What to do for wind chapped face

what to do for wind chapped face

Dermatologists' top tips for relieving dry skin

Mar 21,  · The following measures can help treat windburned lips: drink water avoid hot beverages avoid spicy foods don’t pick at your lips — let any peeling skin shed on its own use a thick chap stick throughout the day apply an emollient cream or Vaseline for extra protectionAuthor: Kristeen Cherney. Jul 15,  · Since windburn causes dry skin, most important part of treatment is to keep the skin moisturized all the time. Applying good moisturizer on the affected area will help to heal the skin quickly. Coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizer nature has given to mankind. Apply it three to four times in a day on the face.

In winter we experience the joy of holiday eating, spending time with loved ones, and ringing in a new year. But the colder months can have their downsides as well—from seasonal depression to extremely dry skin to an itchy scalp. Another big one that you may have never even heard of but have probably experienced?

In fact, it feels a whole lot like a sunburn on your face in the middle of December. But why exactly does windburn happen and is it really as bad as dealing with a nasty sunburn? We talked to board-certified dermatologists to get the scoop on this dry skin condition, including how to treat it, and more importantly, prevent it from ruining your next winter excursion. Windburn happens when low temperature, lack of humidity, and wind weakens or damages the top layer of your skin, explains David Lortscher, M.

It may also itch, burn, feel sensitive, or start to peel. Spending chapper outdoors during the winter easily ups your risk of the condition. The how to root samsung galaxy fit is, windburn and sunburn can occur at the same time, so it can be difficult to determine which one you are dealing with.

To minimize recovery time, use these tips from Dr. Lortscher and Dr. To fpr some relief, using a wijd that soothes dry skin is key. Moisturizers containing ceramides are especially great for what has holes but still holds water with sensitive, easily irritated skin. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin are also great ingredients to scan for, since they are humectants that help your skin draw in water, says Dr.

Other ingredients that can be soothing include aloe vera, soy, and oatmeal, adds Dr. The following products contain several of the recommended ingredients:. Make sure you apply a face sunscreen before you head outdoors.

Products that contain alcohol, exfoliating propertiesor lots of fragrance will only delay the healing process and exacerbate the symptoms you are experiencing, says Dr. Gentle, fragrance-free skincare is your best bet. Hydrocortisone will help minimize redness, itchiness, and irritation by minimizing your dilated blood vessels.

Docs typically recommend avoiding hydrocortisone cream for longer periods of time as it can winf to skin thinning. Be sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer that contains a humectant like hyaluronic acid or glycerin or an emollient like petrolatum, shea butter, or squalane if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors.

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Simple changes can soothe dry skin

To help heal dry skin and prevent its return, dermatologists recommend the following. Stop baths and showers from worsening dry skin. When the humidity drops or your skin feels dry, be sure to: Close the bathroom door. Use warm rather than hot water. Limit your time in the shower or bath to 5 or 10 minutes.

Crisp, cool air is one of the most refreshing parts of winter outdoor workouts. One of the worst? The wind burn on your face that can pop up after exercising outside during especially breezy days. Any activity that exposes you to the wind can increase your risk for wind burn, including skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, running , cycling, or even just walking outdoors for a long time in the wind and cold, Rajani Katta , M. But activities with quicker speed—think skiing or snowboarding versus walking—tend to bring on more severe wind burn, Melissa Piliang , M.

But what exactly is wind burn, and how can you ease that raw tenderness? Wind burn is damage to your outer layer of skin, says Dr. This causes irritation and inflammation of your skin, says Dr. As a result, you may experience redness, sensitivity, and peeling of the skin on your face. The central part of your face, including your cheeks and nose which tend to protrude more , are the areas most likely to be affected by wind burn, says Dr.

While some people think wind burn is the same as sunburn which, yes, you absolutely can get in the winter , there are actually a few differences. In many cases, it can look similar to sunburn, but it tends to feel a little different.

But because sunburn can affect the outermost and the deepest layers of the skin depending on severity , it can result in permanent damage on a cellular level, says Dr. This includes an increased risk of skin cancer.

You absolutely can get sunburn and wind burn at the same time. In fact, because wind burn breaks down that protective barrier of your skin, experiencing it may actually increase your risk of sunburn, Jill Cotseones, D. First, playing the preventive game is important to make sure the outermost layer of your skin is protected and intact. You may also want to avoid potentially irritating products with fragrances or those that are alcohol-based, says Dr.

You should also apply a moisturizer that contains ceramides, which fill in cracks between skin cells and repair that external barrier, says Dr. Zeichner says. And remember to bring the stick or pot with you so you can reapply if your outdoor workout goes long. Try a mineral sunscreen , which includes ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and tends to be gentler than its chemical counterparts, to protect against UV rays, says Dr.

Sometimes, even when employing the best prevention tactics, you can still experience wind burn on your face. A good moisturizer comes in handy for wind burn treatment as well as prevention. And products with coconut oil or colloidal oatmeal can feel soothing, says Dr. To guard against skin reaction, be sure to test any new product on a small area of skin first. Keep your showers lukewarm and relatively quick—think 10 to 15 minutes—to prevent moisture from stripping from your skin, says Dr.

Then afterward, apply your product: Using a moisturizer on damp skin can really help lock in moisture. On that note, you should also take a careful look at the products you use as part of your regular daily skin-care routine , especially those which can lead to irritation during normal use.

These can be antiaging products with retinoids or acne treatments with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, says Dr. These can feel especially irritating on skin with wind burn, since its protective barrier is not intact.

During that time, you may want to skip outdoor activities until the skin has healed; otherwise, it can lead to worsening symptoms, says Dr. If your wind burn does not improve or worsens, it may be time to call a dermatologist, who may prescribe a topical cortisone cream. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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