What animal would you like to be and why

what animal would you like to be and why

8 Answers To "If You Were An Animal What Would You Be?"

Animals To Choose From. Dog. The dog is man's best friend, the symbolism that is about kindness more than criticism. A dog is a gentle creature to those around them. They Dolphin. Monkey. Moose. The moose is an animal that is always staying true to itself. It is a sign of strength and maturity. Sep 13,  · If you could be an animal, which one would it be, and why? This type of question is surely a tricky one. Here the candidate needs to understand the motive of the recruiter, asking this question. Frankly speaking, the recruiter would not be much interested to know the animal but would analyze how you answer the datingusaforall.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

If I were to be an animal, I would be an African Lion. The African Lion is an animal oike describes my strengths and attributes perfectly and has characteristics that I would love nad call my own. I too would like the respect the African Lion receives and the whzt that it has been given. If I were an African Lion I would be able to bake in the African sun all day, lounge around, sleep and enjoy all the beauty that the Wnat has to offer.

I would be able to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the human world. I would not have to be worried about school, homework, tests, coming to class on time, what to wear or trying to fit into hwy. I would be able to roam free. All African Lions belong to a specific pride.

A pride can be defined as a family of lions. A pride sticks together and takes care of one another. To what does it mean to be 80 effaced family is very important and a necessity to succeed in life.

This is a similarity that I feel I share with the African How to enter bios on emachines. When most of us think of a Lion, we do not automatically think of intelligence, but rather a vicious and violent man eater who leaves blood stains in its path. An African lion uses its intelligence as a secret weapon in various situations to survive in whta fight for life.

African Lions are motivated, powerful, muscular, brave, and courageous. They have the willingness to fight and the ability to survive in the wild. Comparatively, sometimes I fear that I am quite different.

I feel myself to be weak and fragile and to lack motivation liek sometimes bravery. I would like if I shared the traits of motivation, power, strength and bravery that the African Lion displays. The bravery and respect that an African lion receives is reason enough for me to want to be an African Lion and to be a part of a pride.

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I have a friend who says you should always try to be like an eagle, which is great if you’re a CEO, but that’s a bad animal to be if you need to be a team player. A horse is really strong able to function alone well or as part of a team. Ants are hard workers, and the Estimated Reading Time: 11 mins. What animal would you like to be and why?If I were to be an animal, I would be an African Lion. The African Lion is an animal that describes my strengths and attributes perfectly and has characteristics that I would love to call my datingusaforall.comted Reading Time: 1 min. May 08,  · We have identified some animals that have positive qualities you can build upon in your response, and you can use these to develop answers that are suited to your personality, skillset and the role for which you are datingusaforall.comted Reading Time: 6 mins.

Well, this question captures a place in the list of top 25 weird questions in an interview. This question hardly seems like one that is needed to be asked during an interview. Why would the interviewer want to know, what kind of animal you would want to be? At one point, every single person going through an interview with this question may think of it so. However, a large number of people are stuck in this stage of the interview. As a result, they lose the opportunity right away.

Did you know? The recruiters made some of the weird questions over a decade ago and they gave an answer based on their perception. Today we have a great number of talented employees.

So it becomes difficult to construct an answer that is approved by the panel of recruiters recruiter. The first ever-possible reaction that we tend to give when nervous is the petty laugh, with a nervous forced smile.

Do you have any idea as to how much of a turn off it is to see such a laugh when you are expecting something far better? This feeling of disappointment is not foreign at all. Occasionally you tend to feel this because the world never moves the way you expect it to. Well, let us get back to the point. On a similar note, when you enter a cabin for an interview, your interviewer expects to have a set of people who can just simply answer rather than showing their discomfort.

The worst way to begin is by making the interviewer speak more. Just like the exams in school, interviews are the second places where you are supposed to speak more than your interviewer. Of course, that would not be possible if you continue with the frown in disguise of a nervous laugh.

Have you ever been asked a question during your school time, to which you had no answer? To top it off, have you observed the look your teacher used to give when you did not answer a question even after she explained the entire thing?

Well, if you were observant enough then you sure must have had a look at that expression, which screamed disgust. Well, that does sound a little over-dramatic. Back to the point, that is the same feeling of the interviewer.

However, the interviewers make sure to cover their emotions very well. Thus, the way you react needs to be calm and composed move. Do not let them catch hold of you even if you are nervous. If they are asking weird questions then take a little time to compose every possible point in your head.

It is not wrong to think before answering; however, refrain from taking more than 45 seconds at most. You might think more than that and the interviewer would count you as dumb!

That is an easy job. You can simply stop. How long do you have to stop? Sometimes you stop for about 60 seconds at least. You do realize how painful those 60 seconds of wait is.

If yes, then that is the condition of your interviewer. Therefore, learn to rationalize your thoughts. Put together everything thing that comes to your mind when you think of the given question.

Practice makes a man perfect is one of the most used phrases of all time. Well, there is a reason as to why it is used that often. Practice helps you in understanding and mastering any possible skill.

Solving or tackling any question needs practice. Thus, prepare while you are at home. Call your friend and ask him to ask some weird work-related interview questions. These mock interviews are the best way to judge your place. Some people believe that preparing and practicing are similar. Sorry to kill your bubble but they are not the same.

See, you can rehearse a role for acting whereas you cannot rehearse to be an actor. You need to train yourself to be an actor. Thus, train yourself to rationalize all the aspects within the given period.

Now, these common aspects apply to most of the weird questions. Let us focus on the animal question. You need to have something in your mind first. Entering an interview cabin in itself should make you feel like entering an exam hall. Anyways, apart from the physical factor and rationalizing thought process, you also need to think quickly and speak.

So many people around you might be having skills equal to yours. You need to convince your interviewer with your answer. Therefore, follow the simple method of understanding the objectives, analyzing the skills and qualities, comparing with the animal of matching skills, scanning for a real-life example and a future promise.

Maybe it is not weird at all. It is a creative way of asking you about your skills and about how you perceive yourself to fit in the company with those skills. The objective is to understand the depth of your viewpoint and analytical thinking. Moreover, these kinds of questions also portray how do you work under pressure or how well can you handle the pressure.

Therefore, the objective is to understand your skills, your ability to take the situation in your favor which may be handy in dealing with clients. I advise you to keep an open mind and think about the wider context. We have had enough of questioning the objectives. Now come to yourself and think about your skills. What are your skills. Once you list down the qualities well I suggest this thing be done at least a day before the interview; the sooner the better , figure out the once that will be helpful in the job that you have applied.

Choose the animal that fits perfectly with the skills that you have or need in the company. In the end, there is a list of animals and their traits for some extra help.

Now, you know any question that requires an example for a better explanation. If the example is presented effectively then there is not a single thing in the world that might ruin your chance at this interview. Your example should be based on reality. We all have one such event where we utilized one of our qualities. Think and figure out your quality.

Make sure to use it with an appropriate example in context with your job. This is the best part of the answer. Promising is something that we are very much used too and so it is a bit easier too. This type of question is surely a tricky one. Here the candidate needs to understand the motive of the recruiter, asking this question. Frankly speaking, the recruiter would not be much interested to know the animal but would analyze how you answer the question.

If the candidate possesses spontaneity and intelligence, then managing such interview questions is easy. The way you answer will help them understand your thinking skills and managing ability at situations when under pressure. The best way to answer this type of question is to express your skillset and match that of the requirements of the job. Though it is not that easy, you need to play smartly as that is what differentiates you from other employees.

You just have to think of an animal and specify its qualities and match it in your favor. This is another best way to answer this tricky interview question. To understand your personality, the interviewer mainly asks this question and believe me, your inner animal can mean a lot. The following are some animals with their traits to use as examples while comparing your skills depending on the type of job. An elephant is a multi-tasking animal.

Elephant trunks are capable of doing many hardcore jobs that are not limited to breathing or water spraying. Elephant trunks help in swimming, smelling, touching, making various sounds, lifting objects, and so on. These multi-tasking abilities can be the best way to define yourself during an interview, as they are one of the most desirable skills for an employee. Therefore, you can take it as an example to explain your ability to adapt to any new environment and work according to the culture and system of the new place.

Dolphins are species that can be taken into account while comparing you for a good and humanitarian job. Also, dolphins are known for their self-sacrifice and selflessness. They are the best rescue team of all time. Even during times when they find someone is injured or needs help, they always initiate. At the same time, dolphins are known to be a part of a pack and always are there to back up each other in any situation.

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