How to paint stone fireplace surround

how to paint stone fireplace surround

How to Paint a Fireplace

Lay down a drop cloth in the fireplace area and remove all tools and accessories. Use the painter’s tape to tape off areas around the walls and mantel. Clean the stones using soap and water or brick and stone cleaner. Rinse and let dry. Apply the paint . Jan 22,  · After letting the primer completely dry as well ( days), I gave the fireplace 2 coats of paint. I did wait 2 days in between coats to allow the first coat to completely dry. Once the second coat was dry, I touched up any areas that looked a bit streaky remember the stone is porous and it may dry differently in areas.

Between my camel recliner, the mid-century furniture that I love, the parquet floors, and the stone fireplace. Painting the fireplace would be an easy way to tone down all the browns. Here are the two mock-ups. I really liked how it covered in one thick coat so I decided to use it again!

Before I painted the fireplace, I used my vacuum attachment to clean all of the stone. It was crazy how dusty and dirty it was! Then I taped off each window panel and covered the hearth with stlne to protect it.

The best part of this paint is that you can even use it on the surround! It can handle high heat and it adhered beautifully with no prep other than cleaning! I would hiw my brush to paint the grout lines first, and then do the faces of the bricks. For Christmas my parents got us one of these work platforms and it was SO vireplace for the painting up high. T the end I used a small how to get to print spooler to edge the sides of the brick and where it met the ceiling.

This took me about 8 hours of prepping, painting, and touching up. It really toned down all the orange and brown tones and became a gorgeous accent. I hope that this post inspired you to paint something that you hate! I was one that liked the original stone but I knew that you are the expert. And you are!! In your fiteplace fireplace I saw your vision.

This fireplace took until the finished product. What how to paint stone fireplace surround great way to explain how it toned down the many variations surrond brownish orange tones. Funny how the photo caused my eye hiw notice the onset of white more. The skull definitely shows more. I know we said tone down all the wood and yet the wood slice added makes so much sense.

Even your drapes add dimension. You know how to remodel and restyle!! I love this facelift. I want to do my fireplace tile. Nice to know I can do my fireplace surround too. You are so kind. Thank you for taking the time to tell me that! Sometimes I worry that readers are going to be really upset yow my choices! Have a wonderful day!

So glad you hoow black! And I love that you included all three options for us to see. Btw I just saw Emily Henderson promote your work — holy cow!

Well done Jess! Hey thank you SO much! I was so excited when I saw my photo on surroynd blog! So glad you saw it and thanks again for the congrats! Thanks so much! I wish Hhow could embrace color like you!

Hey friends! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might have weighed in on how I should paint our fireplace. Well… big surprise, I went with black! Original White Black. Pin Comments I was one that liked the original stone but I knew that you are the expert. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to what is a lab panel This kitchen is going to look so good! I am so excited to see the inspiration next week.

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Sep 27,  · Painting the fireplace 1. You need to put a three-in-one primer down – which includes a primer, sealer, and undercoat – using a roller Remember 2. Use a brush to go over any missed spots. 3. Once your primer is dry, use caulking to fill in any cracks in the stonework. Let the caulking . Mar 28,  · Many of you liked the stone color and didn’t want me to paint it, but this room just had too many orange/brown tones. Between my camel recliner, the mid-century furniture that I love, the parquet floors, and the stone fireplace. Painting the fireplace would be . Whitewash Your Brick or Stone Fireplace With CHALK PAINT® - Chalk It Up Norcross If you have thought about brightening up your brick or stone fireplace, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is your answer! All you do is water down your paint (20 to 30%), and brush away. Number of coats will depend on the coverage you are looking for pins.

I show a LOT of ugly houses. A fireplace is one thing that can make any room instantly better. I couldn't imagine not having a fireplace in the living room, it is almost a necessity!

A fireplace in a bedroom, bathroom or outdoors definitely feels like a luxury, but in my opinion it is a luxury we all adore! Since completing this job I have had so many inquiries about the process used to transform this fireplace. I am not a big DYI person so I spoke to the amazing contractor Adrian at Craftsman Construction that we worked with on this project, about how they were able to change the multicolored stone fireplace into the c.

Want to get rid of an old rock wall but it requires too much demo? Cover it up with framing and drywall. Note: Before beginning this project, check your local building codes. For fire safety, the standard distance between the firebox and combustible materials is 12 inches. We have finally tackled the 30 ton dark Elephant in the room. Painting a Stone Fireplace. Before and After. We should have done it sooner. To paint or not to paint brick or stone fireplaces is always a big decision.

This question is the most popular topic I get emails about. When we first purchased View the Post. Link in bio. Now is the time to schedule the Masonry Cosmetics team for your transformation! If you are reading this post, you may have an imposing, dark, 's style stone fireplace that is turning your living area into a cave. And you may have searched for HOURS online and on Pinterest trying to find a good way to update it without turning your house into a construction zone.

And you may have looked at pictures of painted stone that looks, well See related links to what you are looking for.

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