How to make a lego castle

how to make a lego castle

How To: Build A LEGO® Castle

Calling all LEGO® building wizards! Learn how to build a colorful castle with LEGO bricks. In 12 easy instructional steps, you can build a mighty medieval castle fit for the coolest LEGO kings and queens of ‘em all! Once your castle is complete, build the rest of your kingdom before setting off on other LEGO building adventures. Custom Lego Castle Step 1: Gathering Pieces. The first part of my build consisted of me gathering up all my knight Lego sets and other Step 2: Foundation Part One. The second phase of my build was to create the foundation for the inner fortress and the Step 3: Foundation Part Two. The third.

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Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be what to do about a chipped tooth by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. How many auto repair shops are in the us a flat base plate to form the base of the wall. LEGO base plates are the flat pieces often used as flooring how to draw water effect a model.

Choose a brown base plate to mimic dirt or a green one to look like grass. Place rectangular bricks on the base plates to start your wall. Form the first layer of your castle wall by attaching rectangular LEGO bricks to your base plates. Try to use bricks of the same size so your wall looks more uniform.

Use an interlocking technique to stack additional bricks. An interlocking technique means you take 2 bricks touching end to end, and lay 1 brick across them to keep them connected.

As you continue stacking your bricks and building your wall, use an interlocking technique to make your wall sturdier. Leave larger gaps at the bottom of the wall to create gates.

Leave a larger gap between 2 sides of your wall to leave a gate opening. If you have a LEGO gate piece or drawbridge, add it to the opening and build around it. The gate opening can be any size you like, but a proper castle must have a gate! Stagger the bricks to create openings for windows. Then, continue stacking your castle in an interlocking fashion. If you have square bricks, you can stagger them to create a series of small windows.

Add towers above the gates by stacking corner bricks. If you want to add some towers on top of your gates, use 3-studded corner bricks to add a textured design effect. Stack them on top of your gate and place rectangular bricks across them to create a roof. Space out square pieces on top for a classic castle design. Space out the square bricks evenly so it looks consistent. Create corner turrets by stacking bricks in a square design.

Stack rectangular bricks in a square pattern to build turrets how to learn to read tarot cards then place them at the corners of your walls. Create bridges with base plates between towers or walls. Use brown base plates so the bridges look wooden.

Attach them to the tops of walls or towers to connect 2 of them together and form how to make a lego castle bridge that your LEGO people can cross. Add thin rectangular bricks to the sides of the how to find z score normal distribution to make railings.

Method 2 of Look for instructions on the LEGO website if you want a specific design. If you want to build a specific castle design, you can use the official instructions as a guide. You may need to find or buy specialized pieces in order to build some of the designs. Most of the designs in the modular require specialized pieces that are included in the set.

Find specialty castle sets if you want to build a specific design. Search online for specific castle designs offered by LEGO and choose the one you want to build.

Combine multiple castle sets to form a large castle build. Choose LEGO castle design sets that you like and build them individually to combine them into a large castle.

You could also use modules or pieces from the various sets to build a castle of your own design, using elements from each of the sets that you like.

Search online for inspiration for your castle design. Look up LEGO castles online and search through the designs to find elements that you like and can replicate in your own castle. Looking at other great castle designs can help inspire your own! Method 3 of Attach a castle door to the outside of the wall. Use a specialized rectangular brick that has studs on the side to allow other lego pieces to be attached to them and add it to your wall design.

Take a LEGO castle door piece and stick it onto the studs to add a castle door to the exterior of your wall. Clip balcony modules onto walls or towers. Modules are specialized pieces that form a specific design. Choose a balcony module and attach it to a tower or wall to add balconies to your castle. Place LEGO animals and people around the how to make a lego castle. Add some pigs, chickens, soldiers, farmers, and other figures into your castle to bring it to life.

Place the soldiers along the walls and the animals around the area to create a realistic scene. Use flat blue base plates to make a moat around the castle. A moat is a ditch filled with water surrounding a castle to help defend against attackers.

Take some blue flat base plates and place them on the exterior of your castle, next to the walls. Stack them end to end around your castle to form a flowing moat. Add some plants and trees around the castle.

Attach bushes around the outside of your castle walls to add some greenery. Place trees around the inside and outside of your castle to make it look more realistic and lively. Put some LEGO flags up around the walls and towers. If you have some LEGO banners, stick them directly onto studs on the top of your castle walls.

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Feb 25,  · Introducing the ultimate LEGO castle! I have always been a huge fan of the various castle series that Lego has produced and have loved building my own lego castles. This is a design I came up with a few years ago but I recently decided to rebuild it for . Aug 09,  · Lego Build A Sand Castle - At The Beach is a funny Stop Motion Animation (YouTube Audio Library):"Ukulele Beach" by Doug MaxwellVideo created by L.

Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. It is not available for other users to see. The creator won't see your user name. Introducing the ultimate LEGO castle! I have always been a huge fan of the various castle series that Lego has produced and have loved building my own lego castles. This is a design I came up with a few years ago but I recently decided to rebuild it for the purposes of submitting to the ideas group. It is a very large build, however if you review the pictures you will see that the back is wide open for accessibility.

This model features multiple rooms and minifigures to allow several storylines for playing with the set. It contains three levels on the main structure and one of the towers can be separated into two pieces. The great hall also features a tribute to the history of the lego castle series. Several shields are on display to showcase some of the sets of the past.

How many do you recognize? Above the dungeon in the left tower is the Princess's room. The right tower when facing the front houses the powerful wizard with his potions and crystals. Everyone knows the Wizard has his own tower in the castle, but do they also know he can spy on those in the great hall by swinging the tapesty aside?

I hope you enjoy all the adventures this set has to offer! I plan to post some updates with additional pictures soon. Product Idea Feb 25, By farmfarm. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Originality: How original is this - never seen before?

Building Techniques: How much skill do you think the creator of this MOC has, in terms of building technique? Details: Express how much you like the details of the build. The main first level includes the following: A Blacksmith's area with a forge, worktable, and several tools The castle well with buckets and a chain down into the well The entrance hall The great hall with an ornate fireplace The keys to the dungeon hanging on an interior wall The bottom of the left tower when facing the front includes the following: The castle dungeon - which is currently occupied by a simple peasant who has fallen in love with the King's daughter.

He is only fed bread and water and spends his days chained to the wall. Unless of course he has made a secret deal with the blacksmith! The cot in the dungeon lifts up, and stored underneath is a hammer that the wily prisoner is planning to use in his escape. There is a section of wall at the bottom of the tower that is removable.

The prisoner has been slowly chipping away to make his escape. The second level features the following: The throne room with the King A hallway closely guarded by the castle knights The treasure room, which holds all the castle riches Above the dungeon in the left tower is the Princess's room.

The top level includes the following: Battlements for the knights to hide behind when defending the castle A guard shack to store equipment or take breaks in This set comes with 9 minifigures: The King The Princess The Wizard The Blacksmith The Prisoner 4 Knights I hope you enjoy all the adventures this set has to offer!

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