What is an experimental short film

what is an experimental short film

Experimental and short films

May 17,  · a film that has very stylized editing. a film without a story. a film that is incoherent. a film that is fantastical or surreal. Of course, an experimental could be some or all of these things. There are certainly many incoherent experimental films! But the above characteristics alone do not make a Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Watch the best Experimental films on Short of the Week—review and discuss the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world.

Comments added for quick reference. A mixture of films that are either short films or experimental short films, though perhaps not always both. Feature length movies may be added if they accompany a director's oeuvre well or if exceptional in some way. I mostly only list shorts I liked, but I sometimes include shorts of varying quality. By using a series of visually and aurally dense tableaux created with advanced motion control, optical printing and animation techniques, the film explores the complex battle for natural See full summary ».

Votes: Set to a classic Duke Ellington recording "Daybreak Express", this is a five-minute short of the soon-to-be-demolished Third Avenue elevated subway station in New York City. Votes: 1, A lateral descent through the midnight blues and blacks of ice and the refracted colors from absorbed oils. Dante's Divine Comedy depicted as thousands of abstract paintings by Stan Brakhage himself. An experimental short film by Stan Brakhage focusing on flashing light and photographic images.

A "found foliage" film composed of insects, leaves, and other detritus sandwiched between two strips of perforated tape. Votes: 2, An experimental short film by Stan Brakhage which combines flashing light and images.

An experimental film with various flashing lights, colors, and World War II footage. This is part of the Song series by Stan Brakhage. Haunting light and haunted spaces, otherworldly movement and abstracted time. A ghost visits an apartment complex. A woman's face disappearing behind, and emerging from, a pair of hands.

Flashing lights. An empty building full of dark hallways. Silently, a woman wakes on a beach as the tides go in reverse. Her dreamscape unfolds as she tries to locate a chess piece traveling from the beach to a how to gain mass bodybuilding to a country road and then back. Not Rated 14 min Short, Fantasy, Mystery. A woman returning home falls asleep and has vivid dreams that may or may not be happening in reality.

Through repetitive images and complete mismatching of the objective view of time and space, her dark inner desires play out on-screen.

Votes: 11, An experimental film from Bruce Conner which combines found footage of trains and small towns. Chott El-Djerid is a large dried-up salt-water lake in the Tunisian Sahara, where according to the artist Bill Viola"what you can see is the limit of what you could see".

An experimental film by Stan Brakhage combining colors, lights, and footage of wars, medical documentaries, cartoons, forests, and other.

It's the Christmas season. With her mom's help, Lynne, a girl of perhaps eight, dresses up; her younger brother Steven plays with a toy car. The children leave with their dad, who's Captures three occurrences in a young girl's life that leave her with a heavy heart. A semi-surreal disturbing visual narration that focuses among other things on a child that's being bullied by other kids. A fine day in the life of a fly presented completely from the fly's point of view.

A fine day until something dreary happens, that is. A small child takes small leaps, which progress into huge bounds over buildings, forests and continents. Mussorgsky's composition is the soundtrack for this pin-screen animated take on night and wild things. A scarecrow blows down, clouds move by quickly. Beings take shape; a town appears, Directors: Alexander AlexeieffClaire Parker.

A little hedgehog, on the way to visit his friend the bear, gets lost in thick fog, where horses, dogs and even falling leaves take on a terrifying new aspect. Votes: 6, Upstairs, in the moonlit and empty room, a little boy scared of the dancing shadows, how to use oats in breakfast a figment how to do picnik collage his vivid imagination: the horrible Sandman.

Not Rated 11 min Short, Horror. Young Ursula plays in a tree and ruins her fancy dress. Her elderly mother teaches her a cruel lesson about whether things can ever be mended; what Ursula learns about how to behave may not be what her mother intended. Not Rated 21 min Animation, Short, Crime. A sarcastic story about a thief who becomes the how do i ask her to marry me of his own victims. His victims come from the other world and take his most precious possession - his blood.

The phantasmal atmosphere A woman finds something quaint in her kitchen sink and feels strangely captivated towards it. After her first menstruation, Alicia is kidnapped and led by fly-men to a dirty and unhealthy underworld ruled by a disgusting being.

The film is narrated by the main character, whom we see as a young boy. He first tells us of the night he was born, during a horrible thunderstorm, probably the worst and darkest ever, and Votes: 44, Two people, a man and a woman enters a warehouse that will change their life and minds forever. Not Rated 70 min Documentary. A meditation on the human quest to transcend physicality, constructed from decaying archival footage and set to an original symphonic score.

The climbing of an immense staircase made up of the most varied stairs. Symbolic scenes occur on different levels where characters seem to be prisoners of their deeds and of their own folly Set of rapid telescopic images of a gym, in fast forward, traveling through itself, space and time. The film is devoted to the theme of careful attitude to the nature. It tells us how one of butterflies which are caught by the boy, grows till the huge sizes and the hunter appears in the Director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy.

The perfect chance arises when he meets Masana Fujisaka, his first love, in a club. She's just broken up with her longtime boyfriend and is Director: Johan van der Keuken. Experimental short, featuring strobe-like erotic imagery with several shots of the Rolling Stones in performance and an original synthesizer score by Mick Jagger.

Not Rated 12 min Short. The setting with the low walls and river views is located in a private area of The Cloisters museum. A voice occasionally says a word or two: "on the sidewalk" or "lithium" or a woman's name.

A hand-held camera frames parts of sculptures, or moves across their surfaces, sometimes slowly, Obsessed with a general's woman, a clergyman has strange visions of death and lust, struggling against his own eroticism.

Surreal events occur when a hapless country doctor visits an ill boy one cold night. Set in the Shoryaku and Chotoku eras of Japan's Heian period, the animated short Kai Doh Maru is set against a background of a capital under threat from disease, outlaws, and political Not Rated 10 min Short, Horror.

Not Rated 10 min Short. Sign In. Copy from what happened on january 31 1958 list Export Report this list. Refine See how to get good skin to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc.

Short Film Feature Film 16 Video 3. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Release year or range to ». Water and Power 57 min Documentary 7.

Error: please try again. Daybreak Express 5 min Documentary, Short, Music 7. Black Ice 3 min Short 6. The Dante Quartet 6 min Animation, Short 6. Comingled Containers 5 min Short 6. Mothlight 4 min Short 6. Ghost 5 min Short, Horror 7. Grim 7 min Short 7. Thunder 5 min Short 7. At Land 15 min Short 7. Take the to Dreamland 6 min Short 6. Murder Psalm 16 min Short 6.

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A mixture of films that are either short films or experimental short films, though perhaps not always both. Feature length movies may be added if they accompany a . There is no director’s cut version of an experimental film because studios are not interested in exerting control over something which is by (elusive) definition marginal, underground, and unpopular. Avant-garde films are in a way their own Macguffin–just like the lemon in Hollis Frampton’s Lemon. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Throughout the production process of Self-Deportation , I've often described the genre as experimental. Several people have asked me flat-out, "What's an 'experimental film'? I'm not a film scholar or professor, so I'm probably not the best person to explain what an experimental film is. But my working definition may be helpful to others, so here it is. It's actually a quote from a film instructor I had a few years ago:. An experimental film is any film that experiments with some aspect of the filmmaking process -- e.

He added something else that I think is useful to bear in mind. Since experimental films are trying out something new and untested, they might fail.

Experiments, by their very nature, are not guaranteed to succeed. As my instructor put it, a good experimental film can also be a very bad movie. To help clarify what an experimental film is , it might also be helpful to say what an experimental film is not.

An experimental film is not just :. Of course, an experimental could be some or all of these things. There are certainly many incoherent experimental films! But the above characteristics alone do not make a film experimental. In other words, these characteristics are neither necessary nor sufficient for a film to qualify as experimental.

There are many stylized, weird, incoherent films that are not experimental at all. These are not the same thing. Either way, one thing is clear as we work through the editing phase of this production -- the "story" of Self-Deportation is not going to be presented in a conventional manner, where narrative information is spoon-fed to the viewer.

Whether this constitutes true experimentation still remains to be seen. Interested in learning more about experimental film? Check out Shorts from Underground , a new series highlights boundary-pushing filmmakers from around the world.

Every Monday, a new featured artist will be highlighted through weeklong access to one of their short films accompanied by an exclusive filmmaker interview. Selections comprise experimental, DIY, and underground shorts. Check it out! Back Projects.

Back Catalog Book A Screening. Back Mission Team Office Hours. What's an Experimental Film? It's actually a quote from a film instructor I had a few years ago: An experimental film is any film that experiments with some aspect of the filmmaking process -- e.

An experimental film is not just : a film that is weird a film that has very stylized editing a film without a story a film that is incoherent a film that is fantastical or surreal Of course, an experimental could be some or all of these things.

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