How to make a ringmaster hat

how to make a ringmaster hat

DIY Ringmaster Costume

this is me getting a ringmasters hat from the runescape just do what i do. this is me getting a ringmasters hat from the runescape just do what i do. Glue the front and the back of the head together. Fold the brim of the hat up. Glue the front of the hat to the front of the head, and glue the back to the back. Do not apply glue to the hat brim. Step 7: Put the Ringmaster Together Put glue on the tabs of each leg and attach them to the bottom of the jacket.

In this project, you will make a circus ringmaster and a circus ring. The ringmaster introduces all of the circus acts and does the stage direction for the circus. Make a ringmaster for your paper circus and a circus ring for each circus act.

For more crafting fun, you can decorate the ringmaster's jacket and the circus ring using the ideas and techniques introduced in the Decorative Craft series. Related crafts: This is the second of four craft projects for how to train your dragon 2 box Under the Big Top craft series.

Make all four projects for a complete three-ring circus! Choose the size of circus ringmaster you want to make. Download and print the pattern. There are both male and female ringmaster patterns. Print the colored patterns on white paper. Use the Circus Rings pattern to make a circus ring for each circus act.

Each pattern will make two circus rings. Patterns are Adobe PDF files. The Adobe Reader is available for free. All of Aunt Annie's project patterns are designed to be printed on standard letter-size paper 8. Cut out each pattern piece on its black outline. There are nine pieces for the ringmaster—jacket, two legs, two hands, front and back of head, front and back of hat. Tracing tips optional : Trace each pattern onto a piece of colored paper.

Use paper that is as heavy as computer paper or heavier. You can leave the gloves white. Use any colors you like. Be sure to transfer any fold lines or marks to the colored paper. Cut around the traced patterns. Folding and assembling the ringmaster is easier if you score the fold lines—marked with red in the illustration to the right. To score, place a straight edge or ruler along a straight line.

Use a dull point, like an empty ballpoint pen or bone folder, and run it along the line using the straight edge as a guide. For the curved score line on the hat, trace the line freehand, using your scoring tool. Fold the leg on each vertical line, and form into a triangular shape. Put glue on the tab and join to the inside of the first section. Put the eraser end of the pencil inside the leg and draw it down the tab to ensure a good join.

Fold the foot up. Snip down from the top of the leg to the dashed line at each corner. Fold down the paper to make tabs. Repeat for the other leg. Before folding the jacket, you may want to decorate the front with fancy buttons and braids. Make buttons with a hole punch or with sequins. Add braid to the shoulders and sleeves with cut paper or with quilling shapes. Add glitter to any of the decorations. Give your ringmaster a unique personality with how to cut a video clip in imovie decorations.

To make the jacket: Glue one hand to the end of each arm. Fold the jacket piece on the two horizontal lines to form a triangular shape. Apply glue from the shoulder down the arm. Join the front to the back of the arm. Repeat on the other arm. Glue the front and the back of the head together. Fold the brim of the hat up. Glue the front of the hat to the front of the head, and glue the back to the back.

Do not apply glue to the hat brim. Put glue on the tabs of each leg and attach them to the bottom of the jacket. Put glue on both sides of the neck, slip it inside the jacket collar, and press. Bend the feet forward and stand the ringmaster on his feet. Tip: If the ringmaster doesn't stand well, make him or her a base for more stability.

Cut a 3" circle from cardstock or cardboard and glue the ringmaster's feet to it. Cut out three or four strips from the Circus Rings pattern.

Glue the strips end to end to form a long strip, then join the start and the end of the long strip to form a circle. Tip: To create a circus ring of your own design, cut three or more 1" 2cm -wide strips of paper. Glue the strips end to end to form one strip 30" to 40" 1 meter long. Decorate the strip with markers, a stencilpaper cutsor stamps. A star shaped stamp works well. Join the two ends of the ring and glue. That's it! You are done making the ringmaster and the circus ring.

Put them how to look at a solar eclipse without going blind with the Circus Seal for a one-ring circus! Enlarge Tip: Make both a male and female ringmaster for your circus! Enlarge Tip: For a nearly invisible seam, snip half of the diamond free at one end of a strip. Apply glue to the back of the diamond half and on the front of the remaining white paper.

Slip the blue end of the other strip under the snipped diamond half and over the remaining white paper. Press together. Enlarge Tip: Put the ringmaster and circus ring together with the Circus Seal act to make one ring of a circus! The master of the 3-ring circus! Find what are the most common keno numbers drawn. Enlarge Share this craft project. Share this craft project with your friends and family.

Share on Facebook. Tweet This. Save on Pinterest. Share via Email. Before you start: Make a place to work. Read all of the directions. Gather everything you need to do the project. Think about the project. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it. Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search

How to Make a 3D Paper Circus Ringmaster

Ringmaster outfits are great for costume parties, Halloween and circus-themed events. Anyone can make believable looking ringmasters. The costume can easily be made with items from your closet, the thrift store, and a few accents from the local sewing or crafts store. Add a top hat and cane. Put on. Inspiration, make up tutorials and all accessories you’ll need to create your own DIY Ringmaster Costume. Goes well with the other Circus Costumes» Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an. Ringmaster’s top hat. Roll up, Roll up! The Circus is in town! Make like a ring master with this colorful little harlequin hat. Our mini circus top hat is adorned with elephants and diamonds, and for a finale topped off with a big top flag. Mini circus top hat PDF templates. Clowning around.

Goes well with the other Circus Costumes ». Ein Beitrag geteilt von P. Handmade Costumes Etsy ». Plush Lion ». Red Corsets ». Ringmaster Shirts ». Whips ». Red Blazer ». Gold Epaulets Amazon ».

Red Tutu ». Lion Mane ». What can you win? Your kids birthday party as a soccer party - An idea which does not only excite boys. If not only you but also your friends are fans of the round leather ball it is the perfect theme party.

Find out here how you can create your ideal kids soccer birthday And the winners are We want to thank every single one for participating in this years Halloween Photo Contest - The photos and costumes are all stunning!

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. DIY Tutorials. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an. Top Hats ». Mini Top Hat ». Black Underbust Corsets ». Fishnet Tights ». Black Shorts ». Striped Tights ». Moustaches ». White Gloves ». More Professions Costumes. Show More. Search for:. Photo Contest Participate with your most creative costume and win big! Follow us at … Spreadshirt Instagram Facebook Pinterest.

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