What to look for in a lawn tractor

what to look for in a lawn tractor

8 Things to Look For When Buying A Zero Turn Mower

Mar 23,  · Convient Gas Gauge. Some models have a gas gauge you can check while driving, while others offer a see-through tank. The less expensive models require you to stop and lift the hood to check the fuel level. You’ll also want to be sure to empty out the gas in your lawn tractor before winter. 5 / 9. Dec 11,  · If your yard is larger than an acre and you want more versatility out of your ride-on machine without breaking the bank, then a lawn tractor should be right for you. Garden Tractors Garden tractors (starting around $2, and going up to $7,) are built on heavier-duty frames and usually have more horsepower than their lawn tractor cousins. They have larger cutting decks, often outfitted .

Before you how to talk in stick empires on a new riding lawn mower, read this guide to figure out what type of machine is best for your needs. Keeping your yard looking sharp is an important part of homeownership. A well-maintained lawn not only enhances your home's curb appeal, it could also increase its value. That's why it makes plenty of sense to invest in tracgor decent lawn mower.

With robot mowers still struggling what is the age of jennifer winget gain tractionyour choices are mainly go between walking models and riding models.

A walking lawn mower is perfect if trxctor have a small yard. However, if your yard exceeds a quarter of an acreor you're looking to spend less time mowing it, then it's worth considering the upgrade to a riding lawn mower. This guide will help you find the right one lwwn examining factors like your lawn size, type of terrain and special features to look tractoe. The size of your lawn is a vital factor when you're choosing a lawn mower.

After all, if you've got a large lawn encompassing multiple acres, then your mower will need the chops to handle the job well while saving you time. One effective way to measure a mower's capabilities is its cut width, which tells you how wide a strip of grass it can clear in ho single ehat. The bigger the cut width, the more grass you'll be able to mow at once.

A yard less than 1 acre would do well with a cutting width of 30 to 42 inches. Both mowers have horsepower gas engines, hydrostatic transmissions and a ehat width of 42 inches. Lawns 5 or more acres in size will typically require a cutting width of at least 54 inches -- otherwise you'll be out there mowing all day. With a hp gas engine and a broad, inch cutting width, it should make fast work of big lawns. Does your lawn have lots of obstacles to navigate? If it does, consider a riding mower with a tight turning radius, which is helpful for steering around tight spots and corners.

A tighter turning radius makes for smoother handling, and it'll help to ensure a uniform cut. A mower's turn radius is usually listed in inches with smaller figures describing tighter turns. Meanwhile, if your yard contains an abundance of items like flower beds or shrubs, then a zero-turn mower might be more your speed. With a zero-turn mower, you'll use a pair of levers instead of a steering wheel to maneuver.

Zero-turn mowers spin on a dime, with an effective turning radius of 0 inches. They what is the currency in singapore called a high forward speed, too. That allows them to whip around tight edges while still providing a smooth cut. One example of a zero-turn mower is the John Deere ZR. It's equipped with a hp gas engine and has a top speed of 7 miles per hour.

Riding mowers can do more than just cut grass. For instance, some can haul extra items. You can hitch stuff like dump cartsgiving you the option to move lawn debris and other items with ease. Other handy options include snow plows and even snowblower attachments to deal with tough winters. There are comfort features you can look for in your next mower, too.

Seating is a primary point of focus, especially if you'll be riding on your mower for hours at a ij. If long rides like those are a concern, look for a mower with high-back seats, lumbar support and armrests, as they can help keep you comfortable for a longer ride. Some riding mowers also include cup fo to keep you hydrated while you're out mowing. Looj are also options for extended leg room, rubber foot pedals and much more.

As you shop, be sure to factor in engine design, as well. Single engines tend to be the least expensive and are perfect for smaller yards. However, if you have a yard with multiple acres, then you should consider a V-twin engine. Not only does a V-twin fractor faster mowing, it helps you navigate uneven terrain with ease. Some riding lawn mowers can also mow in reverse -- a helpful feature if you need a different angle when cutting around obstacles.

Additionally, cutting in reverse often helps to smooth out spots over hilly terrain. So now you know some traftor the x things to consider when choosing a lawn mower. The trzctor step is to weigh the features you want against your budget. Also, keep in mind fo some manufacturers such as John Deere offer financing incentives. Better yet, if you pay off the loan within the promotional period, you're not on the hook for interest charges. Looj like that could also give you the flexibility to purchase a more powerful lawn mower, or even the machine of your dreams.

And with regular maintenanceyour lawn mower could provide many years of valuable service. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about.

When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Sean Jackson. Getty Images Keeping your yard loook sharp is an important part of homeownership. How big is your lawn? Now playing: Watch this: How to prep your lawn mower for the season.

How big is your lawn?

Mar 30,  · Looking out at a lush green lawn is one of life's simple pleasures. But cutting all that grass may not be. A lawn mower or tractor you can depend on to get the job done right is key. Feb 10,  · Matching Riding Mowers to Lawn Sizes. 3/4-Acre to 1-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a in to in cut width. 1-Acre to 2-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a in to in cut width. 2-Acre to 3-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a in to in cut width. 3-Acre to 5-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower. Feb 26,  · There are comfort features you can look for in your next mower, too. Seating is a primary point of focus, especially if you'll be riding on your mower for hours at a time. If long rides like those.

Like any other investment, a zero turn mower can be a great asset if you take the time to learn as much as you can before you buy. Comparing specs on steel frame design and dimension, the gauge of the steel the lower the gauge, the thicker the material and protection surrounding the rear-mounted engine can give you a good idea of overall durability.

Is the deck stamped? Commercial zero turn mowers typically have decks made of several pieces of continuously welded heavy-gauge steel, while residential mowers have decks of lighter-gauge steel stamped in a press.

For homeowners, stamped decks will be more than adequate, but for properties with rough terrain, they may be less durable than the welded decks found on most professional mowers.

Welded decks appear on commercial-grade products and are constructed to stand up to more rugged daily use. Also look to see if the mower has small wheels designed to raise the deck over uneven terrain to protect the lawn from getting cut too short, or scalped.

How many gauge wheels does the deck have, and are they adjustable to accommodate different cutting heights? Zero turn mowers at the lower end of the pricing spectrum may come equipped with a single-cylinder engine. Twin-cylinder OHV engines are becoming more prevalent, and are widely used on commercial grade zero-turn-radius mowers. These engines are more powerful and run smoother less vibration.

Adjusting the cutting height on a zero turn mower should be easy and fast. Avoid mowers that require you to get off and manually adjust the deck height, since that will reduce your productivity.

They also provide improved traction. Opt for more durable four-ply-rated tires. Are you a novice or an expert operator? Some zero turn mowers allow you to adjust your mowing speed to match your level of comfort and control. The low-speed option also provides more graduated speed changes with your control arms. To learn more about lawn mowing and zero turn mowers, visit www.

Zero turn mowers offer the ability to cut tight contours, meaning less time on foot with a hand trimmer or push mower. They also offer improved visibility and faster cutting speeds, so you can spend less time maintaining the lawn and more time enjoying it. Post By Related Related Post.

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