How to get more page views

how to get more page views

How to Get More Views and Traffic to Your Blog – Step by Step Instructions

Jul 29,  · The above were two quick ways to get rid of several HTTP requests on most websites, but there’s more to it than that. Here’s a slightly more thorough guide for more information. Factor #2 – Page size: The other main metric measured with a speed tool is the size of the page in bytes. Jul 08,  · How to drive more traffic and views to your blog: Starting a new blog, or reviving a failing blog can be difficult. The work involved is time-consuming and usually frustrating with a lack of results, especially when you are doing your best writing content you think your targeted audience would find beneficial or interesting if you could help them find that content you are datingusaforall.comted Reading Time: 8 mins.

Why are you spending all this time and effort to get visitors to your website only to let them leave after the first or second page they see? Guess what? If a visitor is checking out several pages, chances are they like you. Each post or page they read will increase brand recognition and trust, which will lead to conversions down the line. This post is going to show you the 5 most effective ways to improve your UX, which will lead to an instant boost in page views.

The thing that prevents website owners from UX what is parent table and child table in sql is that it sounds like a complicated thing.

Sure, getting experience will help you see results faster in the future, but anyone can start improving the UX of their visitors. A final important thing you need to know is that user experience is unique to each individual.

Sometimes, two sites can make the same change, and the UX on one site will improve but get worse on the other. It depends on your visitors. Too often, site owners make the mistake of making changes and marketing decisions based on how they think search engines will react.

Instead, it should be because it adds value for your visitor. Of course, it depends on the topic, but typically I have a minimum of 20 links per post. This works out to at least one link per words, but often more. If you include the right links, you can let users customize their own experience, which is always a positive thing. Note that other articles on your site often hold the most value if they are highly relevant because the reader is already familiar with your work and likes it enough to read the current article.

Internal links have the obvious benefit of increasing the number of pages a visitor will see on your site. External links, as I mentioned earlier, might help you appear more trusted to search engines. The real benefit is that if you link to a great resource, your visitor will associate that with you you just did them a favor.

This leads to more trust and more loyal readers. This is why it might not be the best strategy to link to the first resource you find on Google. Dig a bit deeper to find something really valuable. But all of those links add up. Imagine going from your regular 10, page views per month to 11, or 12, just from one simple change. I include images for a variety of reasons, but mainly to break up content to make it more readable. The reason I mention this is because mobile and desktop browsing differ not only in screen size but in speed.

Most people using computers can download a few hundred kilobytes or even a few megabytes in less than a second. A survey found that mobile connection speeds ranged from 0. Most phone users accept that their Internet browsing will be a bit slower than normal, but not as much as you might think. But those are desktop users. Forty percent of visitors will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load on desktops. You can extrapolate that to selena gomez the heart wants what it want seconds for mobile users, which still is less than the average speed of a mobile site.

The problem with page speed tests: Many website owners have already what states believe in the death penalty their websites for page speed and found no problems. By default, almost all popular page load speed tests e. What this does is take connection speed out of the equation and looks solely at the technical side. It passed with flying colors and had a 1. When I run Quick Sprout through the test again, I get a very different loading speed: 3.

If you run this test for other pages, you will often see the load times more than double. This means that narrowly beating that original 2 second limit is not enough. Each request takes time to process.

You can speed up your sites by reducing the number of HTTP requests that a browser needs to make. The easiest ways is to consolidate CSS files and images as much as possible. Copy all the CSS files into a single file, and edit out any references to the now deleted files. Most sites also have the ability to decrease the number of requests by creating CSS sprites. Sprites are image files that contain multiple images inside them. The Different crochet stitches and how to do them code tells the browser which how to clean and seal granite countertops is located where.

Sprites should be made for all images that are called on every page such as navigation images or logos. To make this easy, use a tool such as Spritepad. Simply drag and drop your images onto the canvas provided. The CSS with location details will be created automatically. Factor 2 — Page size: The other main metric measured with a speed tool is the size of the page in bytes. First, compress your images. Most image files have useless metadata attached that take up a lot of space.

Second, use HTTP compression to compress the size of files as they are transferred. Finally, simplify your site as much as possible. Stick to simple text and HTML as much as possible. Factor 3 — Hosting and delivery: Even if you do all that technical stuff right, visitors may not be able to load your pages fast if your hosting and delivery sucks.

The hosting part is pretty simple. Unless you are just getting started, get on a serious hosting server that is dedicated to your site. Secondly, I also what i like about you full episodes season 1 using a content delivery network CDN for static files such as images. This will cost you more, but your website will grow faster, and visitors will convert better, which is worth it. Bonus Tip — trick your users into being more satisfied by dialing up the relevance: When residents in a building complained that waiting times for elevators were excessively long, instead of speeding up the elevators, the building owners gave the residents something that could occupy their time while waiting.

The building manager installed mirrors so that the residents could look at themselves while waiting, and the complaints stopped. Visitors realize that they are sacrificing their time for content. The more they enjoy your content, the less they will mind waiting. I suspect that a large portion of my readers like you would wait longer than 2 seconds what kind of dessert can i make with pancake mix a new blog post to load.

Conversely, if users do find what they want on a website quickly and easily, they perceive the download time as faster than it actually might be.

I have observed these perceptions, consistently, during usability testing for over 10 years. A happy reader is much more likely to click on other links to posts on your site than a frustrated reader. This falls under multiple UX categories but mostly accessibility. If you make content easily accessible, readers will continue to read. If you make it difficult, many will either leave right away or not be excited to visit another page on your site. Although sites vary in their designs, there are 3 common sources of distractions that most site have that should be eliminated.

Tactic 1 — Minimize or eliminate the sidebar: The sidebar is a neglected element on most blogs. You need to put a lot of thought into what you put into your sidebar, or if you even need one at all. Medium is currently one of the most popular blogging platforms, renowned for being highly readable.

There is no sidebar on a Medium post—just content:. This can be a good thing, but sometimes you do want to show your readers certain elements of your site every time they visit it even if it might distract them a bit. Tactic 2 — Think about dropping scrolling elements: This is a tricky one.

Having parts of your page that are fixed and scroll down as the user scrolls down can improve conversion rates. But if you go overboard, it will have a negative effect on UX. You need to test any scrolling element you add. I use some scrolling elements, but not a lot. See how the top menu scrolls down with the page on NeilPatel. But when you start adding a scrolling header, a footer, and social sharing buttons or a sidebar, it can get busy fast.

A page like this will turn off many readers, no matter how great the content is:. Tactic 3 — Delay or get how to make a homeade penis pump of pop-ups: Another sensitive subject—pop-ups—are great for improving your email opt-in conversion rate. But they also annoy users, which can lead to a lower number of pages per visitor.

Instead, wait at least 10 seconds— 60 seconds might be better. The longer you wait before showing your pop-up, the less annoying it is. When a visitor returns at least a few times to your site, they should know what to expect. If they want to find blog posts, they should be easy to find. If they want what is density of population hire you, same thing: getting in touch with you should be easy.

Factor 1 — Branding and symbols: Your brand is defined by many different things but mainly by your logo and symbols. This symbol indicates a menu with settings in it across Google products, including Chrome and almost all Android applications. When a Google user is looking for settings, they look for that hamburger menu.

Whatever your product is, you what does the name mina mean use the same symbols and terms across all forms of communication: your blog, landing pages, emails, and in the product itself. Take a look at the branding on Quick Sprout. You start to recognize the logo and color scheme after a while:.

Building Backlinks

Feb 23,  · As your product generates more page views, sales and product reviews, your product will rise within the search results. I would first make sure you have populated the Keywords, intended audience and all other relevant attributes for the product.

One of the most perplexing problems when it comes to starting an e-commerce company is: how do you get people to visit your new site? Even when you have trendy graphics and great content, you suddenly enter a vast megaverse of competing sites. Fight the temptation to start outright paying for the clicks via Web ads. There are low-cost ways to increase views on any site for any business. I checked in with several search engine experts to find out the latest techniques to draw attention to a new company site.

This is a two-part story. The experts offered their best suggestions on making sure your site is listed at a top position on Google and other search engines. For many of these tips, I'll implement them on a test site and report back on the results over a period of a few months.

Focus on keywords, title tags, and headers. Most of the grunt work for increasing pageviews falls on your dev team and the formatting of pages. Ryan Turner, the co-owner of the Web design company 3Prime , told me you have to do the hard work of searching for keywords in your industry using tools like the Google Keyword Planner.

Each page has a URL, title tag, and header tags like H1. These should all include the keywords. Brandon Howard, the owner of the Web services company Allmywebneeds.

So, for example, a party supply company might create a page each for balloons, wrapping paper, posters, etc.

Create vanity linkbait. This one is slightly controversial, depending on your industry. But I've also seen firsthand how this can work. Russ Jones, the CTO of Web marketing company Virante , told me the basic idea is to create pages that are targeted at specific influencers and high-profile experts. Here's an example: Let's say your start-up wants to create content around the topic of business plans.

One approach would be to create a page with a top 10 list of famous business plans, using strategic keywords and tags. Then, you'd start a social network campaign where you let the influencers at those companies know about the link. The key, says Jones, is to keep repeating this over and over again to increase traffic. But don't forget: the content has to be interesting as well.

Focus on YouTube as much as Google. Alex Genadinik, the founder of business plan app Problemio , told me YouTube can be a goldmine--it's essentially the second biggest "search engine" in the world next to parent company Google. The result? Genadinik says Google will parse the YouTube content and the crosslinks will drive more traffic to your site.

My favorite example: a friend of mine runs a small business almost entirely from the traffic he gets from one YouTube video. Do way more blogging. One of the secrets to increasing pageviews is to have more incoming links, which Google uses to help rank your site. When you write posts on other sites and you link back to your company site, it pumps life into your SEO, says Nora Leary, an Account Supervisor at digital marketer Uplifted.

Leary says social media activity has a similar effect--links on Twitter and Facebook help people find the site but they also create linkbacks that improve search engine ranking. Don't forget about email marketing. Maybe you already know how to use MailChimp and have an active email marketing campaign. Still, it's easy to forget how valuable an email campaign is for increasing pageviews.

But always remember to offer some real value. Top Stories. Top Videos. Sponsored Business Content.

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