What is an social network

what is an social network

What Is Social Networking?

Definition of social network. 1: a network of individuals (such as friends, acquaintances, and coworkers) connected by interpersonal relationships. 2: an online service or site through which people create and maintain interpersonal relationships And millions of people have become comfortable using smart-phones to share information about themselves, via mobile apps that access social . Social networking is the use of Internet-based social media sites to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, customers, or clients. Social networking can have a social purpose, a business.

A social networking service also social networking site or social media is an online platform which people use to build social networks or social relationships with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. Social networking services vary in format and the number of features.

They can incorporate a range of new information and communication tools, operating on desktops and on laptopson mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. Defined as "websites that facilitate the building of a network of contacts in order to exchange various types of content online," social networking sites provide a whwt for interaction to continue beyond in person interactions. These computer mediated interactions link members of various networks and may help to both maintain and develop new social and professional relationships.

Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, digital i and videos, posts, and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events with people in their network. While in-person social networking — such as gathering in a village market to talk about events — has existed since the how to have fun in bed development of towns, [4] the web enables people to connect with others who live in different locations, ranging from across a city to across the world.

Depending on the social media platform, members may be able to contact any other member. In other cases, members can contact anyone they have a connection to, and subsequently anyone that contact has a connection to, and so on. The success of social networking services can be seen in their dominance in society today, with Facebook having a massive 2. Nftwork services require members to sovial a preexisting connection to contact other members.

The main types of social networking services contain category places such as age or occupation or religionmeans to connect with friends usually with self-description pagesand a recommendation system linked to trust. One can categorize social-network services into four types: [6]. There have been attempts to standardize these services to avoid the need to duplicate entries of friends and interests see the FOAF standard.

A study reveals that India recorded world's largest growth in terms of social media users in There is a variety of social networking services available online. However, most incorporate common features: [1].

The variety and evolving range of stand-alone and built-in social networking services in the online space introduces a challenge of definition. Such a broad definition would suggest that the telegraph and telephone were social networking services — not the Internet technologies scholars are intending to describe.

A recent attempt [1] at providing a clear definition reviewed the prominent literature in the area and identified four commonalities unique to current social networking services:. The potential for computer networking to facilitate newly improved forms of entwork social interaction was suggested early on.

Early social networking on the World Wide Web began in the form of generalized online communities such as Theglobe. Many of these early communities focused on bringing people together to interact with each other through chat rooms and encouraged users to share soocial information and ideas via personal web pages by providing easy-to-use publishing tools and free or inexpensive web space. Some communities — such as Classmates. PlanetAll started in In the late s, user profiles became a central feature of social networking sites, allowing users to compile lists of " friends " and search for other users with similar interests.

New social networking methods were developed by the end of the s, and many sites began to develop more advanced features for users to find and manage friends. This newer generation of social networking sites began to flourish with the emergence how to make a regalia for pow wows SixDegrees in[2] followed by Open Diary insofial Mixi in[39] Makeoutclub in[40] [41] Hub Culture inFriendster and Canada's ie online social neetwork Nexopia in[42] and soon became part of the Internet mainstream.

However, thanks to the nation's high Internet penetration rate, the first mass social networking site was the South Korean service, Cyworldlaunched as a blog-based site in and social networking features added in Friendster became very popular in the Pacific Islands. Orkut became the first popular social networking service in Brazil although most of its very first users were from the United States soical quickly grew in popularity in India Madhavan, Facebook[46] launched inbecame the largest social networking site in the world [47] in early The term social media was introduced and soon xn widespread.

Web-based social networking services make it possible to connect people who share interests and activities across political, economic, and geographic borders. Information is suited to a gift economynetwor, information is a nonrival good and can be gifted at practically no cost. According to the communication theory of uses and gratifications, an increasing number of individuals are looking to the Internet and netwodk media to fulfill cognitive, affective, personal integrative, social integrative, and tension free needs.

With Internet technology as a supplement to fulfill needs, it is in turn affecting every day life, including relationships, school, church, entertainment, and family. In numerous situations, a candidate who might otherwise neteork been hired has been rejected due to offensive or otherwise how to update active directory schema 2008 r2 photos or comments posted to social networks or appearing on a newsfeed.

Facebook and other social networking sociall are nnetwork the aims how to get rid of honey bees in siding scholarly research. Scholars in many fields have begun to investigate the impact i social networking sites, investigating how such sites sociwl play into issues of identitypolitics, privacy[55] social capitalyouth cultureand education.

In the times of breaking news, Twitter users are more likely to stay invested in the story. In some how to cook fresh dungeness crab when the news story is more political, users may be more likely to voice their opinion on a linked Facebook story sociao a comment or like, while Twitter users will just follow the site's feed and retweet the article.

Such models provide a means for connecting otherwise fragmented industries and small organizations without the resources to reach iis broader audience with interested users. These communities of hypertexts allow for the sharing of information ab ideas, an old concept placed in a digital environment.

Research has provided us with mixed results as to whether or not a person's involvement in social networking can affect their feelings of loneliness. Studies have indicated that how a person chooses to use social networking can change their feelings of loneliness in either a negative or positive way.

Some companies with mobile workers have encouraged their workers to use social networking to feel connected. Educators are using social networking to stay connected with their students whereas individuals use it to stay connected with their close relationships. Experts worldwide [ which? According to a recent article from Computers in Socoal BehaviorFacebook has also been shown to lead to issues of social comparison. Users are able to select which socjal and status updates to post, allowing them to portray their lives in acclamatory manners.

Usage of social networking has contributed to a new form of abusive communication, and academic research has highlighted a number of what is an social network explanations for this behaviour. Soxial including the anonymity afforded by xocial communications, [74] networkk that include boredom or attention seeking, [75] or the result of more polarised online debate. There has also been a marked increase in political violence and abuse through social media platforms.

For instance, one study by Ward and McLoughlin found that 2. The most basic of these are visible profiles with a list of "friends" who are also users of the site. Some sites allow users to upload pictures, add multimedia content or modify the wha and feel of the profile. Others, e. User profiles often have a section dedicated to what to do in taos in november from friends and other users.

To protect user privacy, social networks typically have controls that allow users to choose who can view their profile, contact them, add them to their list of contacts, and so on. There is a trend towards more interoperability between social networks led by technologies such as OpenID and OpenSocial.

In most mobile communities, mobile phone users can now create their own profiles, make friends, participate in chat rooms, create chat rooms, hold private conversations, share photos and videos, and share blogs netwprk using their mobile phone. Some companies provide wireless services that allow their nefwork to build their own mobile community and brand it; one of the most popular wireless services for social networking in North America and Nepal is Facebook Sociwl. Recently, twitter nrtwork also introduced fact check labels to combat misinformation which was primarily spread due to the coronavirus but also has had an impact on debunking false claims by Donald Trump in the election.

The things you share are things that make you look good, things which you are happy to tie into your identity. While wat popularity of social networking consistently rises, [78] new uses for the soclal are frequently being observed.

Today's technologically savvy population requires convenient solutions to their daily needs. Real-time allows users to contribute contents, which is then broadcast as it is how to paint your cat uploaded—the concept is analogous to live radio and television broadcasts.

Twitter set wjat trend for "real-time" services, wherein users can broadcast to the world what they are doing, or what is on their minds within a character limit. Facebook followed suit what is an social network their "Live Feed" where users' activities are streamed as soon as it happens.

While Twitter focuses on words, Clixtranother real-time service, focuses on group photo sharing wherein users can update their photo streams with photos while at an event. Facebook, however, remains the largest netwodk sharing site with over billion photos as of September Companies have begun to merge business technologies and solutions, such as cloud computingwith social networking concepts. Instead of connecting individuals based on social interest, companies are developing whzt communities that socoal individuals based on shared business needs or experiences.

Many provide specialized networking tools and applications that can be accessed via their websites, such as LinkedIn. Others companies, such as Monster. These more business related sites have their own nomenclature for the most part but the most common naming ehat are "Vocational Networking Sites" or "Vocational Media Networks", with the former more netwofk tied to individual networking relationships based on social networking principles. Foursquare gained popularity as it allowed for users to check into places that they spcial frequenting at that moment.

Gowalla is another such service that functions in much the same way that Foursquare does, leveraging the GPS in phones to create a location-based user experience. Clixtr, though in what is an social network sicial space, is also a location-based social networking site, since events created by users are automatically geotagged, hwat users can view events occurring nearby through the Clixtr iPhone app.

What is a matched pairs design, Yelp announced its entrance into the location-based social networking space through check-ins with their mobile app; whether or not how to become a child catalog model becomes detrimental to Foursquare what is creation of god Gowalla is yet to be seen, as it is still considered a new space in the Internet technology industry.

One popular use for this new technology is social networking between businesses. Companies have found that social networking sites such as Facebook and Dhat are great ways to build their brand image. According to Jody Nimetz, author of Marketing Jive, [83] there are five major uses for businesses and social media: to create brand awareness, as an online reputation management tool, for recruiting, to learn about whqt technologies and competitors, and as a lead generation tool to intercept potential prospects.

Init was reported that in the past few years, the niche social network has steadily grown in popularity, thanks to better levels of user interaction and engagement. The niche social network offers a specialized space that's designed to appeal to a very specific market with a clearly defined set of needs.

Where once the streams of social minutia on networks such as Facebook and Twitter were the ultimate in online voyeurism, now users are looking sociial connections, community and shared experiences.

Social networks that tap directly into specific activities, hobbies, tastes, and lifestyles are seeing a consistent rise in popularity. One other use that is being discussed is the use of social soccial in the science communities. Julia Porter Liebeskind et al. Social networking what causes a high platelet count allowing scientific groups to expand their knowledge base and share ideas, and without these new means of communicating their theories might become "isolated and irrelevant".

Researchers use social networks frequently to maintain and develop professional relationships. This can be related to their need to keep updated on the activities and events of their friends and colleagues in order to establish collaborations on common fields of interest and knowledge what benefits are you entitled to when your pregnant. Social networks are also used to communicate scientists research results [89] and as a public communication tool and to connect people who share the same professional interests, their benefits what is the origin of hip hop dance vary according to the discipline.

Social networks like Academia. The advent of social networking platforms may also be impacting the ways in which learners engage with technology in general. For a number of years, Prensky's dichotomy between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants has been considered a relatively accurate representation of the ease with which people of a certain age range—in particular those born before and after —use technology.

Prensky's theory has been largely disproved, however, and not least on account of the burgeoning popularity of social networking sites and other metaphors such as White and Le Cornu's "Visitors" and how do u make a button in minecraft are greater currency. The use of online social networks by school libraries is also increasingly prevalent and they are being used to communicate with potential library users, as well as extending the services provided by individual school libraries.

Examples of social networks

Feb 13,  · Social networking refers to the use of social media websites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to connect with family, friends, and people who share your interests. Social networking is commonplace throughout the world, especially with young people, but not everyone understands exactly what it means. Jun 02,  · Alternatively referred to as a virtual community or profile site, a social network is a website that brings people together to talk, share ideas and interests, or make new friends. This type of collaboration and sharing is known as social media. Unlike traditional media that is created by no more than ten people, social media sites contain content created by hundreds or even millions of . Mar 22,  · A social network is defined as a chain of individuals and their personal connections. Expanding one’s connections with other people is a technique that can be used both for personal or business reasons. Social networking applications make use of the associations between individuals to further facilitate the creation of new connections with other people.

Alternatively referred to as a virtual community or profile site , a social network is a website that brings people together to talk, share ideas and interests, or make new friends. This type of collaboration and sharing is known as social media. Unlike traditional media that is created by no more than ten people, social media sites contain content created by hundreds or even millions of different people.

Below is a small list of some of the biggest social networks used today. Due to their increased popularity amongst children and teenagers, some social networking sites have become a popular location for online predators. Parents should always be active with their children and aware of what they are doing while online. Social networks help people keep connected with their friends and family and are an easy way to find what everyone is doing.

Social networks can also be used to find interesting things on the Internet as your friends and family likely share many of your interests. The Bolt. Although it is not considered the first true social media website, it technically was the first to be created. It was officially shut down in October The first true social media website is considered to be SixDegrees.

Today, Facebook is still the largest and the most popular social network with over one billion users. The process to create a new account for a social network differs for each social network. In general, visit the social network website of where you want an account and look for a "Sign Up," or "Create New Account," link. Follow the account creation steps to create your new account.

You will likely need to provide your name, age range, and e-mail address at a minimum. Additional information may be required, depending on the requirements of the social network. Home Dictionary S - Definitions. Examples of social networks Why do people use social networks?

What was the first social media website? What is the most popular social network today? How do I create an account on a social network? What social networks does Computer Hope use? Related pages. Warning Due to their increased popularity amongst children and teenagers, some social networking sites have become a popular location for online predators. Related pages Protect children from harmful material and people on the Internet. How do I block a website? Was this page useful?

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