What is a seer prophet

what is a seer prophet

Understanding the Seer Aspect of the Prophetic Gift

Apr 19, A seer is a prophet who sees visions. They see what God is doing and revealing, rather than just hearing his words. So a seer is a prophet, but a prophet isnt necessarily a seer. Its not that a seer doesnt hear Gods voice, or that a prophet doesnt see him in the spirit. Apr 16, Answer: A seer is a person who sees. In the Bible, a seer is another name for a prophet (see 1 Samuel ). In the Bible, a seer is another name for a prophet (see 1 Samuel ). But, more specifically, a seer was a prophet who saw visionspictures or scenes seen in the minds eye, in dreams, or even with ones natural eye.

Simply expressed, prophecy can be how to prepare tomato curry as hearing the voice of God and speaking what He says. This gift is commonly experienced in two ways.

The otherthe seeris visual, meaning the receiver sees a message through some type of picture, which they then release. Generally, these pictures are either received while awake by means of visions, or while asleep through dreams. Many prophetic people will experience both aspects at various times, but they tend to have one that is more dominant or frequent. In addition, there are two groups who practice the prophetic or seer anointing.

Those in the first group exercise the gift of q as recorded in 1 Corinthians for the purpose of edification, exhortation and comfort.

Those in the second are those who prophesy within the position and office of a prophet. Not everyone who prophesies is a prophet; however, scripture reveals that we can all prophesy 1 Cor. This means that every Spirit-filled believerincluding youcan develop in the prophetic! Visual images or impressions: Sometimes when praying or prophesying over someone, the Holy Spirit will reveal an image.

Dreams: Dreams enrich your life by giving encouragement, direction, insight for intercession, and revelation. I get much of my personal prophetic revelation sesr words rather than pictures, yet I also get many spiritual dreams and visions. Unless you hold the office of a prophet, most dreams are likely for your personal benefit.

What is a seer prophet Job Visions: This category would include things like open visions, audible messages, angelic encounters, open heavens, trances, being caught up in the Spirit, and heavenly visitations. Due to space limitations, for further study of these expressions of the seer anointing, I recommend reading The Seer by James Goll. Scripture does not reveal exactly how Jesus saw all that His Father was doing, but we do know that He and His Father were one.

My sense is that Jesus moved more by the Holy Spirit giving Him knowledge of what His Father was doing, but He may also have had dreams at night, as well as visions in times of contemplation or prayer, which gave Him specific direction. Regardless, just as Jesus made time to be how to train my dog not to attack other dogs with His Father and spent time in prayer, so what is a seer prophet we.

Make the Lord your focus, and prophetic revelation will follow! I immediately began to cry out to Him to speak to me, especially at night. Each night, when I went to bed, I would ask the Lord to come to me in dreams, visions, angelic encounters, visitations or by transporting me to heaven! I still do this. Scriptures such as JoelMatthew and Luke reinforced my resolve to ask. For those who wish to increase in their prophetic and whhat anointing, some practical guidelines for growth and maturity follow:.

Words of a corrective nature should generally be spoken by someone who walks in the office of a prophet versus the gift of prophecy and between those wnat have relationship.

And timing is keya word spoken out of season has limited, if any, anointing and can actually hinder what Holy Spirit is doing! A mentor I once had was fairly laid-back about housekeeping. She used to say that if you came to her house and noticed propeht coating propht dust on the top of her fridge, it was likely you were the one who was supposed to clean it! The Seer by James Goll. Dreams and Visions by Jane Hamon. Dream On by Sandie Freed. Understanding the Seer Aspect of the Prophetic Gift.

Word of Encouragement. Nov 2 Written By Diane Lake. Varieties Of the Seer Gifting Visual images or impressions: Sometimes when praying or prophesying over someone, the Holy Spirit will reveal an image. Apr 8, Cindy Jacobs. Biblical Illiteracy In America. Mar 29, The Lord is your Way Maker. Mar 12, The Priphet Act? Mar 9, Feb 22, Black History In The Bible. Feb 11, Jan 21, The Threat To Religious Liberty. Jan 15, Word of The Lord Save Our Children.

Diane Lake.

Varieties Of the Seer Gifting

Aug 21, A Seer is Samuel was a prophet of God but he was also called a seer as we read in 1st Chronicles where it says, Also all that Samuel the seer and Saul the son of . Nov 02, Simply expressed, prophecy can be defined as hearing the voice of God and speaking what He says. This gift is commonly experienced in two ways. One is audial, meaning the one receiving the message hears words, which they then repeat/datingusaforall.com: Diane Lake.

April Learn About Prophecy. What is a seer and how is a seer distinguished from a prophet? The Bible shows us they are the same but different. What is a seer? Do prophets see visions? And if they do see visions, does that make them the same? In other words, I receive words, pictures and sometimes, visions and dreams from him.

I saw him on the cross, at the moment of his death. He let out a cry and died, and at that moment, I saw an explosion of power in the spirit realm.

All the colours of the rainbow were released and moved outward from him. The explosion issued from what I can only describe as a sudden split between Jesus and the rest of the Godhead. At that moment, his life was ripped away from his heavenly Father and from Holy Spirit.

So, when Jesus died, he was cut off somehow from the rest of the Trinity. The important thing is what the Lord revealed to me through: From that explosion, there was a wave of power that reached out into the whole universe and also through the whole of time.

When I woke up, this dream had a profound impact on me. I thought about it for days and I ended up asking an artistic friend to paint it as a picture. You can see the results in the featured image for this article.

Although it came through a dream, I saw something in the spirit realm. Something that had a profound impact on the world. If I was to define seer, then it would be someone who knows what God is doing, and is about to do, in the heavenly realm and here on the earth. They know this primarily through watching their Lord, through seeing him go about his work, from a place of intimacy. But to me, a prophet is simply someone who shares messages from God with one person or many people.

These dramatic encounters between the prophets and their heavenly king remind us of his lordship. They remind us of his complete control over history and the ongoing story of the world in which we live.

They were seers. For some people, it may be obvious whether they are a prophet or a seer. For others, the line between the two may be more blurred or unclear. About that moment, Christ dying on the cross death is swallowed up in victory!!

I am a baby in Christ but my anointing is powerful. I am in a healing and deliverance church dying to self so he can increase in my life. I needed you to know I appreciate coming across your page. What a beautiful blessing. Hi Ally, Thank you for your kind words! May you grow in your relationship with the Lord and in your prophetic anointing!

Thank you. Very helpful. I have a friend who is a seer. She speaks out little pictures she has of me while I pray out-loud- like me holding a scroll, or on rainbow steps- all very encouraging.

Having a friend like that sounds great! Tim, I believe I am a seer. I have visions and see things before they happen. I am intimate with God and receive instructions from God.

I knew of the pandemic before it hit and I have dreamed the end of the world. Except it was real and terrifying and much more than just a dream. I think I am crazy and it is unsafe to share about it. God personally instructs me to do things it is a long story.

I also was gifted with healing powers am I a seer? You may also find it helpful to share what you see and hear with another Christian believer, so you can pray about it together.

Just try to find someone you know you can trust, who will listen to you and preferably someone who also understands the prophetic. I hope that helps! Blessings, Tim. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Share 0. Tweet 0. Pin 0. Seeing Is Believing When I woke up, this dream had a profound impact on me. I ended up using the painting for a sermon in church, a few weeks later. What Is A Seer? I think there is a bit more to it than that.

What Is A Prophet? Or: A person who predicts what will happen in the future. Conclusion: What Is A Seer? A seer is a prophet who sees visions. You may also like. Hi, Thank you for your comment. Get the Guide. Learn all about the gift of prophecy: understand what it is, why you should practice, and how to do it, in 4 simple steps.

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