How to refurbish metal chairs

how to refurbish metal chairs

How to Restore Metal Garden Furniture

Apr 23,  · How to Refinish Metal Furniture Step 1. Use a wire brush to remove any loose pieces of rust. Gently scrub off the big pieces, but don’t worry about Step 2. Use a palm-sander to remove the rest of the rust. If you don’t have a palm sander, you can Total Time: 24 hrs. Jun 18,  · Apply the right kind of paint. When it comes time to paint your metal furniture, Henry recommends choosing an exterior-grade latex or oil-based paint for brushing, or an exterior grade spray paint specific to metal, such as Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint ($, and Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Metallic Spray Paint ($6, Caroline Biggs.

In this Instructable I will show how I rejuvenated a set of vintage metal lawn chairs dating back to the late 's or early 's. By no means am I restoring these to the original beauty, but hoping to get another years of use. About 3 years ago I found these chairs on a Sunday afternoon on the curb at a nearby neighbors house.

I had not seen chairs like these for years, at least not in use. I immediately pulled in the drive way to grab them and throw them in the back of my truck for keeps. At first I was a little nervous because they seemed to valuable to just throw away. Then the homeowner came outside and kind of how to refurbish metal chairs and said "I knew they wouldn't last long out there.

He said they were all mine and invited me into his backyard for another piece of "trash". But, that piece of trash will be saved for another story and Instructable. Here we are three years later and I am finally getting to this project. Based on the condition of the chairs I had to do some research on how I was going to tackle this project. My options were to spend a lot of money on restoring them or sweat equity.

I compromised on sweat equity with a little money for materials. As can be seen from the images, each chair had different levels of weathering, rust, and paint peel. Each chair had probably been painted times over the past years. Interesting colors over the years including, yellow, pink, white, brown, and green. Since acquiring the chairs, they have been moved around my yard several times in the past 3 years, I have had many family and friends comment on them.

The most recent comment was "nice camo pattern". But, most were intrigued to see what would come of them once I started to work on them. My initial thought was to outsource and have these all sandblasted down to what does the name ione mean bare metal and start with a clean slate with a powder coat process afterwards.

But after assessing the amount of surface rust, rust through on the legs, time to dedicate to the project, and my budget, I decided to rejuvenate and keep for casual lounging in the yard, decor, and a conversation piece. Overall, a piece of Americana revitalized! Pressure Washer: Great tool to blast off the initial layer of grime and loose paint. Wire Brushes : Various sizes of steel wire brushes for working off some of the stubborn paint peels. Paint Brushes: Cheap brush for applying rust converter.

Higher quality for applying paint. Paint Pan : Easy to handle liquid supplies; deglosser, rust converter, and paint.

Klean Strip How to format the whole hard disk Deglosser: Use this to increase the adhesion of new paint finish to old glossy surface paints. Basically it breaks down the gloss finish of the old paint.

Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer: Use this to bond tightly to rust and allow for adhesion of paint top coat. High quality and durable coating provides resistance to weather and sunlight, and maintain gloss.

Thicker consistency of enamel tends to cover better than latex or oil paints when working with rough pocked areas of multiple layers of paint. That would have cost a couple hundred dollars for sandblasting. My plan was to rejuvenate to a usable attractive condition. There were signs that the previous finish had a gloss sheen. More so in the areas that did not get direct exposure to rain, snow, and sunlight. Anytime you repaint over an older oil based gloss sheen you need to consider the surface area to be painted.

You have two options here. You can use sandpaper to roughen the surface or use a chemical solution to break the gloss finish. Since this was a pretty large job of three chairs I chose to apply a deglosser to ensure adhesion. This is a water based solution, so the fumes are at a minimum.

But, as you can see I still used rubber gloves to protect my skin from the chemicals. Work in a well ventilated what to do in yekaterinburg and be sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer.

My Instructable is simply here as a guide through the process of the manufacturer. The purpose of this process is to neutralize the natural rusting process in order to create a paintable surface. It converts ferrous iron rust to iron phosphate. Once again, this is simply a guide to the process I followed. Be sure to follow the directions and guidelines of the manufacturer. Once again, we are dealing with a rusted surface, so we will continue to use products to deal with that problem.

I have used this primer before for other projects and have been very happy with the performance. Sorry, but in the excitement of applying the new finish I forgot to take pictures! Basically I followed the same process as priming by doing the undersides how to use skype on my computer the topside. Enamel oil based takes a much longer time to dry than primer, Usually 24 hours. Actually, it was 2 full days of painting and touch-up for the enamel process due to the wait time on drying.

Note: The center chair has a perforated design in the back and seat. When applying the enamel be aware that you will get drips on the opposite side as you are painting the other.

Just let this be known so you can work out those drips as you paint. Will I sell them? Probably not. They just look that darn good and the center chair is the most comfortable chair in our yard now. Hope this Instructable is helpful for you if you are thinking on taking on the task. Probably the two things that kept me from doing this sooner was time, heat and humidity.

I knew it would be one of those projects I would need to stay with from start to finish straight through. Being a teacher I have the time in the summer to dedicate to these how to refurbish metal chairs of projects. But, knowing that I would need to be working outdoors with the chemicals and dealing with heat and humidity it was hard to plan out the time.

Humidity and enamel drying time can really string out a project. Sometimes I do not have the patience to wait and get hurried. I really wanted these to come out great. Glad I waited for some nice weather. Question 1 year ago on Step I just purchased 6 chairs that I need to restore.

Problem: Some of my chairs are missing the armrest or are in bad condition,Where can I find replacement armrest for my chairs? Reply 4 years ago. Be sure to check out and vote for my other ible where I did the glider. Had to do some metal repair and fabrication. I was given this chair and it was in awesome condition.

I decided to cover in fabric using decoupage fabric and sealed with outdoor decoupage. Just finished but think I will keep chair indoors as it was time consuming. The first pictures shows the chair prior how to take a screenshot windows vista the finished project.

I will never pass up another set of these now!! They're my favorite, but I've never been sure of the best way to refurbish them. Thanks for the comment. Please vote. I will have not problem taking on this project in the future if I come across these chairs again.

Some mini power tools would be helpful for scraping and sanding. Most of my power tools are too big what is bank guarantee charges this size of project. By DiyWaterDog Follow. More by the author:. About: Professional Educator for over 25 years. Avid DIYer! Why pay somebody to do what you can do yourself? Active in web design and development for over 20 years.

After discovering Instructables. Thank you Instructables for motivating me to finally get to this project. This is truly a Trash to Treasure story. Trash to Treasure! So hear is how I did it. Pressure Washer: Great tool to blast off the initial layer of grime and loose paint Air Compressor : Clean off residue from scraping and sanding. Tarp : Need to catch your mess when wire brushing and sanding.

Step 1: Removing flaking paint and rust

Dec 06,  · With your tables and chairs, I recommend that you paint the bottom first and then paint the top. I found that if you do the top first and then flip it upside down, you may have to repaint the top due to something sticking to it or scratching it when it was upside down. Be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before touching the surface. That’s it! Find a well ventilated area. Place drop cloth and plan movement of chairs with minimal handling. Apply on a day with minimal wind or breeze to ensure the primer makes it to the surface and avoid overspray. Keep can inches from surface and move side to side. Apply to once side and let dry about 20 minutes.

So you finally finished making your garden look amazing with one of our helpful articles only to look over and see that your patio furniture is a rusty mess. You're probably wondering what you can do about it. Sure, you can throw it out and buy new furniture, but getting that old furniture looking good again isn't difficult and can save you some money. If you're willing to invest a little time and money, you can rescue that old patio furniture and give it a brand new look, with a little help from naval jelly.

Naval jelly is a commercial product specifically formulated to remove rust the active ingredient is phosphoric acid, which dissolves surface rust and is commonly available at most home and hardware stores. It's a great option for cleaning up metal furniture because its thick consistency makes it stick to vertical surfaces, giving the acid time to dissolve the rust. Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver on Amazon. Since naval jelly contains acid, you need to take some precautions when using it, such as wearing rubber gloves to protect your skin, goggles to protect your eyes, and working outside or where there's lots of moving air, so you're not breathing the fumes.

Naval jelly should only be used on steel and iron. Don't use it on chrome or aluminum and, if it gets on a painted surface, wipe it off quickly or it will damage the paint. Remove as much surface rust as you can using a wire brush or steel wool. Take your time and be thorough. Doing so will prevent having to repeat steps later.

Once the surface rust is removed, put on your rubber gloves and brush or spread a layer of Naval jelly onto the metal. Now, simply let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Be sure you don't let the naval jelly stay on the surface too long, or it could dry out and become difficult to remove. Using a garden hose, thoroughly rinse off the naval jelly.

As the jelly rinses off it will take most of the dissolved surface rust along with it. Once it is completely dry, you are ready to apply the primer. If your furniture is deeply rusted, you may need to repeat Step 1 and Step 2 until you get the desired results.

Once the rust is gone, and you're down to clean, bare metal, spray on a metal primer paint sprays give the best finish - no brush marks , and let it dry. Once your primer has dried , complete your furniture refinishing job by applying one or two coats of metal spray paint. It helps to place old newspaper beneath the furniture to avoid getting paint on the ground.

You can add a little extra protection to your newly-refinished patio furniture — and help keep it looking good longer — by spraying the metal surfaces with a clear coat. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation subscribe. Refinishing Your Metal Outdoor Furniture.

Written by Murray Anderson. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.

Jenelle Jones. What You'll Need. Naval jelly. Rubber gloves. Wire brush or steel wool. Garden hose. Paint brush. Metal primer paint. Metal spray paint. Wood Door Repair: Fixing Scratches. Restoring Antique Wood Burning Stoves.

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