set the width px and height to px. Fill the canvas with #0a7db7, name this as bg1. After that create a new layer name bg2, use Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and draw a circle inside the canvas. Fill it with #2db2f4. On Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur > set to px and hit OK. Calendar Design | Design a Calendar in photoshop | How to make the calendar design Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Freelancer Rahim Channel. Calendar Desi.

Note: Make sure you organise your layers with groups otherwise it will become a mess. Open the second project you created. Once you have created to guides on the project you should see 12 boxes. Each one represents a month of the year. In the first box you will see smaller boxes, each one of them are the days of the months. Now create lines to separate the months. Now create 12 text boxes and make each one a month of the year.

Then arrange them in order and place them at the top of each box. January, February, Etc Zoom into the first month. Create a line on the first guide. Now create 7 text boxes and make each one a day of the week. Mon, Tue, Wed, etc Place them in order from Sun to Sat. Sun, Mon Fri, Sat. Copy and paste them into each other month. Each small box represents a day, so you have to look at a calendar and make text box in each small box and write the date.

Now copy that and place them into each other month and change the dates to complete it. This will make all the layer into one. This will make it easier to move around. Open both projects. Now drag and drop the 'Calendar' into the project with the background Picture. Place it in the box that you created. Centre it and make sure there aren't any lines sticking out of the box. You can use the ' PNG ' to print the calendar. If you want to can save a copy as a ' PDF ' as well.

If you have any quesitons or anything to say just leave it in the comments. I've done all the steps up to the numbering of the days but how can i accurately place the numbers or txt box with the numbers in the spaces that don't have the guide lines that January has?

Introduction: How to Make a Calendar in Photoshop. By Ashcraft11 Follow. More by the author:. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a Calendar in Photoshop. This project might take some time but it will be worth it. I will be making a year Calendar which shows the entire year on one page.

If you are new to Photoshop you should check out my ' Basics of Photoshop' Tutorial. I go over the basics of Photoshop and that will help you understand some of the stuff I am doing. A Picture for the background of the Calendar. Recommended size - Around Px x Px Note: Corresponding picture is names with the step number. Create a new Project. Make it Name it what you want to. You will need another project for the calendar. Attachments Step 1 - 2. Open the first project you created.

Now open the picture you chose for the background. Drag it into the project and resize and make it fit to your liking. Zoom into the bottom half. Create 4 new guides. Use the ' Rectangular Marquee Tool ' to make the selection of the box made by the new guides. Now select the ' Rectangle Tool'. Make the fill nothing and the Stroke 'Black' 4pt. Create a box on the new guides which will give you a border for the calendar to go into.

Create a ' Text Box ' saying ' '. Place it anywhere you want to on the top half. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. RicardoC 4 years ago. Not sure if I follow: do I have to type each date, one by one?

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