How to draw cartoon wolf

how to draw cartoon wolf

How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf Pup

Apr 05,  · My Etsy: to draw a cute cartoon wolf in less than 2 minutes! Level 4/5 difficulty. Be sure to check out other how t. Draw the front leg using a long, curved line. The line should begin at the chest, extend downward, form a rounded square shape, and double back to end near its starting point. Draw a short, curved line within the square of the foot to differentiate the toes. Cartoon Wolf drawing - step

To create this article, people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. The wikiHow Video Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more To draw a wolf, start by drawing an oval for the body and circles for each of the leg joints. Then, draw another circle overlapping the oval for the wolf's head.

Next, sketch the legs, tail, ears, and neck. Once you have the wolf's basic frame, go back in and draw the wolf's fur using crooked, zig-zagging lines. Finally, erase the original lines you drew for the frame and add the finishing details, like the ears, nose, mouth, and paws.

To learn how to draw a howling wolf, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in How to draw cartoon wolf login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Learn how to draw a wolf by following the steps in this tutorial. Method 1 of Draw the body by drawing an oval. Draw a bean-shaped elongated oval for the body. Make sure that you are using a pencil for the draft sketch, so you can erase it afterwards to make it neat.

Add joints and head. Draw a circle at the one end of the bean, this will be the head. For the hind joints, draw two overlapping circles. At around the chest part of the wolf, add a slightly elongated circle for the fore legs. Finish the neck and add the ears. Draw two-pointed curves on top of the head for the ears. Unlike foxes, wolf ears are smaller. To work out the neck or the scruff just draw two slightly curved lines and connect both sides of the head to the how to use slanted eyeliner brush body.

Add muzzle and legs. For the hind legs, start by drawing curved lines from the leg joint. The lines should bend outwards towards the tail part of the wolf. Add eyes and tail and finish the hind legs. For the eyes, just add two small tear-shaped figures above the muzzle. Finish the hind leg by adding a similar shape to the one you did earlier but this time, add some small paws at the end of the legs. Because of that, you can just add a long curvy line at the end of the bean-shaped body.

You should have the basic drawing skeleton now. Using a pen, draw on top of your sketch. Put in mind the overlapping lines and parts that should be hidden. The line art might not look perfect and crisp, but it should look neat when the pencil is erased.

Erase the pencil sketch and add details. You can add details like the ears, eyes, mouth, nose, paws, claws and fur. You can also add extra lines to emphasize the paw and the fur. Color your wolf. Depending on the breed, wolves can go in different shades from gray to brown or even white. Method 2 of Draw the body by drawing a really sloppy oval. Add the 2 ovals. One oval should be bigger and longer and should point slanted upward.

The other oval should be drawn on the other end of the body. A long, thinner, vertical oval will be added for the tail. Draw the muzzle and joints. Just beside the tail and at the base of the slanted oval, add two circles for the leg joint. Add a tear-shaped figure below the muzzle this would be the jaw.

Add ear and legs. Because of the angle, only one ear is visible. And to draw this, just draw a small rounded triangle pointing the opposite direction as the muzzle.

Add the legs by drawing lines below how to remove toggle bolts from drywall leg joints. The hind leg should bend towards the tail. Complete the legs. Add similar lines to define the width of the wolf legs. The bottom part of the legs should look flat into the ground. Add another pair of legs behind the ones you drew before. Because they are only slightly visible from the view, how to draw cartoon wolf draw a small part of them, peeking behind the legs.

Add paws. Add 2 pairs of circles at the end of the flat base of the legs. You should have the basic outline now. Method 3 of Draw a circle. Add two protruding pointed shapes on each side at the top of the circle for the ears. Using curved lines, draw the nose. Draw a circle below the head and connect this to the head using curved lines for the body. Draw three straight lines for the forelegs and a semi-circle for the feet.

Add details to the face. Draw an egg shape for the eyes, add a smaller circle within for the pupils. Draw a curved line for the eyebrows and a circle at the tip of the nose. Sketch three tiny circles at the side of the nose and draw a sharp fang using curved lines. Draw the head and make it look furry using small curved strokes. Draw the rest of the body. Add a few curved strokes on the chest area for a furry look and how to change km to miles on nike plus app small slanted lines on the feet to separate the toes.

Method 4 of Draw a circle for the head. Add triangle like shapes on each side of the circle for the ears. Draw a curved line in front of the circle for the protruded nose and sketch a crossed line from the circle extending to the nose. Draw a circular shape for the neck area and another one for the body. Add the tail on the rear part of the wolf using a curved line. Draw two almond shapes with a circle inside for the eyes.

Draw the nose using a circular shape. Sketch the mouth and draw sharp teeth. Draw the rest of the body adding a few slanted strokes for the fur.

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Oct 16,  · Monday everyone! Here's this week's bonus drawing lesson- How to Draw a Cartoon Wolf. Be sure to check out o. Apr 19,  · I drew this mangy fellow for an earlier book of mine, but I always like the character type. The key is to exaggerate the construction and the features of th Author: Christopher Hart. Jun 20,  · Learn how to draw a realistic wolf! Grab a marker, paper, and two colored pencils (grey and black) then follow along with an Art Club member https.

Enjoy a nice wolf cartoon and learn how to draw a cool character with great colors and cool effects! The wolf is a great animal. Even if the wolf is a ferocious predator that can be dangerous for some farmers, this animal is still fascinating and fun to look at. In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to use a vector software to enhance a simple 2D drawing and turn this one into a visually stunning illustration.

You'll see that doing so can be quite easy and intuitive. Important note: For each step available below, the first image represents the operation you must perform for this particular step.

All changes are surrounded by a red outline. In this first step, sketch the character using black outlines. Once you are done, apply a few basic colors to the animal.

It doesn't matters if the drawing doesn't look appealing for now. Next, select shapes one-by-one and use the gradient tool to create simple shadows. Your character is already more enjoyable, but your work is not finished yet! Create a few circles to enhance the eyes of the wolf cartoon. Two circles can be used on pupils and two others for the eyes. These circles must be white and slightly transparent.

You can also apply circles below the eyes to form dark patches that will make the eyes more readable. It's time to work with complex shadows. Create a light shape inside each ear. Make the bottom of these new shapes transparent on the bottom. Then, add a small shadow on top of each back legs. Finally, add another dark shadow above the front legs. Complete your character by adding a large white reflection on the body of the wolf.

You can also place a dark shadow on the bottom of each back legs. Great work! Your cartoon animal is now done and ready to be published! Go back to Advance vector graphic design tutorials Go back from Wolf cartoon Advance vector tutorial to home page.

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