How to make magazine storage boxes

how to make magazine storage boxes

DIY Pretty Magazine Storage Boxes

Dec 13,  · If the box is standing tall, you will make a line 4 inches up and 3 inches wide from the left side. Flip the box from bottom to top and do the same. Then flip over the box, and pencil in the same measurements, making sure to match up with the other side. Nov 12,  · Cut the back (A), bottom (B), and front (C) to size. Make sure the cumulative width of the assembled front, back, and bottom will be /4?. Finish sand the pieces. Step 2.

So I made some pretty DIY magazine storage boxes from some inexpensive cardboard magazine holders from my favorite store…. IKEA, so they would look nice on my bookcase in the living room. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. You know I like color, so I played with some scrapbook paper until I got a combination that made me happy. Although keeping them plain white is always nice too. Once I had my paper patterns picked out, I traced the face of the magazine file onto the back of the scrapbook paper.

Be sure to center your design the way you want it to look on the magazine holder. I forgot and had to redo the first two. To attach the paper I used my favorite, Mod Podge, but I imagine a glue stick or spray adhesive would work also. Of course if I had done a whole long row of magazine holders I would label them.

But these four I think I can manage without a label. Inexpensive, personalized magazine storage you can put other things in them besides magazines you know.

Also, if you decide to change color schemes… well… easy peasy, they can be changed since all you need to do is change out the fronts. That is a great idea. I have several of the acrylic?

I am down to 2 subscriptions. I like that idea! I tried the cereal box idea years ago, not crazy about how they hold up. But yours how to check catalytic converters cute with your papers you chose. I have tons of magazines! That is a wonderful idea! I like to keep some of my magazines too, but I just put them on the bookcase, they would look much prettier tucked into a cute magazine holder! I also have magazines I need to pass along!

Well what a good idea to just do the part that shows! Can definitely handle that! Such a great idea, Manuela!

These came out so pretty! As soon as I can figure out where I can put something like this, I should put some together for my decorating magazines. More often than not, I keep most issues and I really need some place to put them. I would rather get some cardboard ones and gussy them up like you. What a great idea! So bright and colorful. You are truly one of my favorite blogs. I am in the process of redoing my sunroom and the curtains are black and white toile…. Nice idea and they look so cozy and inviting.

But every once in a while I might keep a whole issue …this is a great way to make it pretty! Such a great idea! I love reading about all your adventures both inside and out. They look great. I like that used the Mod-Podge, because at least in the photo they look more like fabric instead of paper and that adds to their beauty.

Gorgeous, Manuela! I love how the patterns are different, but are unified because of the colors. Awesome Looking and so creative…Thanks for sharing Manuela! I will store how to make magazine storage boxes one away for future reference!!!!

That looks so nice! This is a great idea and just what I need to do with my holiday, especially Christmas magazines. I must vista Ikea, and how to check the timing belt COvering the boxes to fit your decor is such a clever idea. Those are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love the papers you chose. My magazines are stacked on the bottom shelf, I will have to try this.

I love your red! They look so pretty. I have all my favorite magazines stashed under the sofa. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Barn Heart ». Comments They look great! I love your scrabble farmhouse sign too…Cute! That is a fabulous idea, Manuela! I may just have to do that. Hugs, Cindy. Love these — I have tons of scrapbook paper so may need to make these! Looking for Something?

Introduction: Homemade Cardboard Magazine Box

Jan 19,  · How To Make Pretty Magazine Holders. These are only $ for a package of 5 but there are plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to make them out of cereal boxes and shipping cartons. You know I like color, so I played with some scrapbook paper until I got a combination that made me happy. Although keeping them plain white is always nice too. How to make Magazine storage boxes YOURSELF!:) Saved by A Bowl Full of Lemons. Diy Storage Boxes Craft Room Storage Craft Organization Fabric Storage Organizing Tips Cereal Box Storage Cereal Box Organizer Binder Storage Organizing Papers. More information More like this. How to make Magazine storage boxes YOURSELF!:) Saved by A Bowl Full of Lemons. 2k. Craft Paper Storage Diy Storage Boxes Craft Organization Storage Ideas Book Storage Scrapbook Paper Storage Fabric Storage Cereal Box Storage Cereal Box Organizer. More information More like this.

Ooh, I love these! Thanks for sharing! Found you at Between Naps on the Porch. Thanks Kristi! Scrapbook paper would work out great and you have lots more to choose from! I would love to see your finished product.

I love how the green and polka dots pop against the dark wooden desk and the matching basket on top! Be still my envious heart! Great job! So perfect for a cheery office.

You saved a ton of money and have a very custom look. If only I had a bright and cheery office. IT really isnt that bad. I need to take a picture of the whole thing so you can see. Thanks for visiting! I am now following your blog! SO, I need to find something else to use some of these for. Fun idea!

Very nice!! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! They turned out wonderful! I need something to hold books for my daughters room. I also love that paper you used! What a great idea, and they came out so professional looking! I really like your blog, and I especially love your organizational tips…it makes me want to clean, which is quite a feat. Wow, Toni! How great!

I am not very good at wrapping things, either! These are so cute! You are inspiring me! I am very envious of your organized home, especially that you are doing all of this before Christmas! Now you can really enjoy your home during this special time of the year!

What a great idea. What a great idea! I had never thought of making my own. These are just fabulous! Brockey, Unfortunately I didnt use a template, I just used a ruler and made sure I penciled it in before I cut. I put the measurements on the picture if you can see them. This is the larger box. I hope it helps. I had a hard time with the paper so i tried using fabric strips and applied mod podge.

Thank you so much for this!!! I have a bunch of these boxes and have wanted to get magazine storage boxes for awhile, but like you could not see spending so much on them!

I love these! Now I know what to use instead! Thanks for the idea! This is such perfect timing! I have purchase three magazine holders one at a time because they are so pricey for just storage! This is great! I had soooo for ever wanted to some of these.. I know these boxes are free at the post office. I love this idea and I am going to do it next week with some of the boxes we got recently that are the same size. I have one question — you wrote the lines are 3 inches wide but in the picture you have that the line is 4 inches wide.

It sort of looks like the line is 3 inches up and 4 inches wide in the photo so I am going to do one that way well I guess 2 that way. I love this idea! How would I go about advertising on your blog?

Please e-mail me Heidikempcarter comcast. I made some of these last night but used contact paper to cover. It turned out super cute and they can wipe off when dirty. Just an FYI for everyone. But you should know. Hello and thank you. I just finished my first of many of these I am going to be making. My prototype was a cereal box which worked great and the rest of them will be out of cereal boxes as well….. I did like comment about using contact paper and them being washable.

You saved me a boat load of cash!! I already have new USPS boxes. Hello, if someone has trouble covering their storage boxes, maybe cut contact paper into small squares and make sure some over lap the edges to cover the whole thing. Hi I love these! Can you tell me what size the original boxes were? I want to use them to put the back side where the labels are down on the shelf in the kitchen cupboards, apparently they are the perfect size for storing tins!

I just found this post using Google. Cut them out quickly, but will have to wait on covering them until I can get to the store. Looks sooooo much neater! Thanks for the tutorial. Wine cartons that hold six bottles are also good for storing your magazines.

Just cut one side down and across the front and back up the other side. Mark it first if you do not have straight eye. You can cover if you wish. Try using 6 bottle wine cartons. They will do the same job. Most wine outlets will give them free.

Do the same as above. They work with my odd mags. Thank you so much! I need them for my new classroom, but I have already spent way too much of my own money. This helps me get them done today! Do you think contact paper would work! Ikea sells magazine storage boxes very cheaply, but not cute.

Kind of wish you showed how you wrapped them. Looks tricky. I have the store bought boxes for my magazines but I was about to buy one to store my foil, wax paper and parchment paper in the kitchen cabinet. I will definitely be making this. Love this idea. My daughter has just got a desk for her bedroom and she needs some storage. Thanks so much!! I love this idea so much. Now, my magazines over run my home.

I have too many subscriptions.

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