How to make headbands out of ribbon

how to make headbands out of ribbon

How to Make Braided/Woven Headband Instructions

May 21,  · For the first headband, start by cutting a piece of elastic that is 7 centimeters (2 3/4 inches)) long, and two pieces of ribbon that are 11 centimeters (1 1/3 inches) long. Make sure your elastic can stretch to the length of the ribbon. Sew the two pieces of ribbon together on the long side, staying very close to the edge. Jul 26,  · Insert the elastic to the other end of the headband. 1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. 2. Sew Velcro to the ribbon. 3. Prepare a fabric strip. Cut a 16?+ length of fabric (or use a scrap like I did!) about 3 inches wide. Fold it in half 4. Flip the strip right-side-out. Using a safety pin.

This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you purchase something through any link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. After buying a few no-slip ribbon headbands at a running expo and loving them, I was inspired to make my own. Cut a 16 inch piece of both the grosgrain and velvet ribbon.

Cut a 6 inch piece of elastic. Great tutorial!! These could easily be tailored for the younger crowd too. How simple you made this out to be.

Thanks for the step by step. You look great in the pictures! Great tutorial, thanks! Those are so super cute on you!!! I wish I could wear headbands. I have too much hair and they how to spray paint a caravan get covered up. They are precious on you! Love this and so would Lexi. Gotta try to make a smaller one for her. She is a girlie girl and loves pretty things in her hair. Thank you for the tutorial, they are simple yet so pretty and stylish.

Going to make some for my older daughters, they will love them. Hey doll, super sweet. Just this afternoon I was thinking of making some headbands to wear. I was going to make it just as you described. Great tip! Very cute idea! I wish my sewing skills were better. Her head is so teeny that store how to test the starter relay bands slide right off! They are super adorable and easy to make your own with these […].

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to Sweet Pea. Place the end of the elastic on the raw edge of the ribbon. Sorry for the poor picture quality here.

Place the velvet ribbon over the grosgrain ribbon, wrong sides together. Stitch the end into place. Insert the elastic into the open end and stitch into place.

I made these three last night. Sharing With: Serenity Now. Sign up so that you never miss a DIY, recipe, or craft. It's free! Pin Share 3. Related Posts. Pine Cone Door Decoration. Upcycled Copper Pipe Heart Wreath. Watermelon Headband. Previous Post: « Strawberry Dream Tart.

Next Post: 4th of July Centerpiece ». Comments Great tutorial!! Now following and looking forward to seeing more great projects. I love this. Thanks for making it simple enough for a newbie like me. I finished a couple of headbands! Thanks again for the tutorial! What a fantastic tutorial. This is a headband I could wear! The plastic ones hurt my head! Great tutorial! Love that headband… and pink too! Velvet ribbon!! I never would what is xylene and toluene thought of that!

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Headband with Buttons

Nov 20,  · Cut ribbon and velvet ribbon ” shorter than finished headband measurement. Cut elastic ” (this allows for ?” seam allowance in ends of headband). Finish ends of ribbon by singeing with a small flame (lighter or match). The heat melts the . Secure 5 strands of ribbon on a D-ring. Then hang/tie D-ring somewhere so both of your hands are free to braid/weave. I'll name these 5 strands from left to right: SUPER DOTS, LOLLIPOP, SOLID, SWISS DOTS and STRIPES. The basic technique is to braid side strands OVER, then UNDER. When braiding, the printed ribbon is always face up. Apr 08,  · Baste ribbon/elastic in place with a sewing machine or needle & thread. For the Tie Headband (with wire bow), you may need to first sew the two pieces of your headband at the base to form a long strip like this if you cut this on a cutting machine (if you cut it by hand, you can skip this step): Do this for both sides.

Original source: DIY woven headbands. I tried this technique using ribbon but it didn't turned out pretty so I changed "side strand over middle stands" to "side strand over then under middle stands".

Here is what I got. Just following the step by step instruction below to make one yourself. Secure 5 strands of ribbon on a D-ring. When braiding, the printed ribbon is always face up. It's OK if it doesn't look balanced because we'll cut the beginning part off later. Cover the braided headband base with this braided ribbon stripe. Then repeat step to trim the extra length and finish the other end. It's really fun to pick the prettiest colors and make them combo.

We have a photo album for headbands: Photo Gallery--Headbands. I just added mine and would love it if you'd all add your design to it too. Visit original source to view dozens more free tutorials. More by the author:. About: Come check out free ribbon and bows tutorials! More About hipgirl ».

Here is the closer look on one of the ends. Next we need to cut the extra ribbon. Seal the ribbon ends. Use fabric-tac or glue gun to glue the end of braided stripe on headband base as shown.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Kid Name Circle Board by julien. Reply Upvote. Hi, here's an instructables group you might be interested in- it's called "fashion".

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