You can live a healthy lifestyle by going barefoot

You can live a healthy lifestyle by going barefoot

Imagine this: You are planning your next day’s activities one evening in March. After removing your socks and being barefoot for your first time since the morning you lay down next to your bed to plan the outfit you will wear the next day. You wake up a few hours later and the alarm goes off on your nightstand. In search of a few extra minutes, you hit the snooze a couple of times. After battling your subconscious, finally you get out of bed. After battling your subconscious, you finally get up and walk to the sink. You wash your feet and then dress yourself for the day by putting on a jacket, tie, blouse, or dress. You realize you need to get on the road as soon as possible.

Are You Having a Hard Time Finding Your Shoes?

You hurry out of the door, and as you wait for the bus, train or UPS to arrive, you casually look around. You are attracted to the vast array of shoes that surround you. An ankle pair of socks and running shoes. A pair of worn-out, scuffed-up work boots is paired with a pair jeans. A woman wearing elegant high-heeled boots with stockings that make her legs look like they have been soaked in indian ink. You notice your toes begin to bend as you shift your stance. Your heel touches the pavement softly, and you know something is wrong, but it’s also right.

Finally, you look down to find that your toes are visible. Between your soles and the ground, there is nothing between. You may be tempted to panic and try to get out of it. However, reality is brought back to you when the woman beside you asks, “Forgot your shoes?”

It can’t, you think. Your toes are still looking up at you. As your feet feel the concrete beneath, you can feel the pavement getting colder. One foot is lifted up and you can see your sole. It has become blackened since you have not worn footwear in the previous night. Your naked feet are exposed! You can’t even wear flip flops or socks! It’s like you are having a nightmare where your feet are exposed to everyone else.

You may find yourself grabbing your side of the head in disbelief and uttering “OMG!” It’s unbelievable that I forgot to wear my socks and shoes! “How could I have gone barefoot all this time?”

If you’re close enough to your home, you can panic and run for it – even if you have to get into your socks and shoes. You can accept the fact that you are not home yet, and you can resign yourself in to the fact that you are naked.

You can rest assured that it is unlikely that you will have to put on shoes before you leave your house.

Let’s just say that it did. You feel another sensation. You smile and shrug at the people around you, as if to say, “hey, look at this!” It’s a cold winter day, so I’m walking barefoot. This could be fun! You may enjoy the freedom of feeling the cool ground beneath your feet, while others are covered up and keeping their feet warm.

I know that I do. I get asked many times if my shoes are missing. Since I rarely wear socks or shoes, the question is often irrelevant.

Sometimes, the answer is yes. I am so used to wearing nothing on my feet that I forget to bring my shoes. I end up going to appointments and meetings barefoot because I don’t feel like I have any other options.

Instead of panicking, I find myself enjoying the moment and looking forward to the next day of living a healthy life in my naturally resilient bare feet. I then continue with my plans for the day.

Barefoot as a Healthy Lifestyle

How many of you guys enjoy the feeling of coming home from work and being able to kick off your shoes and take off your socks? Ladies, if you’re wearing uncomfortable heels, it can be a great relief to take off your shoes and get rid of the sock-like feeling. You will feel like a new person as soon as you can breathe and your soles touch the floor or carpet.

What about those times when you run to the beach or the park and you want to be the first to get your shoes off? Invigorating, right?

Imagine that you can feel the relief for an entire working day. You can let your toes, arches, and heels stretch freely and breathe without any restrictions. There is no waiting until you get home to restore your feet to their natural state, barefoot, after almost ten hours of non-stop running around or working in the office. Imagine that feeling for a whole day. Imagine being in this blissful state for several days.

You don’t have to imagine it, because I almost never wear footwear. Instead of using my imagination, I can live the experience of allowing the soles of my feet to touch every surface 24/7 without interruption and living a healthy, barefoot lifestyle.

Living a healthy, barefoot lifestyle

Barefoot walking is becoming more popular. Many articles have been written about it, and many health and wellness experts highly recommend it.

Although there are many resources on the health benefits of barefoot, most people in Western society consider it unsanitary, unprofessional, and uncivilized. Conversely, the most fashionable shoes for your feet, no matter how uncomfortable or restrictive, are considered sophisticated and fashionable.

A person who is aware of the benefits of being barefoot and has a healthy foot can lose his job and social life. This is why I created this website and gave it the Barefoot Healthy Lifestyle.

Barefoot healthy lifestyle is about more than the simple joys of being barefoot. This site will provide examples and ideas on how to make your lifestyle choices. Three components make up your lifestyle choice:

Health – As this site will demonstrate through careful research of articles, cases, and other information, the health benefits that come with going barefoot outweigh the risks associated with wearing shoes. This site will give you the information to share your lifestyle with anyone who asks.

Wealth is an important factor in deciding your lifestyle. All of us need to provide for our families, our family and ourselves. The question is, should we sacrifice what we love? This will not bring you happiness, or wealth. Wealth does not always mean having lots of money or material possessions. Wealth is more about freedom to choose how you live.

Are you able to choose the lifestyle that you want or does your job mainly help you get by with your daily expenses?

Since I chose to go barefoot for every moment of the day, I decided against a 9-5 corporate job. I researched my options carefully and found many other opportunities that offer a higher income than the 9-5.

You will find other areas of this site that discuss how you can make a significant income while still maintaining your lifestyle. After you have completed this site, you will be able to make more than the nine-to-five employees who must follow the office dress code.

Freedom – This is the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, be able to travel where and when you wish, and have access to all of your personal information. This is possible only if you live a life that is based on income rather than profit.

My goal has been to live a more healthy lifestyle and free my feet, and to help others achieve the same goals.

Barefoot Healthy Lifestyle encourages you to enjoy the joy of walking barefoot wherever and whenever you want. You’ll be able to teach others how you can lead a more healthy, prosperous lifestyle.