What is the best way to sell used dvds

what is the best way to sell used dvds

9 Best Places To Sell Used DVDs For Extra Cash (Updated 2021)

You are better off selling your DVDs to your local used DVD stores or used bookstores. Most people nowadays will more likely buy or rent digital movies and TV series off from iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. Mar 12,  · Try a swap site like datingusaforall.com You won't get money for the DVDs, but you can trade them for something you want. You do have to spend money for postage when you send someone a .

Selling your used DVDs is a great way to make easy cash while minimizing the clutter in your home. There are many places where you can sell items like old DVDs, so we did the research to find you the best options. And, they will even buy your old cell phones, tablets, video game consolesand textbooks. To get started selling your DVDs, you enter the barcode for the items you wish to sell and ship them for free.

They will provide you with a shipping label at no cost to you. When you choose to be paid with PayPal or direct deposit, you can receive payment the next day. Otherwise, Decluttr will mail you a paper check. All you have to do is scan the barcode to begin the listing process.

Just enter the digit barcode listed under the UPC barcode to receive an instant quote for each movie you wish to sell. Once your what size spinning reel for trout fishing are received, you will be paid the next day via PayPal or paper check. Another perk of selling with Eagle Saver is that they have free return shipping for any movies they decide not to purchase from you se,l they do not meet their quality standards.

You will receive a quote when you enter the UPC barcode into the website box. DVDs need to be in good playing condition, and neither the case nor disc can have scratches, chips, or missing pieces.

Shipping is free and Sell DVDs Online will initiate payment xvds three days of receiving your package. While other vendors have similar policies, Sell DVDs Online will not accept brand-new movies that are still in their original packaging. Bonavendi has a slightly different take on the selling process as they provide a price tge from 20 different buyback vendors. This price search engine can be the quickest way to capture the best price for your collection.

You can start comparing prices by entering each barcode number individually or scanning the barcodes with their mobile app. Dhat getting the quotes for each Wxy, you choose the vendor s that you want to use. You have a couple of different selling options with Amazon. The most lucrative option is to list your DVDs as a third-party listing.

Also, you can get paid in an Amazon gift card if you would rather get credit instead of cash. If you want to sell your DVDs to the highest bidder, why not auction them off on eBay? You will need to provide your product pictures and item descriptions, but this can be an excellent way to sell items individually wat as a bundle.

And, you get to choose the starting bid and shipping fees. The cool thing about eBay is that you can sell your DVD collection in bulk. For instance, if you wanted to sell DVDs, you can create one listing instead of separate listings. Note: When you sell items on eBay you want to factor in the potential shipping costs in to the price. In this case, wait to have a garage sale and sell it there instead.

Lastly, it is worth saying that eBay is one of the only places to sell your old VHS wa. So you might want to sell those as well, if you choose this option. Want to sell your DVD collection near you? Here are some great options so that you dont have to hassle with shipping. Listing is free, and you get paid once you meet the buyer in person. Just make sure to read the group guidelines to ensure you can sell all your DVDs. I have a friend who has sold a ton of stuff on Facebook Marketplace and she does what is called Porch Pickup.

This is where she just leaves the item on her what is air europa like and the buyer leaves the cash under the doormat. Buyers can also pay with a debit card in Facebook if you prefer digital payments.

There are no fees for debit card payments and you can have quicker access to your funds. Another tried and true method for selling used DVDs is on Craigslist. Whether you have a single movie, a single TV show season, or the wya series of a film or TV franchise, it will sell on Craigslist or a Craigslist alternative such as OfferUp.

As with Facebook, listing each movie is free, and you get to keep all the profit. All you need to do is meet the buyer at a designated meetup spot, and they pay you in cash on the spot. Another option to sell DVDs locally is to visit your neighborhood pawn shop. To sell your DVDs to a pawn shop, just take them to the location ddvs their staff will review your collection uswd offer you a price.

If you accept the price, they will give you cash, and they will sell the DVDs in their store. Being aware of the online trade-in values can help you negotiate the best price. Another option is to visit your local used bookstore.

In addition to buying used books, many will also accept movies and video games. If you want to sell your DVDs without leaving your house, another option is to have a yard sale. Advertising your sale on a local yard sale app will increase the exposure to die-hard buyers who are planning their weekend route. If you have a few valuable DVDs to sell, be sure to mention them in the listing to also generate more interest in your sale.

If you have the time hwat the real estate, it can be more cost-effective than burning gas to drive across town to meet a Craigslist buyer or see what your local pawn shop will offer. You can sell used DVDs at local buyback stores such as used bookstores or using a local marketplace app like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. Selling DVDs online is possible as hsed can ship items to buyback vendors or can try getting more cash by finding a buyer on eBay or Amazon.

If selling online, you can scan the DVD barcodes to get a buyback price before mailing your DVDs using a free shipping label.

Selling locally can be better as you how to use wireless presenter shipping fees by selling your items at a local store or listing wht on a marketplace app where you arrange a pickup time with the buyer. There are no fees if you use a t vendor like Decluttr or sell locally. You can sell your used DVDs online or locally.

If you decide to sell online, most merchants will offer free shipping and pay you quickly after receiving the shipment. Another option is to sell locally by advertising on a local classified app or visiting a store that buys used DVDs. Have you ever sold used DVDs? If so, how did you sell them? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section. Furthermore, you forgot to mention Amoeba Music in Hollywood, which would take your movies!

Amoeba sounds iw a great place! There are more selling options online since you can reach more potential buyers. From our own used media that how to get the command prompt sell, we have more success online than in-person because our local stores have minimal demand compared to some of the other brick-and-mortars on this list.

Amoeba Music are robbers! I mean they give you practically nothin in cash. Somewhat better in trade but still not even close to a third of what the CD is worth. This is truly helpful information! Thank you! I have more than 1, DVDs to sell. I need a company with a bar-code scanning option. I like DeCluttr and Bonavendi. But, can I engage them if I live in Canada? I wish I had known of the barcode scanning apps when we trimmed our collection down a few months ago.

It appears Decluttr only works in the U. Not every product has one of these, so you next have to look for a serial number. I ran into the same issue from my college collection. The FAQs sections for the different website usually tell their policy about loose discs.

I live in Athens, Greece. Which company of those you mentioned accepts this kind of offer? The best way to find that out is to either check their policies or ask them directly through the contact information on each individual website.

Since each company what color eyes does derek jeter have different, some may be willing to accept a large amount of items and others may not. Good luck! Second Spin offers a bulk buy back option. Check their Site. Find bulk sell. I just spent hours scanning everything on Bonavendi only to find out you have to finish on a computer!

What good is the mobile app, then? I do not have a computer. I did not see anything about that on their site. FYE is partnered with Second Spin. All of the new DVDs that I scanned averaged around 30 cents per unit. I am sorry you do not care for Eagle Saver. If you have had problems with them, have you contacted them about it? After 5 items, his offers dropped once again.

Tips for Selling CDs Online

Nov 24,  · Out of all places that buy used cds and dvds, you will make the most by selling through datingusaforall.com You’ll be able to make as much as $2 all the way to $8 for each CD. You can also sell DVDs and Blu-Ray discs through this website. DVDs usually go for $5 or $6 while Blu-Rays can go anywhere from $5 to as much as $ DVDs and Blu-rays can sell for $3 to $5, while CDs may only sell for $1 to $3. VHS and cassette tapes require a special buyer who still has the equipment, so go low with $1 or less. Vinyl Records: $2 for each LP album is a good price because these are becoming collectible again. Nov 26,  · If you're less worried about the money and just want rid, you could give them to charity shops. (Or, sell the DVDs/CDs to musicmagpie or similar and just give the books to charity shops.) It's difficult because the market for all of them is so saturated .

Decluttr is our top recommendation to rid yourself of old DVDs and video games. Of all the options, Decluttr has the widest range of products they will purchase. You can sell your old phone , CDs, video games, books, and electronics to Decluttr. They even buy bags of legos by weight starting at 0.

Unlike some other vendors, Decluttr will accept previously rented DVDs so long as they meet their quality standards. The buyback quote is locked in for a whopping 28 days. That should give conscientious sellers plenty of time to do comparison shopping. They also buy books, CDs and games. Enter the digit UPC code of the items you want to sell into their search bar. There is also an app that you can download to use your smartphone as a barcode scanner. They do not accept ex-rental, ex-library or promotional copies.

Of course, you can always use eBay , the online marketplace where you can sell just about anything. The downside of course, is eBay gets a cut. Given the effort required, you may want to consider selling collections of DVDs instead of going piecemeal. If you have lots of different items to unload, they will also buy your old electronics , CDs, and video games. So if you have a lot of items, their process may not be ideal.

But in addition to free shipping, they provide payment the day they receive shipment. They claim theirs is the fastest buyback in the industry. Textbook Rush primarily focuses on used textbook buyback, sales and rental. But they expanded their service to offer one place for students or anyone to offload used video games and movies too.

Enter up to 20 UPCs codes into their search field, then review and accept their offer and choose the method of payment. Store credit is an option for students who want to dedicate their earnings to future textbook purchases. As with other sites, shipping is free. The site acts as an aggregator of 28 different vendors and buyback sites. You can also sell books, CDs, and video games. For example, the seller interested in maximizing overall sale price can choose to work with unlimited buyers.

A seller who prefers to minimize the hassle of packing and shipping can choose a single buyer for their entire collection. Once you choose your vendor s , the actual sale will be conducted through their website. But Bonavendi will continue to guide you through the process and keep track of your sales along the way.

So long as your titles are on their product list and the DVD meets their quality standards, consider it sold. As with other vendors, shipping is free. Facebook Marketplace is another good place to unload your DVD collection.

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, uploading pictures and creating posts is a breeze. Since you arrange the sale, you may have to deal with multiple inquiries, no-shows, and travel time to meeting places.

But as a free marketplace, you might make more money going this route. Similar to Facebook, Craigslist is another free marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of virtually everything. Though its interface is less intuitive, Craigslist is still a great option for selling used DVDs.

A quick search online will show any nearby possibilities. A used bookstore may also buy your DVDs either outright or on a consignment basis. You may be offered a larger payout if you choose store credit. Pawnshops will often purchase used DVDs outright. Like other vendors, expect to be paid more for newer releases, rare titles, and anniversary editions.

There are other marketplaces to explore beyond Facebook and Craigslist. Here are some that have gained popularity. Check them out to learn more about their buying and selling processes.

You could always sell your DVDs at a yard sale. Just know they take a lot of effort. Again, if your objective is to rid yourself of a lot of stuff, have at it! Just make sure you reserve some energy for aggressive hagglers on the big day! Maybe after considering all the options, it seems like a hassle to sell your used DVDs. The inside and outside art cannot be missing. You can also enter the barcode of an item to see if they will accept it. Titles that are in high demand and those that are rare get the best buyback rates.

And titles that are both in high demand and rare command even better ones. The same can be said for box sets and special anniversary releases with promotional packaging. If it has never been opened, or if it is a rare title or a collectible edition, you can command much more. It is worth mentioning that not one of 28 vendors was interested in purchasing a couple of classics. And how you go about it depends on a few things.

Do you have more items to sell than just used DVDs? Is getting as much money as possible your main objective? Do you value your time more than extra money? Answer those questions for yourself and then get down to business. It is time to reclaim some storage space. Want to sell your DVDs for cash? Well, there are many options to choose from.

Decluttr 2. Eagle Saver 3. Buyback Express 5. Textbook Rush 6. Bonavendi 7. Sell DVDs Online 9. Facebook Marketplace Craigslist Local Independent Music and Gaming Stores Used Bookstores Consignment Shops Pawnshops Other Online Marketplaces Yard Sale Facebook Twitter. Search for:.

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