Youtube how to eat a pomegranate

youtube how to eat a pomegranate

How to Eat a Pomegranate

Nov 18,  · ?? Pomegranates are healthy and delicious, but they can be tricky to open and messy until you try this method:)Slice grapes & tom. Dec 15,  · Watch more Food Preparation Tips, Tricks & Techniques videos: in vitamin C, potassium, and.

First of all, the arils what the edible red juice filled sacs surrounding the seeds are called inside those pink round fruits are beautiful and we could all use a little more beauty in our lives. They look like tiny rubies or jewels. One last piece of evidence to support my case, and arguably the clincher: pomegranates are a powerhouse of nutrition.

The seeds are chock full of dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin C, manganese, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin K, calcium, and potassium and all sorts of other fantastic-for-you-things. So why do so many people avoid buying them or purchase them and let them slowly dehydrate in their refrigerators?

Because pomegranates have a bum reputation for being difficult to break down. In order to benefit from all those nutritional goodies tucked inside every pomegranate, you first have the cut open the hard exterior shell.

Then, comes the process of scooping out the juicy aril covered seeds. And getting the shell open can feel impossible without resorting to desperate measures like running over it with your pick up truck.

I have the solution. This is an almost mess-free method on how to deseed a pomegranate in about 1 minute. It really just takes just about 1 minute to cut a pomegranate using these three steps. Remember, that the seeds are edible. While tasty, pomegranate juice is not my goal when I deseed a pomegranate.

You really only need to score the red outermost layer of the pomegranate fruit! Once you see the white part, you should be good to go to dig those nails in and rip it in half. Make sure to wack every inch of the pomegranate to loosen the seeds. For those of you who are visual learners, I made a little video to show you how easy it is to open a pomegranate.

First, close your eyes. You want to use your sense of touch to make your preliminary choice. Choose a pomegranate that is a good size, filling your hand comfortably and possibly bigger than your palm.

It should feel heavy for its size. The heavy feel indicates a nice, juicy pomegranate. Now you use your eyeballs. The skin should be firm and not puckery. Choose a deep coloured pomegranate. Now that you have a ton of pretty little pomegranate seeds, what do you do with them? Now go out there and get more pomegranate seeds in your life! Put one half, cut side down, on your hand over a bowl. Use a sturdy wooden spoon to thwack the pomegranate firmly a couple of times.

Turn the fruit a quarter of a turn and repeat. Repeat with the second half. Clean out any little bits of pith that fell into the bowl. Serve the pomegranate arils immediately or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. This post was originally published November 15, It was republished What stores double and triple coupons 8, with improved notes. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Your post gave me the courage to finally buy a pomegranate. I just received two 2 Pomegranate Trees through the mail and I will be planting them tomorrow. When I was young I loved the taste of them and I hope I still do. I am hoping how to do cool bike tricks take a few cutting of the tree and make some baby plants to sell and to also plant here at my house.

We all want to live longer and enjoy life to the full. Thanks for showing me how to deseed a Pomegranate fruit. Do you have any good secrets to getting the juice out of seeds. I freeze in ziplock bag while frozen use rolling pin over them let defrost what kind of shoes do spies wear threw cheese cloth.

Do you have a better way. Hi Suzi- I actually usually use my citrus press to juice them. Very helpful method. Thank you! Thank you soooooooo much! This has changed my life!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to rate this recipe and my method. Oh my goodness, Rebecca! This was the easiest!!!

Thank you for posting. My grandson began eating pomegranates when he was 4 years old, and he keeps asking me, 4 years later, when will pomegranates be in the grocery store. He eats them by the handful. Thanks for the cutting instructions.

Will have to try again next week. Ran across some raspberries at a great price and already had some pomegranates. Decided I wanted to make jam. My undying thank s to you! It worked like a charm! Thanks for taking the time to rate the recipe, let me know it worked for you, and let me know how you found me! Not sure how this worked for you but I did EXACTLY as you instructed and hardly any seeds fell out and my hand was covered in juice from the seeds being broken from hitting the shell with the wooden spoon.

Hi Sean- I wonder if maybe the pomegranate you got was a little on the older side? Those older ones are a lot harder to get anything out of! Very good! But inadequate information. Do you put them in a blender? Hi there! Pomegranate seeds of course, which add a lovely contrasting crunch to the softness of the caramelized […]. Jump to Recipe. Author Rebecca Lindamood. Ingredients 1 pomegranate. Do not cut all the way into the fruit, you really just need to cut through the red exterior to where it begins to turn white.

Push your fingers into the seam and use them to pry the fruit apart into halves. Use a sturdy wooden spoon to thwack the pomegranate firmly a couple of times, turn the fruit a quarter of a turn and repeat.

Be sure you smack every inch of the fruit,repeating until all of the seeds have been released into the bowl. Serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. That is the best, How to get my bluetooth to work on my laptop What a nice neighbor to have!!

I hope this works because today I spent about 2 hours trying to cut a pomegranate. Thanks so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you love this trick, Li!! Congratulations, Julie! Thanks for taking the time to let people know this works for you! You eat them. Trackbacks […] those beautiful little red jewels that bedecked what can furby boom do buttermilk sauce atop the roasted eggplant.

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Pomegranate pomegranate is an incredible antioxidant rich fruit with many health most probab. Jan 09,  · Our recent cost comparison was $ for a oz. container of arils, and $ for a whole fruit, which yielded nearly 14 ounces. Do the math - it's better. Apr 18,  · Website: group:

You can find lots of crazy guides telling you to separate pomegranate seeds from the pith and membrane in a bowl of water, but none of that nonsense is necessary. Eating a pomegranate is easy and pretty quick in the scheme of things, once you get the hang of it.

Just follow the simple directions here and you'll be eating pomegranate seeds in no time. Look for plump, rounded pomegranates. They dry out as they're stored, and older specimens will have started to shrink a bit as the thick skin starts to close in on the seeds. Pomegranates should feel heavy for their size and be free of cuts, slashes, or bruises.

Pomegranates do not ripen after they're picked but bruise easily when ripe. This means a lot of pomegranates are picked a bit under-ripe. You are much more likely to find truly ripe, fresh pomegranates at farmers markets, co-ops that get deliveries directly from farmers, and farm stands. Cut off and discard the top of the pomegranate, being sure to cut off enough of the top to reveal the bright red seeds underneath. Use a sharp knife to cut just through the peel of the pomegranate from stem to end along the white sections that run from the center to the peel between the seeds—there should be six sections to score between.

Note that you are cutting into but not through the pomegranate. Pull the pomegranate apart into halves or sections. Follow the sections of the pomegranate as divided by the white pith as much as possible this is where the fruit will naturally pull apart in most cases and using the scored cuts you made to help you out.

Break the pomegranate sections into slightly smaller pieces for easier handling. It's best to do this over a clean work surface or bowl—wherever you plan on putting the seeds when you're done since some seeds tend to fall out of the pomegranate at this stage. Peel off and discard the bits of the white membrane covering the clusters of pomegranate seeds. Working over a clean work surface or bowl, turn each pomegranate section "out. Gently rub or "pop" each seed off the pith or inside peel of the pomegranate.

Ripe pomegranate seeds will come off the pith relatively easily, although you may need to remove a bit of pith at the seeds' ends where they were attached to the peel. Repeat Step 5 for each section of the pomegranate, then step back and behold the pile of beautiful shiny pomegranate seeds bright and ready to eat—unsullied by a soak in water as many methods recommend—and creamy white pith ready for the compost heap or garbage can. Each medium size pomegranate will yield about 1 cup of seeds.

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