How to make butterfly wing earrings

how to make butterfly wing earrings

DIY Cricut Butterfly Heart Wing Earrings

Jul 04,  · ?? Ring the BELL??Hello friends! ??????? If you already subscribed but still didn't ?? Ring the BELL?? - DO IT! ??????So you will not miss any of my new vid. May 16,  · Hey everyone! Lately I am obsessed with insect wing jewelry, and I finally found a really easy method to make fairy earrings using items that you may already.

Summary: Do you wanna try to make different types of earrings? If you like this pair of earring, get the following materials ready and make it with me. I used 12 pearl beads totally. And repeat above steps to make the second earring.

Now a pair of earrings will be made. Do you like this style of earrings? If you wanna try more types of earrings, welcome to Beebeecraft to explore more interesting tutorials. Abigale Eartha.

Get brilliant tutorials, creative ideas, inspiration and more essence for crafting. Beebeecraft Tutorials on how to make Ancient How to take care of a golden retriever puppy Bead Easy Instruction on Making Chained Earrings.

Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making. Not yet a member? Register Now. Have a member? Login in. Previous Next. Materials and tool needed: 24x Step 2: Make the pearl circle components 1st, put the average amount of small pearl beads about 4mm into the sliver copper wire on both sides.

Step 3: Finish the butterfly wing earring 1st, use the sliver ball head pins to thread oval pearl bead. Tags: charming earrings pearl beads exquisite earring with pendants. About Learning Center. PH learning Center was created to provide more useful knowledge about beading. We have a professional craft team to create the beadwork and tutorial articles.

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Mar 18,  · Next use scissors to cut one set of butterfly wings. Now mix up a tiny bit of Envirotex Lite into the mixing cups. Follow directions precisely. Pour about a “pea” sized amount of resin and a “pea” sized amount of hardener for one set of earrings. Jan 20,  · Making butterfly wing jewelry might encourage less scrouplous people to kill butterflies for their wings. Posted at pm Jan 20, EST. SparxsDesigns says GlennaCarlton says: Keep it for your private collection. Making butterfly wing jewelry might encourage less scrouplous people to kill butterflies for their wings.

Mother's Day is around the corner, and if you are reading this after the spring of , you will remember why this Mother's Day is different than the rest. There are so many things going on in the world this year Isn't that sweet? Well, together we decided we could make a craft together instead. She knows I love butterflies, so we are made butterfly earrings together as my Mother's Day gift.

I realized when we made them that my readers may want to try this project, too! If that sounds like you, and you want to learn how to make DIY butterfly wing earrings with a Cricut, I'm going to show you how in this post! If you haven't worked with chunky glitter sheets before, don't be intimidated. It's a fun material to use, and it's pretty easy to cut with the Cricut.

It has a canvas backing, comes in a wide variety of colors, and cuts like faux leather on the Cricut. The best part is, chunky glitter sheets can be cut with the regular Cricut Fine Point Blade - which means if you don't have the Cricut Maker , you can make these butterfly wing earrings with your Explore Air 2 or even the new Cricut Joy! To see my post about how to make faux leather earrings with the Cricut Joy , click here! In this tutorial, I'll give you my step by step instructions and tell you exactly what materials I used to make this project.

I'll also share my tips and tricks for cutting glitter sheets, especially how I keep my mat from getting ruined from all the glitter! Finally, I'll give you my SVG cut file for these butterfly heart wing earrings FREE so you can get started making your own butterfly heart wing earrings right away! This post contains some affiliate links which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Read my full disclosure policy here. You can get the password to my library via a link at the bottom of this post. Save the zipped folder that downloads to your computer. Then unzip the folder to access the folder's contents.

Click on the butterfly earring shapes so they are surrounded by a green box. Drag your artwork to the upper left corner of your mat. The mat preview screens will load. The Cricut will cut each material on its own mat. The first mat that loads is the larger, back layer wing. That layer will cut from glitter so I'm going to skip that layer and cut the second layer first.

You can switch between the cutting mats in the mat preview just by clicking on one preview or the other. Make a note of this size you need to cut your material so the shapes will cut out completely. I like to add about a half inch to the measurement to be safe, so I'll cut my material to be about 3. The faux leather cuts face down so it's important to mirror the cut. There are lots of settings that work for cutting faux leather and glitter sheets, but my go-to material setting is Faux Leather Paper Thin.

Even thought this material isn't "paper thin," this setting makes an automatic double cut and I find that it works really well for most materials. If you're using a Cricut Explore Air 2, turn your dial to "Custom" so you can choose the setting recommended below.

If not, click on Browse All Materials and search for it. Once you find Faux Leather Paper Thin , click on to select it and bring it to this screen.

Then you can choose it at your material. You can choose to increase or decrease the cutting pressure from the dropdown menu below the material settings if you choose.

This really depends on how your machine cuts. You can test how your machine cuts and adjust as needed. After you've selected your material and pressure setting, it's time to prepare your first mat for cutting. Cut your desired faux leather for the back earring shape in the size you noted earlier. I recommend cutting a piece of material to place on your mat like this instead of placing the entire sheet of material on the mat. The smaller piece hold firmly to the mat much better than a larger piece, which tends to shirt while cutting.

You'll need to place your material face down in the same location on a nice and sticky purple mat as the shapes were shown in the mat preview. If you are using a Cricut Joy to cut faux leather, you'll need to use the Green Joy-sized mat instead of purple.

Follow the next step carefully and use blue painter's tape to secure your material to your mat. You're ready to cut! Load your mat into your Cricut by pressing the load button with the arrows. Press the flashing C button on your Cricut and it will begin to cut. When the Cricut has finished cutting, use your fingernail or a sharp tool to see if the shapes cut all the way out of the material.

If they didn't, you can repeat the cut again by pressing the C button, as long as you haven't unloaded the mat yet. Use your weeding tool to remove the cut butterfly wing shapes from the mat.

Remove the tape carefully and save it for another use. I always get a few uses out of my pieces of blue painter's tape. Time to make the second cut! In this project, the next layer that will cut is the glitter layer.

Refer to the mat preview to determine what size material to cut, and cut your material to size. You'll want to protect your cutting mat from any excess glitter. Before placing the glitter face down on your mat, cut a piece of the Cricut Strong Grip Transfer tape to just slightly larger than the material size.

I know this is a weird use of transfer tape, but it's such a cool trick, I promise! Now the glitter is adhering to the sticky transfer tape, instead of the cutting mat. When your glitter layer has finished cutting, you'll remove the transfer tape and your mat will be clean! If not, you'd have lots of glitter sticking to your mat instead. Win win! Press down the material down all over with your hands, then tape the glitter down on all sides with blue painter's tape.

This mat is ready to cut. Make sure your mat is mirrored before cutting. Select Faux Leather Paper Thin as the material again. Load the mat into the Cricut and begin the cut. Unload the mat when the cut is complete, and remove your glitter wings from the mat. Use small scissors to trim any stray glitter flecks from the edge of the earring shapes.

I love using my Fiskars 4" curved scissors for jobs like this. Now it's time to put on the earring hooks! See the example image below to see how the orientation of the earring hook has to change so your earrings will hang straight. NOTE: If you're wondering why the photos below are in silver finish and these butterfly earrings use gold findings - remember the times we are living in now, in the spring of This girl hasn't had her nails done in almost 2 months.

So we are going to the blog archive for some more attractive close up pics. To see more about this, visit my post about how to make faux leather earrings hang straight here.

While holding the hook firmly between two fingers, grip the entire earring loop between the pliers and twist your wrist until the loop is perpendicular to the earring post.

Repeat with the second earring hook. Once your earring hooks are turned, use your two pliers to open your jump rings, as shown below. It's important to open them without distorting the original circle shape of the jump ring.

You can do this by twisting only one wrist forward to open the jump ring like a door. To close the jump ring, you reverse the wrist movement to close the jump ring again.

Once your jump ring is open and you've twisted the loop at the bottom of the earring hook, loop the jump ring through the top hearts in the earring shapes, add the earring hook, and close the jump ring again. If you do make this project, I would love to see your earrings! Please share a photo of them in the comments, or tag me on instagram: amyromeucreates.

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