How to get legendary heroes in castle clash

how to get legendary heroes in castle clash

Here is a list with all heroes, their abilities and how to get them. 1 Legendary (gem rolls) 2 Legendary (only for purchases) 3 Legendary (only from events) 4 Legendary (shards) 5 Elite 6 Ordinary 7 Sacrifice. Mar 01,  · The heroes have tiers in from S (Superior, the strongest) over A (still very strong) over B, C to D (not useful for this game mode at all). For every game mode you will find a tier ranking that will show you how well a maxed hero will perform here. There’s also a total tier that takes all the game modes into equation. Game Modes in Castle Clash.

To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 73, times. Learn more Castle Clash is a game similar to Clash of Clans. The two games both have many differences, but things are alike as well too. For example, they both have heroes in them to fight with. However, in Castle Clash, you can can have how to concentrate while studying for exams 10 heroes of all sorts.

They can be useful for all types of battles, improving other heroes, and many other things, such as improving your buildings, battle strategies, etc. Read on to learn how to collect more heroes, and how to use them.

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Make sure it's red now, and says Warehouse mode. This way, you'll have more space in the warehouse so you can fit more heroes. Be sure you have many gems.

If you are planning to roll over thousands of gems, earn gems first. Usually, the best way to roll is if you buy gems, usually the last gem offer which give you the most.

Earn or buy at least gems to roll. Roll gems. This is usually the best way to get good heroes since you can sometimes get 3 good heroes at once, and how to hit a forehand in tennis with topspin had better accuracy.

How to get legendary heroes in castle clash Enter on your hero's altar and tap the gems option. Tap 1x gems. This will cost gems and will also give you 1 hero at a time, which isn't very effective.

Tap 3x gems to get 3 heroes at once. These are more likely to give you legendary heroes, which are very powerful. Go to your warehouse. Open all the cards you have gotten. Be sure that there is enough space in your hero's altar so you can fit more heroes. Sell any heroes you don't want, such as ordinary ones. Ordinary and elite heroes can be helpful, but some elite heroes are slow and they have to actually go right to the enemy to attack instead of attacking from far distances.

Sell those if you'd like. Keep all legendaries you get, except if they are a bad hero, such as a Paladin. You should also keep Gelatinous Champion essences so you can use them for skill talents. Slime and Crystal Ooze is good as well. A Paladin is some kind of knight hero, but it is not very effective. It's more like an elite hero, one that has to go to the attacker completely and attack with something face-to-face.

They are also not as powerful as other heroes, even though it's a high level. Gelatinous Champion is a kind of essence that gives skill talent points. If you have a lot, you can use them what is karo syrup uk upgrade your heroes HP attack.

An HP attack is when a hero gains enough energy you see how much energy they have in a purple bar while attackingthen they use their special skill. Method 2 of Tap the icon of the Thunder God once again and make sure it's background is red.

This what can you do on xbox live silver help you fit in more heroes. If you don't have enough space to store them in the Heroes Altar, sell some to get shards or unlock more slots how to make pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin 50 gems.

Have enough honor badges. Honor badges are very important since you use them for a number of things, especially leveling up heroes. Be sure you have enough for improving heroes and rolling heroes as well. Tap the Honor Badges rolling button.

Tap x honor badges. Note that every time you roll with honor badges once, honor badges is added to the cost. For example, if you rolled something with Honor Badges, you would roll the next hero using The next one would beand so on.

This is why you should have enough honor badges. Keep the heroes you want and sell the ones you don't want. If you get heroes, they will be put in cards since you tapped the Thunder God icon for warehouse storage mode. Slimes will show as essence, not showing as the hero form. Rolling with honor badges is not a good idea however, since honor badges are used to level up your heroes.

They can be easily wasted by rolling them since you don't get any legendaries from rolling with honor badges. However, it is a good idea to roll with honor badges if you need slime essence to level up your heroes' skills or if you just want to collect a lot of ordinary and elite heroes. Sell heroes you don't want for shards. You can also earn enough shards to buy heroes that you really want.

However, only a few heroes can be bought with shards, but some legendaries can be purchased. Sell hero cards to earn shards so you can get better heroes.

Method 3 of Visit Castle Clash for the first time in the day. Tap the present icon that has the number 2 on it. Claim your 5 gems, then go to the other tab to claim your rewards. Usually you will get packs, books, or slimes, but sometimes, you do get hero cards, which you can open up how to get legendary heroes in castle clash heroes.

You will get at least 2 legendary heroes each month for free. At one point in the calendar, you will get another Druid, which is a legendary hero.

Each month, you will always get a Druid. Consider saving them up since they can be helpful in many ways. In the last day of the calendar, you will get a legendary hero card. Open it and you will get a random legendary hero. Claim rewards that give other kinds of hero cards. There are also elite and ordinary hero cards, as well as sacrifice cards, which are cards that give slimes in hero form.

Sell any heroes you don't want if you'd like. Method 4 of Save up your merit badges. Merits are the only thing you can use to buy hero cards. Earn and save your merits. Once you have enough merits, tap your Warehouse, then tap Trade Merits. If there are any hero cards in stock, tap it and buy it. Sell things to get merits. Few things give merits when you sell them, but it may be worth it. Be sure to sell thing that you don't need or you want to sell. Do expeditions.

Heroes are the main attacking units and a crucial part of success in the game of Castle Clash. Heroes will need to be placed on a Hero Base in order to use them in some game modes. Each hero has their own unique skill which can be increased to be more effective, and a random talent that can be changed or leveled up based on the player's choices.

Heroes have a star level, which is based on the level of the hero. To increase their level, heroes will need to be used in one of the following:. Heroes can also increase their level by consuming Tomes. Heroes can earn EXP until the star level's highest level has been reached, which is up to the next 20th level 1-star has a maximum level of 20, and 5 stars have a maximum level of In order to earn EXP again, the hero must be upgraded, which requires a certain amount of Gold and Honor Badges to be used, while also requiring a certain amount of Flames to be earned in order to upgrade the hero.

Heroes can be inscribed to boost their attack, health and might. Only 4-Star heroes and above can be inscribed. Each star level has an Inscription cap. At every Star beyond the 4th, you gain 20 inscription levels, with the max level is after reaching 8-Stars. After level 21, you can use Crests as a second Talent. Sacrifices are not heroes you use for Garrisons or a type of battle, but rather, are consumed by other heroes to increase their Skill XP and Skill Level.

Ordinary Heroes are the easiest heroes to obtain, but are mostly useless compared to other heroes. However, they have their own extra stats for Tower Garrisons and some can be useful for tactical situations. Elite Heroes have better stats than Ordinary ones, but still mostly pale in comparison to Legendary ones. Like Ordinary Heroes, they can be used for a different extra stat in Garrisons, and can be used in tactical situations.

Legendary Heroes are the strongest heroes in the game. Your power in the game single-handedly depends on what Legendary heroes you have and how strong they are Skill level, hero level, etc. Some can only be obtained through certain methods.. In order to hire more heroes, you will need to go to the Heroes Altar. There are several ways to hire heroes, which includes:. You cannot have more than one of the same Hero fighting or defending in any game mode, but you can have duplicate heroes occupying Tower Garrisons.

Hero Expeditions allows you to select duplicate heroes for raiding, but will not allow more than one of the same Hero to be placed until the first has been killed. Example: Two Thunder God may be selected, but only one Thunder God can be placed when raiding the enemy base given to you. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Crystal Ooze. Gelatinous Champion. Master Slime.

Hill Giant. Frost Witch. Serpent Queen. Ice Demon. Spirit Mage [1]. Thunder God. Pumpkin Duke [2]. Minotaur Chieftain [1]. Grizzly Reaper. Snowzilla [2]. Cupid [2]. Moltanica [3]. Aries [2]. Vlad Dracula [2].

Death Knight [2]. Orksbane [2]. Santa Boom [2]. Pixie [2]. Destroyer [1]. Warlock [2]. Treantaur [2]. Harpy Queen [2]. Skull Knight [2]. Dread Drake [2]. Ghoulem [2]. Candy Kane [2]. Arctica [3]. Valentina [2]. Phantom King. Beast Tamer [2]. Lady Leo [2]. Grimfiend [2]. Dracax [2]. Medusa [2]. Demogorgon [3]. Trixie Treat [2]. Revenant [2]. Lil Nick [2]. Michael [2]. Heartbreaker [2]. Anubis [2]. Ronin [2]. Gunslinger [2]. Rockno [2]. Mechtessa [2]. Skeletica [3]. Wallawalla [2].

Creation [2]. Athene [2]. Sasquatch [2]. Espirita [2]. Dove Keeper [2]. Cirrina [2]. Storm Eater [2]. Professor Ribbit [2]. Lavanica [3]. Asura [2]. Ma Hatma [2]. Rowdy Rascals [2]. Bogeyman [2].

Commodora [2]. Lazulix [2]. Plant Warrior [2]. Rosaleen [3].

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