What is a vertical company

what is a vertical company

What is a vertical market? Online selling and business niches

Apr 01, A business vertical, also referred to as vertical markets, is a term used to describe a specific industry or market that focuses on a particular niche. For example, organic groceries could be considered a vertical market as the companies and consumers in this niche are only interested in buying or selling organic goods. Jan 27, A Vertical, also known as a sales vertical or vertical market, is the industry that a companys offerings are specifically catered towards. Examples of verticals include automotive, education, manufacturing, and real estate. The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Markets There are two types of markets: (1) vertical and (2) datingusaforall.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

Find out when we add new terms to the Learning Centre and much, much more by signing up for the Foundation newsletter. Examples of verticals include automotive, education, manufacturing, and real estate. Horizontal markets feature products and services that are useful in many different contexts across industries.

Think stationary or cell phonesevery sector may use these products for unique reasons or a certain purpose, but they still use them. Vertical markets have more depth to them. Solutions intended for a sales vertical generally only have one purpose in a specific context, and the only competition they face are from other manufacturers offering very similar products. Based on the above, it may sound like employing a vertical sales strategy leaves a lot of money on the table.

The more appealing your product or service is to everyone, the more successful it will be, right? What generally ends up happening is that your understanding of the specific needs and wants customers use your solution to address will be too shallow to effectively serve any of them. Choosing a specific vertical allows your company to really entrench itself in that field, understand the pain points of those who are looking for a solution, market according to those pain points, and create value for the customer.

However, the more you learn about the customer and their company, the better positioned you will be not just to sell, but to establish long-term and meaningful relationships. Since verticals are heavily concentrated, they provide opportunities to work with companies that may otherwise be competitors. For instance, though Apple and Samsung may compete in cellular phone sales, the former actually contracts the latter for the glass used to make iPhone screens.

The best processes feature a mix of vertical and horizontal principles. Verticals Find out when we black friday sales what is it new how to get xbox live without internet or wifi to the Learning Centre and much, much more by signing up for the Foundation newsletter.

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An industry vertical, however, is more specific and describes a group of companies that focus on a shared niche or specialized market spanning multiple industries. Also called vertical markets, industry verticals include everything from 3D printing to eSports. A vertical market is a market encompassing a group of companies and customers that are all interconnected around a specific niche. Companies in a vertical market are attuned to that markets. posted by John Spacey, July 01, An industry vertical is a grouping of customers by industry to offer products and services that meet industry specific needs. This can be viewed as a type of market segment. For example, a software company that .

When professionals talk about industries, they are referring to a broad group of companies that operate in the same general space. For example, business-to-business B2B , business-to-consumer B2C , energy and healthcare are all well-established industries that represent the breadth of the term.

An industry vertical, however, is more specific and describes a group of companies that focus on a shared niche or specialized market spanning multiple industries. Also called vertical markets, industry verticals include everything from 3D printing to eSports. To illustrate the difference between the two, take fintech an industry vertical. Fintech companies utilize various technologies to facilitate financial services traditionally offered by banks.

Fintech startup SoFi , an online banking platform, operates primarily in the consumer finance industry, while online insurance platform Kin , also a fintech startup, is in the property and casualty insurance industry.

PitchBook empowers investors and other financial services professionals to find the best opportunities for their firms with unparalleled data and insight. Learn the ins and outs of those industry verticals below. Another relevant term is emerging spaces a unique classifier PitchBook developed to describe nascent but growing areas that could eventually become full-fledged verticals.

Advertising technology adtech startups offer software and services that deliver, control and target online advertising. Advanced manufacturing companies utilize innovative and novel technologies to improve manufacturing products and processes. These technologies can encompass 3D printing, sensors, Internet of Things IoT platforms, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence AI , machine learning ML , Big Data applications, wearable devices, exoskeletons, augmented and virtual reality applications, enterprise resource planning software, warehouse management and inventory management.

Agriculture technology agtech companies develop software and hardware systems that automate, manage and promote environmentally conscious farming. Businesses in agtech work on things like wireless sensors to monitor soil, air and animal health, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, remote-controlled irrigation systems, aerial photo technology to analyze field conditions, biotech platforms for crop yields, data-analysis software to augment planting, herd, poultry and livestock management, automation software to manage tasks and accounting software to manage expenses.

VC-backed company Terramera fuses AI, science and nature to manufacture biopesticides meant to reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture. Read related content. This Emerging Tech Research report provides an overview of startups in the agtech industry and includes a market map of leading VC-backed companies in the space. The way people make, send, and consume food is changing.

Innovation in the food supply chains is being driven by the efforts of governments, corporations, and consumers to hit social goals such as reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

This analyst note explores recent advancements and VC deals in agtech and analyzes pathways to profitability in this growing industry. Artificial intelligence AI focuses on creating intelligent computers that can perceive their environment and make decisions to maximize the chances of reaching their goals.

Machine learning ML is a subfield of AI that gives computers the ability to learn iteratively, improve predictive models and find insights from data without being explicitly programmed to do so. Silicon Valley startup SambaNova Systems developed an advanced systems platform and hardware to power machine learning and data analytics via a system architecture that is flexible, scalable and optimized for dataflow.

This analyst note explores how AI is helping the food industry cut costs and keep pace with consumer tastes. Audio technology audiotech companies develop software and hardware related to the music industry, including headphones, transmitters, and sound systems for cars, homes, and music studios. Audiotech companies also include audio streaming service providers like SoundCloud and TuneIn. AR products can include headsets, eye-tracking technology, smart glasses, video games, mobile applications, training programs, advertising, and commercial and retail applications that utilize AR technology.

For example, Unity developed a platform that provides tools to create rich, interactive, 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences to help in the creation of games and apps. Autonomous car technologies are hardware and software solutions that enable self-driving or driver-assistance capabilities for cars, trucks and other vehicles on the road.

This vertical includes self-driving cars themselves or platforms used to retrofit, software tools including teleoperation, localization and mapping and simulation technologies, and sensors and other hardware like LiDAR radars and cameras. Zoox , a VC-backed startup in this vertical, developed an autonomous mobility ecosystem that includes self-driving cards, control systems, AI and a ridesharing service, all designed to improve urban mobility. This Emerging Tech Research report includes market maps of VC-backed companies, business model descriptions, and an overview of key investors and acquirers within the mobility tech industry.

It segments mobility tech into key product categories, analyzing VC investment trends, recent exits, and opportunities in each. Increased labor costs for ridesharing companies as well as improved electric vehicle technology could drive a shift to direct-to-vehicle platforms.

Business-to-business B2B payment companies develop software to facilitate quick, secure, affordable transactions between businesses, including those working in accounts receivable and accounts payable software, electronic invoicing, international payments networks, blockchain B2B solutions, payments analytics, virtual payment cards, and supply chain and procurement software.

For example, Juice Beauty offers award-winning organic skincare and makeup products made with ingredients purchased directly from local farmers. Big Data companies provide products or services that handle datasets too large for traditional database systems because of data volume, data velocity or data variety.

This vertical includes companies involved in production, retail distribution, digital media, therapeutics, business solutions, or the development of consumer products related to cannabis. This includes marijuana dispensaries, laboratory testing equipment and services, medical marijuana, cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, vaporizers and accessories, cannabis cultivation, and online content and networking related to cannabis.

PAX Labs , for example, created a premium app-controlled cannabis vaporizer to deliver a customizable smoking experience. Carsharing platforms allow users to rent cars for short periods of timeoften by the hourtypically through a mobile app. Companies in this vertical, like Zipcar and Turo , are providing drivers with an alternative to car ownership and longer-term rentals.

Startups in this space typically provide a marketplace that matches drivers to cars, provides mobile network infrastructure, supplies driver insurance and facilitates payment processing.

This Emerging Tech Research report includes market maps of VC-backed companies, business model descriptions and an overview of key investors and acquirers within the mobility and transportation tech industry. Clean technology cleantech companies develop technologies that reduce the environmental impact of human activities or reduce the amount of natural resources consumed through such activities. Orbital Systems ' technology, for example, is designed to reduce the quantity of water used when taking a shower via recycling and reuse.

It focuses on electric vehicles, which we believe will be a key long-term driver of shared and autonomous mobility solutions. Climate tech companies develop technologies to help mitigate or adapt to the effects of climate change. Most climate tech startups are focused on mitigating rising emissions through decarbonization technologies and processes.

Applications within this vertical include renewable energy generation, long-duration energy storage, the electrification of transportation, agricultural innovations, industrial process improvements and mining technologies. Berlin-based climate tech company ZOLAR , for example, is the developer of a solar system discovery platform that helps homeowners become energy independent.

The VC-backed startup offers solar and battery storage systems including installation for residential homes, empowering homeowners to produce their own green electricity. The cloudtech and DevOps vertical encompasses companies that help organizations develop, operationalize and monitor software and applications at scale. The expansion of hybrid cloud computing technologies and the need among organizations to create digital intellectual property IP is driving demand for tools and services that can improve software development and operations capabilities.

Segments within this vertical include collaboration and communication tools, building and testing tools, and deployment and runtime tools. BlueJeans falls within this verticalthe San Jose-based startup developed an inter-operable conferencing platform to make video conferencing easy and pervasive. This Emerging Tech Research report includes a comprehensive segmentation of the DevOps space, along with market maps, business model descriptions, industry drivers, and more.

Our Emerging Technology Outlook forecasts trends that will shape the emerging tech VC ecosystem in the upcoming year. Companies in this space develop hardware and software solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of construction, building, and infrastructure operations. This includes project management software, construction robots, job site survey drones, building information modeling, augmented and virtual reality applications for construction, modular and pre-fabrication solutions, equipment marketplaces and risk management tools.

Cryptocurrencies are virtual mediums of exchange, created and stored electronically in the blockchain, distinguishable from other currencies in that it uses cryptographic technology to decentralize the creation of monetary units and securely verify transactions.

This space includes companies like Bitmain and Coinbase that provide services and develop technologies related to the exchange or storage of cryptocurrency, the facilitation of cryptocurrency payments or the securing cryptocurrency ledgers via mining activities.

Blockchain is a distributed public database that keeps a permanent and incorruptible record of digital transactions. Blockchains are unique in that they cannot be controlled by a single entity and have no single point of failure.

Furthermore, blockchains can be programmed to store more than just financial information. This space includes companies involved in developing blockchain applications related to smart contracts, crowdfunding, supply chain auditing, cryptocurrency, identity management, intellectual property and file storage.

This emerging technology report provides an overview of enterprise blockchain solutions and explains how blockchain technology could be well suited to solve ongoing pain points within the financial industry. It also includes summaries of key use cases and leading providers. Cybersecurity companies provide information technology solutions oriented toward user and network security.

For example, San Francisco-based Lookout developed a cloud-based security software designed to detect mobile threats and improve scrutiny. This Emerging Tech Research report includes market maps of VC-backed companies, business model descriptions, and an overview of key investors and acquirers within the information security industry.

In this second exploration in the series, PitchBook analysts dive into how sectors and verticals affect VC returns. Digital health companies are engaged in building hardware and software solutions to help people track their health and give healthcare providers better tools to communicate with and treat patients. This space includes mobile applications designed to track fitness activity, sleep, nutrition, weight, and medication intake, telemedicine programs that make it easier to connect with health professionals, electronic health record and clinical workflow software, digital wearable devices, remote monitoring and diagnostics software, AI platforms, and genomics testing technology.

Digital health startup Headspace is an app that teaches meditation and mindfulness to effectively manage stress. In this most recent note, we discuss how some tech companies are integrating contact-tracing technologies into their platforms to help offices reopen. This includes online retailers and marketplaces, social commerce and logistics and shipping for online retailers, and software providers and hosting services for online retailers.

Brooklinen , for example, is a luxury bedding ecommerce platform that offers a curated collection of stylish, quality linens at an accessible price point. This emerging tech research report includes market maps of VC-backed companies, business model descriptions and an overview of key investors and acquirers within the Foodtech industry. Education technology edtech companies develop software and hardware that enhance teaching practices and improve learning outcomes.

Edtech company VIPKid operates an online English language learning platform that provides an international learning experience to elementary-aged Chinese children by matching each student with a North American teacher. COVID is catalyzing opportunities across multiple segments, such as healthcare and digitization of legacy services.

This latest analyst note offers an overview of these prospect areas for investors and surveys a market map packed with startups identified as involved in these prospects.

Ephemeral content providers offer online platforms that allow users to temporarily share and display photos, videos, messages, documents and other content. The key aspect is that content published on these platforms vanishes after a certain timetypically minutes or hours. Camera company Snap developed Snapchat, a popular social networking app that deletes pictures and messages shortly after they are shared. This vertical includes eSports teams, streaming and broadcasting platforms, communication and social apps used for gaming, marketing tools, analytics and training services for eSports athletes, fantasy and virtual gambling, gaming hardware manufacturers, tournament and event hosts, and developers and publishers of eSports titles.

Twitch Interactive , for example, designed and developed a live video platform and community for gamers that offers users the ability to broadcast, chat and watch video games played in real-time. Companies in this space are often female-founded and provide products and services related to period care, aging and menopause, sexual health, pregnancy and childbirth, pre- and post-natal solutions, fertility management and pelvic health.

Femtech startup Cora offers a monthly subscription service for its safe, effective and organic tampons and pads, as well as period management programs. This most recent analyst note delves into the femtech vertical, providing a segmentation of the industry along with an analysis of VC investment, market size, barriers to raising capital and growth areas in the space. Financial technology fintech companies use internet, blockchain and software technologies, as well as algorithms, to offer or facilitate financial services traditional offered by banks.

These services include loans, payments, investments and wealth management. Paytm , for example, is a mobile payment and ecommerce platform that provides bill payment services. This Emerging Tech Research report includes a comprehensive segmentation of fintech, along with market maps, business model descriptions, industry drivers, KPIs, notable VC deals and exits, and key investors. This space includes all companies in the restaurant technology vertical in addition to food ordering and delivery apps, food waste recyclers, meal kits and recipe boxes, cooking and chef communities, novel foods and online grocery retail.

This Emerging Tech Research report includes a comprehensive segmentation of the foodtech space, along with market maps, business model descriptions, industry drivers, and more. This vertical includes all companies that exist within the video game ecosystemthose developing and publishing titles, those building tools and services for videogame studios and players, and companies providing accessories and peripherals intended for gaming.

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